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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 42

2022-06-01 21:25:00Publish Time: 4,255 views
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Chapter 42: I Have Fallen, but I am also Free!

"Stupid elk stay there and don't look at me with that woeful face!"

"But I want a hug!"

"Shut up and go to sleep, or I'll pull out your ahoge!"

The vicious threat made Elise calm down. Next Rin looked at Emilia, who was lying next to him, pretending to sleep.

Rin stretched out his foot and prodded her a few times, nevertheless the kuudere Hero didn't move.

"Don't pretend to sleep! Get back into your sleeping bag, or I won't allow you to come to me to eat and drink anymore."

The waste Hero's body trembled slightly. Even so, she still pretended to be fast asleep.

Seeing her resisting, Rin decided to use his trump card.

"Tomorrow's breakfast will be a small plate of fish, the midday meal will be grilled fish, and the dinner will be pickled fish."

Emilia trembled again, stirred around for a bit, before resolutely settling back down in her sleeping bag.

Rin looked at the two who were pretending to be sleeping and heaved a long sigh of relief. He covered himself with the quilt, grabbed it with both hands, and stared at the tent's top.

Fortunately, there is a way to control them. Otherwise, how could he survive the mission!

Although… he didn't hate to hug them.

No, no, to be fair, he was happy to hug them.

However, he couldn't help but feel that doing so would be very troublesome. Nevertheless, their friendship is deepening, and their companionship is growing by the day. Then what about his villain's task? How could he complete it with the way their relationship is heading?

By the way, speaking of the villain's task, isn't this garbage system being too quiet recently?

When I normally encounter this situation, doesn't the system either give me an achievement, ridicule me, or punish me? Is it sleeping?

Tsk, it's better if this trashy system sleeps itself to death!

What Rin didn't know was that the "garbage system" really wanted to die on the spot.

At this time, Qiuqiu really wanted to squat in a corner holding her knees. She felt weak and helpless like a little girl.

She didn't want to listen to the program's warnings.

It's probably some villain's achievement that has been unlocked.

That kind of unimportant thing can be distributed later.

So how on earth did things become like this?

She even had the impulse to violate the AI rules, betray her master, and cut off the video without a trace.

She still remembered when she was first chosen to be the supervisor, she was still innocent and only wanted to bully her little master.

Thinking of the first time she sent the recorded video to her master in high spirits… she regretted it so much.

At the beginning of that day, she understood how terrible the sin of jealousy was for both humans and gods.

Qiuqiu quietly looked through the screen and sighed deeply at Ling Wuyue, who was focusing on writing novels.

If my master comes to know what happened tonight, she will certainly yell about destroying the world again.

According to the current development speed of their "friendship", "kiss" and "push down" are not far away!

At that time, master will certainly go crazy and no one will be able to stop her!

I'm just an AI. Why should I undertake such a difficult mission…

Uh huh?

Eh? No! I'm just an AI. What does the destruction of the world have to do with me!

Yes! What am I thinking?!

Anyway, this villain's plot is already hopeless. Why do I bother having internal struggles?

Blame the stupid little master! The sin of destroying the world will be borne by you!

I want to be free!

A yoke in Qiuqiu's heart seems to have been opened. She picks up her spirit and operates the program again.

As a weak and helpless AI, isn't it happy to watch them play every day?

"Ding, Congratulations, my dear master is becoming even more insane. You used heinous means to break the heart of the third heroine, Elise. You're really a scum."

Unlocked achievement: Deflower (middle).

The achievement award: Universal Tear Gas Bottle * 10. Within ten meters of the diameter after throwing it, any enemy will be forced to tear up, reducing their field of vision, denying any Stealth related skills. The effectiveness depends on the level of the other party.

Please continue to work hard and make heroines cry! Hehe hehe. "

Rin, who was already in a daze and had fallen asleep, was startled by the sudden sound, and then broke into a cold sweat by the gloomy cold laughter.

Rin vaguely realized that he was having a nightmare.

Even in the dream, the garbage system continues to scare him!

I've written it down in my notebook!

Rin closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

Early the next morning, he woke up the waste Hero, then ate bread and milk for breakfast. Afterwards, the three proceeded to set out.

Incidentally, having a glass of milk every morning is a habit that her highness Elise has never stopped. Recently, it has also slightly affected Emilia.

According to Rin's original plan, the three were going to hunt Burst Rabbit near the forest and lake. They had a tacit understanding all the way and didn't mention what happened last night.

At least, they didn't keep talking about making babies, which made Rin much more relaxed.

After cleaning up the body of the Burst Rabbit, Wagging Tail Carp, and collecting a White Calendula on the way, it was already late. In addition, they were in the forest, so it was easier to feel the upcoming sunset.

Rin counted the spoils while walking, and estimated the time from how dim it was becoming.

Everything is going well. It is expected that the task will be completed by tomorrow. After resting for one night, they would be able to return to the town. Naturally, the return journey would be much faster than when they came here. Therefore, the originally planned time could also be shortened.

The top priority now is to find a camping site.

It was all the fault of the waste Hero! She refused to go to the lake for the fear of "fish". If it wasn't because of his "persuasion", they may not have been able to set up a tent by 12 o'clock.

At this time, they were rapidly crossing through the dense forest.

"Tonight, I will sleep with little Rin!"

Elise waved her wand excitedly, and her lake-like eyes were shining.

Emilia yawned, and said, "A hug of friendship."

Elise immediately said angrily, "Emilia! You don't need a hug for friendship! Only engaged couples can hug each other!"

"But, the tsundere made me kill the fish. As compensation…"

"Dream on! No hugging! No sleeping together!"

Rin knocked hard on their heads and scolded, "Can't you two idiots fill your heads with useful things? Have a good reflection on today's battle! Especially you waste Hero! If you hate fish, just use your sword to kill them! Why were you hiding?! Can you call yourself 'hero' if you don't even have courage?"

"Yes, Emilia, I heard that there are sea demons. There must be many fish-shaped ones. You can't continue like this!" Elise's ahoge hair jumped and she advised.

But the next moment, Rin's lips curled at her.

"You're in no position to talk here, stupid elk. Can the execution of your Holy Light Shield not be as low as your IQ? I was splashed with water, and then you remember to use your wand? I should rub your ahoge hair in water to cleanse your brain!"

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