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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 117

2022-11-22 06:48:26Publish Time: 1,713 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 117 A Certain Scientific Night Guard

Dio Brando returned to the mysterious capital, and the civilian cabinet that was famous in the capital a few days ago made another appearance.

It wasn't just Instructor Tianming who paid special attention to it, the nobles and officials of the empire also paid a lot of attention.

Although the young master of the Charles family has been the most popular recently, Dio compiled "The History of the Green Vines Empire", entered the cabinet and became the trusted staff of the Queen of the Eternal Night, and captured the culprit of the bloody night of Odu at the speed of light. A series of big moves are enough. Making everyone impressed with him.

Now that he is back, does it mean that there will be some new turmoil in the ever-changing officialdom in the capital?

In some people's eyes, Dio represents the rise of common people, in stark contrast to the aristocratic class whose power is being restricted.

Whether the two forces will clash, whether Dio will come up with new tactics, or just keep a low profile as a minister of history has become something that many people look forward to.

However, the nobles in the game, don't have such a calm attitude to watch the show.

In the south of the Green Vines Empire, the Principality of Fergus.

This was originally one of the Seventeen Kingdoms. It bordered the Elf Empire and the Warcraft Mountains. Caravans and adventurers were active. Therefore, business was very prosperous, and an extremely rampant slave trade was born.

The current Grand Duke Fergus, that is the elderly nobleman who had some wonderful scenes with his daughter-in-law, returned from the city of mystery with a gloomy face all day long, feeling that his dignity had been greatly trampled upon.

In his castle, messengers from different forces came in and out like ants, and they didn't know what they were plotting.

And in the past few days, the imperial aristocrats felt a major earthquake. People were in a panic, and they couldn't sleep or eat.

Although The queen didn't take any follow-up actions, after that night's meeting, most of the nobles remembered her majesty's decisive killings in the past, and the number of her subordinates was overwhelming.

It's just that now she has become even more unpredictable, always smiling. When everyone returned to their territory, they couldn't figure out what the Queen's attitude was.

The more this happened, the more worried he became, fearing that the meteor shower would fall on his manor in the next second.

There is also the newly established Dark Night Guard, which supervises nobles in name, and has been making big moves these days.

One after another, strong men joined in high-profile, wantonly selecting elite backbones in the army, making the nobles who once shouted to expel Roger tremble...

It seems that this Roger Charles is the darling of the Queen of Eternal Night. With such great support, she secretly doesn't know how many powerful people will appear in the Night Guard.

This power is not something that any nobleman can contend with by relying solely on his private army, even if it is in a territory that he has managed for a hundred years.

There are three fires for the new official, and Roger has received the strong support of the Queen of Eternal Night. I am afraid that this fire will burn those nobles who want to offend him...

No one could have expected that the aristocrats who have been arrogant for tens of thousands of years, obviously relying on the most powerful Green Vines Empire in the world, should have lived a carefree life, but they were suddenly found by the Eternal Night Queen. ...

The most uncomfortable thing is that this father seems to have been made by them.

The triumphant celebration that passed after drinking, dancing, and dancing, was fooled by others, and somehow felt that it became a turning point of their fate.

Who should I ask for the reason?

The key nobles can't stand the investigation!

Among the great nobles of this era, there were not many with a clear conscience.

Under such pressure, many nobles, led by the Duke of South Carleton, chose to flee secretly.

With family and wealth, run away!

Before the Queen of Eternal Night cuts the nobles into the skewers, to preserve the last dignity and property, let's change to another place and become handsome rich men!

Of course, some are as Grand Duke Fergus, who is reluctant to give up everything he has now.

Property can be taken away, but the land cannot be taken away, so you can be free and unafraid in your territory

In a secret conference room in the castle, more than a dozen ornately dressed nobles finally made a difficult decision after two days of discussion:

"A mere green vine is unworthy of allegiance!"

Grand Duke Fergus joined forces with many nobles in the south, and on behalf of the nobles who were present and those who were not, announced the formation of the Alliance of Free Principalities, since then ruling independently from the Green Vines Empire.

The Alliance of Free Principalities called on a total of ninety-nine nobles, big and small, from the southern part of the empire to participate, and it was known as the "Alliance of Hundred Nations."

Each noble has independent finance, law, and military in its territory, and has signed a military watch mutual assistance agreement.

The churches of the God of Knowledge, the God of Music, and the Goddess of War are allowed to preach in the territory. These three churches were all gods that were quite active in the southern human kingdom before.

Of course, the Alliance of Free Principalities only declared independence from the Green Vines Empire. It didn't declare war on the Green Vines Empire, nor did it shout slogans such as "Down with the Green Vines Tyranny"

They still knew how much they were worth, and they took this step only because they had a premonition that the Queen of Eternal Night would impose more and more restrictions on the nobility. They didn't want to sit still, hoping to protect their family's inheritance in this way...

So the Alliance of Free Principalities not only didn't oppose the Green Vines Empire, but even prepared to take the initiative to reach a trade agreement, offensive and defensive alliance with the Green Vines Empire, and receive military assistance.

This shows the hesitation and weakness of these nobles. They are independent, but not completely independent.

He wants to maintain the unchanging aristocratic power forever, but also wants to become a vassal state of the Green Vines Empire to gain asylum, and also wants to get the support of the church, taking all the benefits in the world.

They felt that the empire had just finished defeating the orc tribe, and was recuperating after a big battle. They probably wouldn't be so quick to attack their people in the past, right?

They work hard to develop, with the support of the church, and sufficient strategic depth. When the Green Vines Empire is free to clean up itself, the Alliance of Free Principalities should have gained a firm foothold.

The church and the surrounding church states also intend to support the principality alliance in the south and cause trouble for the Green Vines Empire.

And when there is a conflict between the Green Vines Empire and the Theocracy, their attitudes will be more ambiguous, and they may be able to have both sides...

After some analysis, Grand Duke Fergus and the others, coupled with the deception of the church, gritted their teeth and stomped their feet, they announced the news of the establishment of the Free Principalities Alliance.

The alliance set up an aristocratic council, with Grand Duke Fergus as the first speaker, leading a bunch of little brothers to oppose the extreme policies of the Green Vines Empire.

And less than ten minutes after the Alliance of Free Principalities announced its establishment, the imperial envoys arrived at Fergus Castle, bringing with them the edict written by the Queen of Eternal Night:

"Anyone who intends to split the empire will be killed without mercy."

Grand Duke Fergus shook his hands after receiving the edict.

It's not the content, but the day when the edict was signed is very problematic.

The words on it and the Queen's signature were all written long ago. Only the date was filled in today. The fonts are different and a little wet.

Have they gone back to the days when the envoys would just fill it in outside the door?

Could it be that the queen already planned that we would take this step, and waited for us, right?

No way, no way, we can't throw ourselves into a trap, right?

A nobleman next to him who was a member of the alliance asked the envoy in a trembling voice, "My lord, is it still too late for us to announce the dissolution of the alliance and return to the embrace of the Green Vines Empire?"

The imperial envoy replied gracefully, "Then it depends on the transmission speed of the Night Guard."

Outside the city of mystery, there is a secret camp.

Roger was wearing the stand-up collar uniform he personally designed for the Night Guard, and he glanced sharply at the first battalion of the Night Guard assembled for the first time.

He found a very fulfilling thing. Not counting Tianming's mentor and player characters, the paper strength of the Dark Night Guard in his hand was comparable to the number of strong men in the early days of the Tianming Army.

This time the queen supported them, his sister helped, and he recruited powerful people who will become famous in the future. In the end, there were 26 people with legendary combat power, 130 with magician-level combat power, and 300 professionals with the same level as senior magicians.

The rest are elites drawn from various armies. They are all professionals with good growth potential, and they are young, have seen blood, are extremely loyal to the empire and the empress, and are willing to carry out all orders.

Such an elite brigade with a very high ratio of strong people can't only carry out special warfare operations and steal intelligence in groups but also fight a small-scale war when assembled.

After all, this is a world where there is a huge gap in individual combat power. A legendary strong man is worth thousands of soldiers.

And in the empire, which is still at its peak, powerful people emerge one after another. It has gathered elites of human beings for hundreds of years. After a little integration, such a team can be pulled out, which also makes Roger secretly frightened.

If the empire already has such a foundation, how many powerful people will be hidden in those churches that have accumulated for a long period and race immortality?

Those arrogant nobles turned out to be just a farce under their control. Compared with the real war, there is still a huge difference.

But such a stage is also a good touchstone. It can gather the morale of this force and test the effect of the latest equipment.

Roger came to his senses. On the other side of his mighty combat power, these subordinates still had some distrust towards him, a strong parallel importer.

But he holds the Eternal Night Order in his hand, so he can use the appeal of the Empress Eternal Night to make the entire Dark Night Guard completely obey his orders. At the same time, the strong men cultivated by the imperial military system are also obedient.

But to hold this power in his hands, Roger needs a lot of time and some thought.

He spoke lightly, and his voice spread to everyone's ears, "I believe everyone already knows what happened in the south. The so-called Alliance of Free Principalities has essentially betrayed and split the empire. This is massive damage to the reputation of the empire. We must deal with the enemy as quickly as possible.

The enemy is not strong, or rather weak compared to our strength. This is a battle that must be won, and you can win it without me. However, the meaning of my existence is to lead you to win beautifully, win neatly, and win shockingly... Then, keep winning, be remembered by the people of the empire, and become an Eternal nightmare for the unfaithful! "

Excitement appeared on the faces of many people.

Make meritorious deeds, be loyal to the country, and become famous all over the world. Which good man can refuse?

But many older and strong men will not be fooled casually by their officials, and they still have the intention of taking one step at a time.

How far can this young, good-for-nothing young master in front of you, who is said to only have the strength of a junior magician, lead them?

Without solid and independent military exploits, Roger Charles was still a brat in the eyes of the proudest imperial people.

Roger stood on the high platform, and he could see a thousand faces with different expressions, showing a contemptuous smiles:

"It doesn't matter whether you are convinced or not. An hour later, we will gather in the banquet hall of Grand Duke Fergus for further discussion."

"In one hour, capture the territory of a grand duke?" A one-eyed swordsman smiled with interest, "Boss, you set too high a standard for yourself, right?"

Roger didn't answer directly, "Now, let's go to the Unbalanced Chapter to get the equipment, and then teleport to the Principality of Fergus."

After he said this, all professionals became short of breath no matter what level they were.

Chapter of Imbalance, the holy land of imperial alchemists.

And the alchemist represents...

The best weapons, armor, the best-enchanted equipment...even legendary props!

It is said that the welfare of the Dark Night Guards is good, but now it is so good that they can directly go to the Chapter of Imbalance to pick equipment.

Roger maintained that this was just a basic expression, but he was also a little funny in his stomach.

This is the benefit of limping Frankenstein.

He talked about industrial production with that mechanical lady and convinced her that the current alchemy equipment would be mass-produced through the assembly line in the future, and they are all worthless things.

Frankenstein looked worried at the good equipment he had hoarded.

So they agreed to give the Night Guard more assistance than the standard provided by the Queen of Eternal Night.

Anyway, after being taken away, it will be created a hundred times, a thousand times in the future, right?

And the benefits that came with joining were left by Roger until before the war and became a prop to boost morale.

So far, it looks good.

Next, I will use victory as a footnote for my rhetoric.



The light of the teleportation array flickered, and Roger led thousand-night guards, appearing on a mountain 30 kilometers away from Fergus Castle.

The majestic castle in the distance has already lit up with the light of the defensive magic circle.

They got definite news that a dozen or so nobles were guarding the castle with their guards and private troops.

The nobles are not stupid either. Knowing that the Night Guards are strong, they will never let them go. No single-family can resist them.

But if they gather together, they have the power to fight.

The south has always been affluent, and naturally, there are many strong people to support. This integration is the number of legendary strong people, and Roger doesn't have an advantage here.

Moreover, the opponent is backed by a castle that is easy to defend and difficult to attack, and the magic circle that Grand Duke Fergus has operated for hundreds of years is a tough nut to crack.

The one-eyed swordsman observed the enemy's strength, and said with a smile, "Boss, is it still an hour?"

"You can keep track of the time."

Roger took out an hourglass, and the fine sand flowed slowly.

A few night guards opened a large cage, and a large group of birds fluttered their wings and flew towards Fergus Castle.

There are many mirrors in front of the technicians of the Secret Law Association, showing what these flying birds see, and a lot of information is scanned by invisible light.

There are no magical fluctuations, this is the fusion of biological transformation and radio technology, plus multiple detection technologies.

Soon, technical experts restored an accurate map of Fergus Castle and deciphered the structure of the protective magic circle.

This Night Guard not only possesses powerful magic power but is also equipped with technological equipment.

Its power on the battlefield should be a surprise to those nobles who huddled together for warmth, right?

At the same time, it will also give these proud soldiers a surprise.

Roger looked at the fine sand that kept dripping, and was very curious, to what extent could he do this time?