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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 11

2022-03-25 01:30:46Publish Time: 10,394 views
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Chapter 11: Margaret wants to share her majesty's worries!

In the palace.

The Queen of Eternal Night, who teleported back to her room, is still proud and strong, and her gestures are domineering.

She was very happy and finally found a way forward for the empire.

But if you look closely, you will find a trace of panic in the queen's eyes.

I ran away after teasing, it was a little overstimulating...

She has killed countless people, but she has no experience in love. At that time, she was just thinking about how to reward Roger for solving the dilemma of the empire

Money? Noble title? Weaponry?

It seems that the kid is just too rare.

She gave him an artifact, but in the end, he scolded her as a broom star?

The queen was puzzled and aggrieved.

Or, a work of art?

When thinking of this word, the Queen inexplicably thought of the book "The Queen's Feast" that Roger had read before.

Such a vulgar thing, but it is necessary to save it even if it burns one hand...

He also said that those women were similar to her...

So Empress Eternal Night suddenly had a flash of inspiration, why not expand his world view by letting him witness the real one in person?

The Queen of Eternal Night remembered a drama she had seen when she was a little girl.

The first time they met for dinner when parting, the heroine leaned over to wipe the coffee stains from the corner of the hero's mouth.

It was a very ordinary action, but it became an indelible glimpse in the memory of the hero.

The queen thought that the story was so ordinary, that she even forgot the plot.

But this scenery made her remember it.

The actor without such a beautiful face, the combination of action, atmosphere, scene, and expression is so beautiful that it makes people forget their worries.

Would it be worse than that well-known actress?

After all, I am a hundred times more beautiful than her!

"The real people don't come here to please, but read those bad books, and I will cure your blindness!"

Facing the air, the queen made a unrefined gesture of squinting eyes.

Then she covered her mouth and snickered as if she had done something bad.

She hadn't been so relaxed and happy for a long time.

Listening to that bastard's unscrupulous complaints, I felt that I returned to my childhood and became young again. 

She is no longer a high-ranking queen who has killed countless people, but a carefree little princess of the Green Vines Empire who would talk about state affairs with her classmates in the academy.

Those were the good old times!

A glint flashed in the queen's eyes, and she restrained her smile.

When the mood is good one day, I will help that kid to improve his aesthetics!

Now, I have to work!

The Queen rested for a while then changed into a more comfortable uniform. The Queen of Eternal Night ordered Margaret to discuss matters.

The unification policy can be launched later, and the operation of pretending to be the Nationalist Army will be secretly arranged first.

Margaret has many crazy ideas and is best suited for this role.

Left Prime Minister's House.

Margaret was thinking hard about the map and the military newspaper, trying to find a way to resolve the turmoil in the Seventeen Kingdoms.

To be honest, she doesn't have deep feelings for the Empire.

But she was reluctant to see the Queen of Eternal Night sad.

And Angelina is so proud of herself these days, she feels that she has to find her way back.

At this moment, she got the news that the Queen of Eternal Night announced her entry into the palace.

"Is anyone left to yet arrive at the meeting?" She asked the queen's maid.

"Only you."


She knows her brother the most. Hearing that he became a marquis, she felt very surprised, moved, and it was very shocking.

Margaret was happy.

She quickly changed into a cute Lolita-style outfit and jumped into the palace.

Sure enough, Your Majesty still has me in her heart!

The most annoying thing, the most difficult problem to deal with, still think of me Margaret first!

Soon, in the Palace.

"Your Majesty, your Margaret is here!"

"Well, sit down, I said you remember."

In front of the Queen of Eternal Night, the entire empire's territory is projected, with dense markings on it.

She recollected herself and changed it into a serious plan of "pretending to be the Restoration Army" and told it to Margaret.

Margaret was stunned.

Those peach blossom eyes that are always watery are shining brightly, and the heart of looking at the Queen of Eternal Night is about to melt!

Her Majesty is a great lady!

In one afternoon, she came up with such an exquisite chain plan!

Pretending to be the rebel Army to collect money from the Seventeen Kingdoms;

To dig out those leftovers and catch them all;

She also received benefits from the Church of the Seven Gods;

The most important thing is that this "thief called to catch the thief", directly pushed the people of the Seventeen Kingdoms into the embrace of the empire!

This is a top-tier strategy that kills four birds with one stone!

It just so happened that in the old land of the Seventeen Kingdoms, the atmosphere of caring for the homeland has risen, and the establishment of the Restoration Army is also logical.

The implementation of this plan should not be too simple, and the harvest should not be too high!

Who would have thought that this was a small trick by the Queen?

All the main points will be made clear soon.

The Queen of Eternal Night asked:

"Have you memorized the plan?"

"This minister has memorized it all."

"How confident are you, about the plan?"

"I have full confidence to use your majesty's clever plan to clean up the remnants of the seventeen kingdoms, and then let the conspiracy of the Church of the Seven Gods fail!"

Margaret answered with absolute certainty.

"Okay, I believe in your ability. This matter needs to be quick and secretive. You are to directly report to me. During the operation, you have the right to enter the palace and face the saint at any time!"

"Thank you, Your Majesty, there is only one thing I don't understand now!"

Margaret pretended to be serious and asked, "Your Majesty, how were you able to think of this excellent plan? I've been searching everywhere and I haven't been able to come up with a new solution. And now Her Majesty quickly came up with such an imaginative, simple, and easy-to-execute solution with many benefits, and a secretly murderous plan. Could your Majesty share your wisdom with me?"

Of course, the Queen of Eternal Night heard that this little girl was using questions to flatter her.

But she is in a good mood now, and she happily didn't expose it.

Because it's a good idea.

She also contributed a lot of details.

At least it can be counted as both of their success, right?

However, the Eternal Night Queen still told the truth: "I was not the one who proposed this plan in the first place."

"Could it be Lord Marshal?"


"Is it Dean Hall?"


Margaret suddenly changed her face: "Could it be that blue..."

"Okay, stop guessing, you are the prime minister anyway, so can't your belly be bigger?"

The Queen of Eternal Night shook her head helplessly, "It's not Angelina, it's a... civilian magician I met in the Great Library."

Margaret said unexpectedly: "Civilian? Then why didn't Her Majesty recruit him to become an official?"

The Queen of Eternal Night suddenly looked strange.

She gave Roger the chance to serve, and Angelina also arranged it.

It's just that the guy found a lot of excuses to hide.

He just wants to loaf around!

The queen felt a bit embarrassed because she was not charming enough.

So she could only sigh with regret: "He said that he was still young and wanted to study more at the Great Library first to gather knowledge, before becoming an official."

"A shame." Margaret sighed.

The commoner who came up with such a plan would need to be very smart and vicious, it suits her very well.

I am willing to give up the title of "The No. 1 Poison in the Empire" to this person!

He played with the human heart in the palm of his hand.

Margaret walked out of the palace.

In addition to pretending to be the Nationalist Army, she also remembered three keywords: big library, young, and civilian magician.

The commoner magician was unwilling to become an official in the court. Judging from Her Majesty's demeanor, it was very regrettable!

She, Margaret, is the smartest, most considerate, most beautiful, and most lovely chancellor around Your Majesty, of course, she must take the initiative to share Her Majesty's worries!

She decided to go to the big library as soon as the operation was over.

'If i have opportunity to meet this civilian magician, i must persuade him to become an official in the court and serve your majesty!'

Even if he steps back 10,000 steps and is still unwilling to be an official. As long as he and her are able to have a good relationship and she gives him advice, he will surely be able to perform well in front of Her Majesty, right?

When that time comes, what will the Lady of the Blue Hair be able to argue with me about?

I have a peerless staff, and she has only one trash brother!

Ha hahaha!

Margaret was very proud and thought she had the winning code!