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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 126

2023-01-10 07:46:25Publish Time: 1,322 views
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Chapter 126 Angelina's Relief

In this battle to reform the aristocratic class, the relationship between the Charles siblings has warmed up a lot compared to the subtle awkwardness of the previous days.

On the bright side, the Dark Night Guard killed corpses all over the field, and the aristocrats were trembling, providing enough deterrence.

But in secret, Angelina has been providing logistical and intelligence support for the Night Guard's operations and made up for many details that Roger didn't think about.

For example, Angelina suggested to Roger that he should suspend arresting those nobles who fled in fear of crime or even turn a blind eye to it.

"Sister, are you pitying these people?" Roger joked.

Angelina poked him on the forehead and snorted triumphantly, "Stupid, this is fully exploiting their value."

The aristocrats who have left the empire are unable to harm the citizens, unable to retaliate against the kingdom, and no longer poses a substantial threat to the empire.

Their arrest is just to maintain the majesty of the big country and to let the latecomers understand how high the price of crime is.

But there is no rush to deal with these fugitive nobles now.

Angelina is going to arrange for people to focus on publicity, portraying the escaped nobleman as a supervillain who is full of evil, with outstanding strength, and who may return to the empire at any time.

After listening to his sister's arrangement, Roger finally followed her train of thought.

She didn't sympathize with the nobles who were suddenly suppressed but hoped that these "villains" would act as a deterrent.

The public trial exposed the evil deeds of the nobles, and every citizen participated.

This is like a vote of honor. If there are villains at large, the citizens must support the rule of the Green Vines Empire.

Only a strong Green Vines Empire can prevent these villains from really coming back and liquidating what the citizens have done.

With the further improvement of national power, these fugitive nobles can be punished no matter how far away they are.

The citizens may not have thought of this, but Angelina will arrange a package for the people to guide them to think about it.

In this way, it is equivalent to the vast majority of people tied to the chariot of the empire.

After all, they were afraid of the nobles who fled.

In addition to interests and benefits appropriate deterrence and external enemies are also meant to unite the people.

"Sister, this move is powerful, so that even if all the moths in the empire are wiped out, the Night Guard will always have support and work to do." Roger couldn't help admiring.

"My sister has always been super powerful, if you can talk, say a few more words!" Angelina narrowed her eyes, seeing Roger's sudden embarrassment, she couldn't help giggling

For Roger, it's natural to praise someone casually, but it's weird to flatter someone with sweet words, no matter how intimate he is.

"Alright, let's continue discussing the new provincial system."

Angelina let him go and brought the topic back

She, who has always been dignified, was able to act shamelessly in front of her younger brother because she was really happy tonight.

A sincere compliment from my younger brother is better than ten thousand compliments from others.

Because this shows that he still has areas that are not as good as his own and that he still needs to help check for gaps and fill in gaps

After all, this sister of mine isn't too much of a failure, she's still very useful.

Her reason for fulfilling her oath of glory by any means, despite her gentle personality, was for the sake of the empire, but mostly to protect Roger.

He has completely offended the aristocrats, so they must be completely suppressed to the point where they are unable to retaliate so that Roger can be safe.

The public is a creature that easily forgets.

Although Roger's reputation is now in full swing, if there are no follow-up deeds to constantly give them a sense of presence in front of their eyes, they will forget who Roger is in a month and return to their daily life.

Therefore, external deterrence cannot be lacking. As long as the news of those fugitive nobles is refreshed from time to time, the people will not forget the contribution of the Night Guard, and they will always expect Roger to protect them.

This tactic is similar to raising a bandit's self-esteem, but Angelina didn't take the initiative to play tricks, but instructed Roger to push the boat along the way, and don't make a passive situation where the water is clear and there are no fish.

Even though the Queen can't hide everything, don't test human nature casually.

Angelina talked about her experience in politics, and Roger also benefited a lot from listening to Angelina's Prime Minister's class.

It wasn't until there were more and more cooperation and exchanges these days that he realized that his previous understanding of his sister and the sage Ann in the game was a bit superficial.

Her kindness is only relative to the noble moral standards of this era.

She is smart and has insight into human nature. If what she does involves the rise and fall of an empire, she will not be stingy.

This is an empire builder who looks weak but is stronger than anyone else. She has the loftiest dream in her heart. She loves this land and the people living here deeply.

Roger felt that even though he was her younger brother if he still adhered to the original plan of taking her to escape to another world, he would be disappointed in the end.

Because Angelina is soft on the outside and strong on the inside, she will never agree to leave the Green Vines Empire. If Roger knocks her out and kidnaps her forcibly. Then the siblings will have nothing to do.

"Both of you are villains, but you act upright..." He couldn't help complaining in a low voice.

Angelina poked his forehead with her slender fingers, "What are you muttering about, don't you listen in class well!"

Roger raised his head, and spoke nonsense very sincerely, "I'm saying that my sister is very beautiful today!"

Angelina blushed, and immediately punched him on the head, "So you're implying that yesterday, the day before yesterday, and the day before yesterday were not beautiful sisters?"

Roger dodged left and right, and shouted aggrieved, " did you hear that? I was running outside a few days ago, so I didn't see you!"

"Oh, because I'm too busy, even my sister doesn't want to, it's an extra crime!"

"Hey, you're a little unreasonable!"

"Teach me a lesson, you don't need to be reasonable!"

The two of them got into a quarrel, pecking and punching each other.

Of course, it's one-sided.

Fortunately, Angelina's physical strength was limited, so she sat back in the chair after a while, rubbed her red hands, and panting with exhaustion, said, "Your bones are so hard, it hurts my hands."

Roger laughed and didn't answer.

This was not a treasure chest that was opened two days ago. A passive skill that slightly increases physical defense and rebounds 30% of physical damage was released.

It can only be said that fortunately, Angelina's attack power is limited, otherwise, it would not be as simple as red hands.

He didn't talk back, and Angelina felt bored, so she just stared at him.

How long has it been since you messed around like this?

In other words, how long has it been since the two siblings sat down to have a good chat?

When he returned home he became a hero admired by everyone in the empire, he was no longer the younger brother who could be seen lying dead on the bed every day.

After staring at it, she was lost in thought and felt a little uncomfortable for no reason, which made even Roger get up.

Roger shook his hands in front of his face, "Sister, what are you thinking?"

"No, I didn't think about anything..." Angelina came back to her senses, and turned her face away, "Where did I talk about?"

Luo Jie said with a cold face, "Stop talking, I don't want to hear it anymore, go to bed early."


"You don't tell me what's in your heart, and what you say is not dry."

"You have no conscience, those are all things I have painstakingly summed up... Hey, are you concerned about your sister's failure, and are you deliberately acting angry?" Angelina vaguely understood the subtext, and her eyes lightened slightly.

Roger just stared at her and said nothing, saying that I am very angry and dissatisfied, you'd better explain everything honestly!

This childish behavior made Angelina want to laugh.

But the corners of his mouth twitched, and in an instant, he thought of his younger brother whom he had worked so hard to grow up with, who was becoming more and more unfamiliar with him, and his grievances rushed to his heart.

She raised her little foot and kicked him on the calf, "It's not all your fault, it's not a waste all of a sudden!"

Roger was also wrong, "I bring honor to the family, isn't that what you always wanted to see?"

Angelina's face was pitiful, "I want to see it, but if the price is getting farther and farther away from you, I only talk a lot together when I have official business, so I don't think family glory is important anymore ..."

"Ah, did I go too far?" Roger tried to think back.

Then I realized that it seemed to be exactly what my sister described!

If they didn't cooperate between the two of them in carrying out the Glory Pledge, they might not even have this conversation today.

There are a lot of people around me, and my sister's side isn't lonely either, but the only one who can talk to her is me, her younger brother.

A companion is like a tiger. With a relationship between her and His Majesty, only His Majesty can confide in her, and Angelina can't confide in the Queen...

Even if the queen was willing to listen, she doesn't think she would have enough patience. And with Angelina's character, is she doesn't want to trouble his majesty.

When she's busy, she won't cause trouble either...

Only by coming to talk to her and asking her for help, can Angelina feel that her younger brother is still the same as before, and then vent the emotions accumulated in her heart the way.

"Sister, you are so stupid..." Luo Jie couldn't help feeling emotional, but there was a smile on his face, and at the same time he was a little moved.

In this world, there are always elder sisters who are like mothers, silently giving and dedicating. They don't want anything in return, but just want to help you fly higher.

When I feel worthless, I take the initiative to hide and resist all grievances by myself.

Angelina put her hips on her hips and yelled in disbelief, "Where am I stupid? I supported the Charles family. I fed you so big with shit and piss. Your wings are so stiff. How dare you think my sister is stupid?"

A strong arm suddenly wrapped her in his arms.

The right minister of the empire, who was flaunting his power just now, instantly became stiff, with his mouth slightly open, his eyes staring at his beautiful eyes, he looked at his brother condescendingly with tolerance and pampering in his eyes...

Her mind went blank all of a sudden. It all disappeared.

"Sister, if my wings are really hard, they are also to protect you from the wind and rain."

Roger slammed his chin on the top of Angelina's head, "I neglected you before. But don't worry, I won't leave you, never... It's just that I'm stupid, you have to say what you need, and we know that only babies who can cry can drink milk!"

"Hmph, there is a set of principles..."

Angelina was dissatisfied, but her body gradually softened, and she leaned against his arms.

Finally, she hugged Roger and sighed softly.

The heat from the tall boy who was already a head taller than her continued to spread, giving her a kind of reliability that hadn't been seen for a long time but was inexplicably at ease.

The originally handsome young man has become sharper and sharper because of the experience of these past days.

From this close-up angle, Angelina's vague memory of her father Charles Sr. was also rekindled.

That man seems to have said that little Anjie is too obedient, and only when you start crying will adults know that you need help...

Bah bah bah bah!

Why did she suddenly think of her father?

Angelina lowered her head, her face felt hot, but she put more strength into holding Roger's arm.

He's just a stinky brother, but can he be expected to protect him... Hmph!

Since the death of her parents, Angelina has supported her family alone, raised her younger brother, and handled the affairs of the empire.

Although I am happy with it, I am also under great pressure. I never relax. I often wake up at night, afraid that the good situation will suddenly collapse.

It's just that I never thought that in the end, it was my younger brother who spread his wings like an angel and protected himself under his wings.

This guy's tone is not serious, and his attitude is a bit stinky, making it seem like she needs him very much...

Angelina raised her head, stroked Roger's jawline with her small hand, felt the short and hard stubble, and showed a faint smile.

Reluctantly, rounding up, this family is considered to have a man.



The city of mystery, Fengling Moon Shadow Palace.

Roger led the Night Guards to fight like crazy, but he didn't worry about this side.

Therefore, the avatar constructed by the shadow puppet can only follow the Queen to monitor the latest changes in the empire's policies, that way he can offer advice promptly.

Now is the critical period for the empire to centralize power. If the hereditary landed nobles are cut to the bottom, if it is not handled properly, a civil war like the Rebellion of the Seven Kings will very likely break out.

Although the Queen will not withdraw herself as Chao Cuo, and the nobles have no chance of winning, is it a waste of time after all?

So Roger thinks that he still needs to keep an eye on the Queen Eternal Night to avoid the kind of oolong that kills the incarnation of the God of Nature.

Under various conditions, the identity of Dio Brando became active again in Odo, and he began to attend cabinet meetings.

Shady Veronica protested strongly, which greatly interfered with her judgment of the situation.

At present, the turmoil in the Green Vines Empire is gradually subsiding.

The nobles themselves were not united. After the night of the triumphant celebration, some fled, those who went to die, and those who surrendered.

The Queen of Eternal Night has a fierce reputation, and the swift victory of the Dark Night Guard also made the nobles feel the disparity in strength. The possibility of civil war is plummeting.

With the Night Guard's activity in the empire, the scum of the nobles was sifted through the sieve, and the nobles obeyed obediently. It can be said that the civil war has been ruled out.

Of course, after a beating with a stick, stuffing a sweet date is also a regular combination punch.

When the Night Guards were massacring, Angelina also sent out lobbyists, promising various rights and protection measures to the surrendered nobles after losing their territories.

And most importantly, the glory oath that can prolong life.

Roger is more used to calling this thing a thinking stamp.

The magic ceremony of the oath of glory, The Queen of Eternal Night personally led the public relations team that has not been completed, but it doesn't prevent Angelina from making empty promises to appease the emotions of the nobles.

Becoming a high-level professional can increase one's lifespan, but no matter how powerful the noble blood is, not every child has this potential.

Therefore, the magic ceremony that directly prolongs life is still quite precious, and the price paid is only "loyalty to the empire." In the eyes of many people, this is a very lucrative transaction...

Nobles were supposed to swear an oath of allegiance, but the oath now is no longer casual talk, but a magical ceremony with infinite binding force.

It's not unacceptable.

The key is not to accept and there is no better option...

It's really hard to be a nobleman.

The Queen Eternal Night plans to build a spectacle-level altar to carry the oath of glory. In the future, new nobles will come here to sign the oath, which will also become a fixed etiquette.

Roger thought the idea was good and sent a unique building material.

Chamberlain Carleton, the Duke of South Carleton, has been successfully sent back to the empire by Tasika.

The altar has lights, fire, and is big enough to help his soul find an Eternal home, reminding the nobles of the price of disloyalty.

Is this a great idea?