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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 110

2022-10-30 10:19:59Publish Time: 1,812 views
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Chapter 110 The Magician's Camp is First Launched

The golden light of dawn shone through the mysterious capital.

Sanitation workers were cleaning up the wreckage left by the carnival last night, and many people started a new day by launching the banner "Long Live the Queen".

The confrontation between the Queen of Eternal Night and the nobles didn't appear in the newspapers, only the establishment of the Night Guard was mentioned in a small corner.

Because the authority he held was a bit out of the norm, the saying that "Roger Charles was particularly favored by the Queen" spread like wildfire.

A well-informed person began to talk about the excitement of the Xinghan Palace last night in a small area.

After listening to it, some people began to claim that there was a secret relationship between "Queen X Roger", believing that the favor was beyond ordinary monarchs and ministers.

But this person was quickly attacked by the loyal fans of the Queen of Eternal Night who beat him to a coma.

On this day, the Amagi Defense Forces handled five times more cases of fighting and violence than usual.

However, the headline on the front page of "Long Live the Queen" today is not yesterday's triumphal celebration, but a large chapter introducing the first issue of the newly published "Arcana Talk".

This is another magazine created by the original team of "New Arcane". Once a week, it is distributed free of charge in the form of a supplement to "New Arcane", which is a supplement to the main issue.

Every magician who subscribes to "New Arcane" can obtain the next four issues of "Arcana Talk" under the current magazine and the new spell "Knowledge is Power".

The supplement will publish authoritative magicians, evaluations, and extended discussions on the content of "New Arcane".

In other words, "New Arcane" is an academic orientation, and "Arcana Talk" is about the content of the academic orientation.

Originally, the controversy of "New Arcane" was huge, but now there are magazines devoted to these controversies, and everyone can't help but admire Roger's courage in starting the magazine.

This is a real warrior who dares to face the bleak private letter and the dripping blade.

Anyway, the supplement doesn't cost money. After the magician who subscribed to "New Arcane" saw the news, he immediately recited the new spell "Knowledge is Power".

I just didn't buy "New Arcane", because a series of glittering names were introduced in the newspaper, I was curious about how those bigwigs would comment on those deviant papers, and a small number of magicians bought "Arcana Talk" to read New Arcane.

So this magazine, which transcended the times, returned to its peak because it influenced the war that was temporarily overshadowed, and its sales continued to climb.

The reading threshold of "Arcana Talk" is much lower. Although the evaluation is excellent, everyone is more motivated to read it, so it can be read faster. The discussion starts at breakfast time.

Some people think that the bosses are good at spraying, and some people think that these people are also old and behind the times,

But the big guy's article is a big guy after all. Even if it is mainly about spraying, it has the effect of supplementary explanation in the process of spraying.

Some of the previous papers were too advanced and complicated. With these comments, they can be understood by more low-level magicians.

This can be regarded as an unexpected benefit of publishing "Arcane Talk", which makes up for the uneven foundation of the current magicians.

After all, in addition to the two major magic academies, magicians from Ye Luzi also accounted for a relatively high proportion. Their combat power is not necessarily low, but the mastery of basic knowledge will deviate from traditional magic education.

The road to standardization and unification of imperial magicians is still very long. Everyone thinks that practicing magic is quite a personal thing.

However, after all, the talk is just a talk, all the views are based on the previous papers, and there are not many new views.

Therefore, discussions between magicians are only based on previous questions.

Interestingly, the ice room's neutral platform image didn't get a good reputation, but it was not flattering.

The Arcanist Sect believed that they had published too many articles of the old style, while the old style believed that they were going further and further on the wrong path, and everyone's words were quite fierce.

When everyone has a set position, they often fast-forward to forcing the centrists to stand in line.

Some opinions can't only be exchanged among friends, but a new method of submission is also provided at the back of "Arcana Talk", and all magicians are encouraged to participate in the discussion.

The article only needs to have something to say and clear logic. It doesn't need the author's strength or reputation. You can submit research that you think is useful and opinions that are helpful for everyone's discussion to the ice room.

The world will be reviewed by a professional editorial team, and after approval, it will have the opportunity to be published in the follow-up "New Arcane" and "Arcane Talk".

As long as you are a magician in the mysterious capital, the submission is very simple.

Just recite "Knowledge is power" in reverse, and then pay the magic power equivalent to a 4th-level spell, and you can send the written manuscript directly to the ice room.

This is also an attempt to develop more functions after the stable delivery of the Odu magic logistics system. The magic power paid by the magicians can well maintain its operation and consumption.

It is also through this convenient and magical-enough subscription and contribution method that keen magicians foresee the wonderful benefits of magic applied to more aspects of life.

In a sense, the existence of "New Arcane" and "Arcana Talk" is powerful proof of the theory promoted by the magazine.

Magic should not only be used in warfare, it should be a key technology that pushes society forward.

There is also an article in Arcane Miscellaneous that has attracted the attention of many magicians.

It was the powerful magician who published an article in "New Arcane" under the pseudonym Kaz, claiming that he had invented a spiritual space called "Magician Camp".

All magicians are welcome to climb the tower to challenge and defeat the monsters and opponents designed by them.

The magician who climbs a specified number of floors will receive excellent rewards.

And killing the wild bosses that appear randomly will reward legendary items.

In addition, the magician's camp has also developed a small function called a "message board".

Outside the tower, there will be an open space filled with blank boards. Magicians passing by can write what they want to say on the whiteboard, browse the whiteboards left by other magicians, and leave comments on them.

A series of keywords such as challenges, rewards, message boards, etc., made everyone very interested in Mr. Kaz's magician camp, but they were hesitant.

Just looking at this description, you can feel that this is a very powerful magician, who can construct such an exquisite spiritual space, which makes people curious and want to find out.

But entering the territory of a powerful magician rashly, safety is also a concern for many people. It looks like a scam of devil fishing.

Even with the "New Arcane" magazine as a guarantee, and behind the magazine is the Queen of Eternal Night, the magician's prudence still allows everyone to make a simple prophecy before entering the magician's camp.

If the prophecy shows that there is no danger, everyone will enter.

But the feedback most magicians was a question mark.

This confuses them!

"But at least it's not dangerous."

Finally, someone couldn't hold back the temptation of curiosity and rewards and entered the magician's camp according to the astral coordinates provided by Kaz.

This Kaz is naturally the pseudonym of the Queen of Eternal Night.

She didn't use her real name to publish "The Magician's Camp", and she also has a lot to do with Roger.

After the initial completion of the magician's camp, the Queen of Eternal Night, like a child with a new toy, proudly invited Roger to visit.

For the first time, I saw the spiritual space transformed by the realm of inner demons. After entering it, it seemed like a virtual game space only found in-game novels. It was a very novel experience for the owner of a game area.

Any AR or VR, they are all rotten fish and rotten shrimp!

The magician's camp utilizes the characteristics of the Eris worm, and also reflects the magical creativity of the Queen of Eternal Night.

It is not something that ordinary magicians can do to make the realm of inner demons, which was born for plotting people, harmless.

The structure of the whole world and those magical enemies is also exquisite enough.

What's even more amazing is that this spiritual space is based on the astral world, and you only need to master the coordinates, and the magician can use the astral exploration technique, which greatly reduces the difficulty of casting spells by the Queen of Eternal Night, to enter it very easily.

That spell is quite simple, even Roger, a junior magician, only tried a few times and succeeded.

When exploring the field of inner demons, it will continue to consume mental power, but it is very slow.

"And when the magician fails in battle or is ravaged by monsters, it breeds negative emotions, and it can also nourish the Eris worm, making this space with super growth, and it can be expanded indefinitely in the future."

The Queen of Eternal Night proudly said to Roger, with an expression on her face that was saying, praise me, praise me, I have come up with a great invention that spans the ages!

"There is indeed considerable potential here."

After learning about the magician's camp, Roger was quite disappointed, but he didn't dare to say it directly.

[This camp already has quite a few features of the Internet, but as a result, it has been developed into the simplest tower-climbing page tour. 】

[And he agreed to guide the magician to the production position, but His Majesty wanted to use "New Arcane" to help promote her battle space, is this good? 】

[Ten thousand steps back is a game. This monotonous game mechanism will quickly get boring. MOBA and PUBG are simpler and more exciting...]

His heart was divided, but the Queen of Eternal Night almost crooked her nose.

This is a unique creation, what's with your strong dislike?

You don't even know the power of the magician's camp!

After visualizing the thorns of the mind, the high-definition and lossless complaints sounded too harsh...

However, the current Eternal Night Queen has been able to control her emotions very well, and asked with a smile on her face, "Roger, are you interested in challenging our Infinity Tower?"

"I'm a junior magician, I can't climb a few floors." Roger declined.

"I will help you to increase your strength to legendary mage. You can help me test the strength of the magician's camp, and I can adjust it better!" The Queen of Eternal Night seemed to be asking sincerely.

She was going to turn on the monster's strength, to see Roger be beaten all over by her ingenious design.

Seeing that Roger was still not very interested, the Queen of Eternal Night finally used her trump card, "Test it once, and I'll grant you an additional three-day vacation."

"I do have some interest in this magician's camp!" Roger agreed immediately.

The Queen of Eternal Night couldn't help but give him a sideways glance.

A bastard who can see a rabbit but not a hawk!

However, she still helped Roger to set his strength as a magician who had just entered legendary and quietly increased the difficulty of the Infinity Tower to 120%.

According to the test conducted by the previous secret law meeting, this kind of strength will be defeated between the tenth and fifteenth floors, and will be killed by the opponent's fancy style.

She's ready to see Roger's depressed appearance.

But he didn't expect that after Roger adapted to the strength of the first-level legend through the first few layers, he began to kill monsters.

The opponents here, whether they are beasts or professionals, have been fought by the Queen of Eternal Night.

In other words, it is also a monster that will appear in the game.

And it's not real, it's just simulated, quite rigid.

Roger is a routine that won't easily skip class. After understanding the mechanism, he can also rely on the operation and walking to pass the test.

It feels like playing games here. It directly triggers muscle memory and doubles combat effectiveness.

He rushed to the forty-sixth floor in one breath.

At this time, the enemy can easily kill him in seconds, and regret expresses that he can't get through it.

But this difficulty is already a level that high-level legends can only rely on luck to pass.

But Roger is the strength of the legend!

The gap between the legend and the legend is bigger than that of a man and a dog, but he made up most of it with his skills and manipulation of ghosts and animals...

For example, the tumbling blood on the ground and the shooting and killing of the flow by Katu impressed the Queen of Eternal Night deeply.

Do you have the slightest magician's glory?

The Queen of Eternal Night was too late to read this kid's joke but began to suspect that there was a problem with the design difficulty of her Infinity Tower...

You must know that you will be rewarded for passing the level. After the release, if those who pass the level are as shameless as Roger, wouldn't I send rewards to bankruptcy?

Roger was still very eager to try it in Versailles, "I didn't expect you to put Balor on the forty-sixth floor. If I adjust the Specialty module, I have a chance to pass the test."

The Queen of Eternal Night snorted, "your performance has been excellent, there is no need to work harder."

If you play once, you will be given three days of vacation. I will not do this loss-making business!

After this episode, the Queen of Eternal Night made three decisions:

The difficulty of the first monster is tripled to avoid stowaways like Roger cheating rewards.

The second pseudonym Kaz released the magician's camp to avoid the embarrassing incident of the queen's masterpiece being sped through.

If you want to throw it, you can throw it away Kaz, who cares about Octavia?

The third is to accept Roger's advice and add functions other than combat to the magician camp.

This is the message board area outside the tower.

The magicians in that locale can't see each other, but they can see the messages written by others in real-time, each message can be up to 140 words.

This is the scarf of the Evernight World.

As for whether the magicians will like it or not, it depends on the results of the public beta.

If it is successful, Roger can safely suggest that the magician camp add more functions and find a way to guide it into the Internet of this world.

It is best to be able to use it not only for magicians but also for ordinary people, which will play a great role in promoting the development of the empire.

At his thought, the Queen of Eternal Night scoffed, "400 million people have logged in, do you want to exhaust the bugs to death?"

Even if the magician's camp is composed of the elites in the Eris worm, the inner demon domain can't carry consciousness without limit.

"But there's more than one Eris worm, right? You can also artificially breed it after you catch it?" Roger asked in surprise.

The server load is limited, shouldn't it be necessary to increase the server?

The Eternal Night Queen was at a loss for words.

How could she know that people on earth can play so well?

The Eris worm was shivering. It didn't care if the same kind was caught, but the word "population breeding" made it feel that something terrible would happen.

Isn't this guy a devil in human skin?

No matter how high its physique is, it will be exhausted. Damn it, don't come here!

As for the changes in the magicians' camp, these are the changes. With the release of "Arcana Talk", magicians have logged in one after another. The Queen of the Night, Roger, and the Secret Law Society are all continuing to observe the feedback of these magicians.