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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 45

2022-06-07 21:30:00Publish Time: 4,025 views
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Chapter 45: Great Early attack by Her Highness the Princess!

"This will affect me even more! Stupid princess!"

Rin's back was a little stiff. He unconsciously put down the book and gently poked Elise's head.

Elise was not very happy when she was poked in the back of the head. Her head turned to Rin and her eyes were pure.

"What's the matter with it? Little Rin, just let me hug you, skin to skin!"

"Skin… who wants to be skin to skin with you! You…" Feeling Elise's breath, Rin couldn't help but want to move back.

Unfortunately, the silly elk actually hugged his leg, and Rin felt more and more flustered.

In order not to be nervous and cramped, he subconsciously snorted, "After all, if a smart person like me accidentally inhales stupid spores and becomes as stupid as you, it's worse than death!"

Elise was still unmoved, and even the two blushes on her face were more obvious.

"Hee hee, little Rin, but I think it's fun to be called a foolish couple… foolish partners!"

Rin suddenly felt… his mind was a little itchy.

He didn't understand what kind of emotion this was, so he had to put on a disdainful look, "No! It's too ugly! If you don't go down, I'll pull out your ahoge hair!"


Elise's small head swayed wildly and dawdled while letting out a soft voice, "Emilia can do it, can't I do it?"


Rin was surprised. This sentence sounds… So familiar!

Do girls like repeaters so much now?

No, no, that's not the point, the point is… this stupid elk arches like a pig, which makes him so flustered and uncomfortable!

Rin blushed and hurriedly tried to get rid of Elise, but she was too clingy.

Seeing that he was about to make a fool of himself as he did last time, Rin was in a hurry and said, "Silly elk, cast a Purification on me first… my clothes are wrinkled!"

The little angel didn't think anything was wrong. She sat up and used the Purification magic.

Washed by the holy light, Rin's heart soon became… calm and peaceful.

He breathed a sigh of relief and raised his eyebrows proudly, "Silly elk, that's all you can do."

Elise didn't care, still smiled sweetly, "Then I'll continue to lie down!"

Rin's face suddenly changed, his heart was tangled and he hesitated.

"Emilia has hugged you!"

Elise put her hands together on her chest and looked pitifully at Rin, "Okay? Okay? I'm clearly Little Rin's fiancee and good friend!"

This puppy-like expression immediately hit Rin's heart heavily.

He turned his head and patted his legs, gnashing his teeth. "Well, well, I see! This… this is the charity of friendship! And, just this time! Don't think too much… Especially… giving birth to a baby! Absolutely not!"


Elise quickly promised and lay down happily. After being scolded by Rin, she changed her position and turned her head to the outside.

The ahoge hair fell down happily and comfortably. Both groups of "blushes" were full of happiness, and her mouth kept giggling.

"What a stupid princess."

Rin still twisted his neck, but his eyes couldn't help looking at her side face. He stared at her for a while. His eyes were firm and soft for a while, and then became fierce again.

Stupid princess, how can she be so lovely? Damn it, I must really be infected with her stupidity!

I'm finished!

No, no, it's all illusions!

Friendship is terrible!

With mixed thoughts in mind, the whole tent fell into silence.

Rin took a deep breath, reached out, and poked Elise on the cheek. Seeing that she didn't respond, he turned his head.

"What a fool. She fell asleep in a few minutes."

Glancing at Elise, Rin peeked at the waste Hero curled up next to her.

Finally, he secretly and gently touched Elise's head. He felt that the silly elk's pink hair was soft and smooth.

Rin whispered, "Your IQ is so low and you always bother me. I will stroke your head till you become bald one day!"

He whispered in a low voice, but he didn't know that Elise, who was feeling his touch on her head, was clenching her small fists together nervously. Her head almost burst out steam, and her whole body was so numb that she didn't want to move at all.

After touching Elise's head for a while, Rin relaxed unconsciously.

Picking up the book that was put aside, Rin started to read, but occasionally, he would subconsciously touch the silly elk's head from time to time.

Well, it's the same when he was playing games on Earth, he would stroke the kitten lying on his lap.

The atmosphere was calming and quiet. The air was filled with the smell of orange and strawberry, which made him feel comfortable.

Rin sat still for an hour and felt his legs numb. He couldn't sit still.

Looking down at Elise, who was sleeping soundly, Rin hesitated for a while and still didn't wake her up.

Finally, he endured for another half an hour. He couldn't help it. Then he ground his teeth and gently lifted her head up, putting her head on his pillow.

Rin came to Elise's sleeping bag and lay down. He didn't get in, just rubbed his legs and stared at Elise lying on his bed.

Damn it, the silly elk not only made my legs numb, but also occupied my bed. I must write this down in my notebook and take revenge for it later!

Rin lay down, and the smell of sweet strawberry cream came to his nostrils. He turned back and forth unnaturally and finally calmed down by silently reciting formulas.

Before falling asleep, he thought…

Today's system is still so quiet. It doesn't even punish me recently…

Is the system broken?!

Thinking of the punishment imposed on him by the garbage system and the various punishments it warned him about, Rin's heart suddenly cooled down again.

Thinking about it for a while, he gnashed his teeth.

Damn it, just kill me if you have the ability!

Qiuqiu, who was watching them secretly, almost choked.

'What are you scolding me for, stupid little master!'

'I didn't make those punishments! After all, the master made me say that!'

In fact, there are only three kinds of punishment. The first one is electrotherapy. The electrotherapy to alarm him before was already the most serious one.

The second is that he will be punished to speak with all kinds of inexplicable language suffix. This is the so-called "shame punishment".

The third is the master's "Secret Punishment", which has the highest authority level and can only be used when there are no others around.

Other punishments were just used to scare him! It was exaggerated in order to make him admit his mistake to his sister, Lin Wuyue!

However, Qiuqiu can't tell him these.

Forget it, I have finished watching. There are more important videos to show to my master now!