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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 31

2022-05-13 10:02:00Publish Time: 5,179 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 31: Although I'm Poor, My Brother is Great

"Do you have a problem with my gift?"

Seeing Yuki still in a daze, Rin grabbed her hand without saying a word and stuffed the ointment in.

Yuki, like getting an electric shock, quickly retracted her hand, still staring at Rin in a daze.

Rin's face was full of impatience. He seemed to think of something and said word by word, "Use it immediately if you're injured!"

Well, so you don't have to change your dressing, and then you won't be peeped at by the protagonist.

Yuki put her hands behind her back, clutching the ointment bottle. She didn't dare to grab it with force, and her knuckles were a little stiff.

"I see." Her mind was full of thoughts and she wanted to ask a lot of things, but in the end, she only replied with that.


Rin snorted coldly and turned his head, seeing that Elise was looking at him with an inexplicable look. He quickly added, "This is just to prevent the great swordmaster from accidentally dying or maiming, which will insult the reputation of the Fenix family. After all, she is so poor that she can't even afford medicine!"

Elise reached out and pinched his face, "Hee hee, little Rin, I didn't say anything, but I didn't expect that you care about Sister Yuki so much."

Indeed, if he didn't care, how would he have known that the majestic swordmaster was actually very poor?

"Nonsense! How can I care about this girl! She likes strange crafts and has had an abnormal aesthetic outlook since childhood! Silly elk, you certainly don't know that the thing she gave you should be the most ordinary in her collection!"

If you didn't care, why would you know that the strict and rigid swordmaster had a special hobby since childhood?

Yuki's eyes moved, and her already melted heart became soft again.

Brother… he… has been secretly paying attention to me!

"Hee hee, little Rin is dull."

"It's not true! How dare you touch me, stupid Princess!"

Rin shook off Elise's hands, reached out and grabbed her ahoge hair. He was going to continue to teach her a lesson, but his face was covered with a pair of cool little hands.

It turned out that the kuudere girl took the opportunity to attack him from behind, and Rin immediately turned to fight back.

Yuki looked at the three people and wanted to laugh, but she held herself back from doing so.

After waiting for the three of them to calm down, she asked, "We are leaving tomorrow morning. Don't you have to go home and say goodbye?"

Elise was throwing herself on Rin. Hearing that, she quickly arranged her appearance and restored some dignity, "Yes, I have to go back and tell my sister and mom."

Then she was reluctant to pull away from Rin, "Little Rin, come with me!"


Rin reached out and knocked Emilia on the head. Emilia jumped off his back with her head covered.

Her home was not in the kingdom of Gioral, so naturally, she didn't have to go home.

Rin thought for a moment. He really didn't want to go back and spend his rest time with the Grand Duke Orlan.

The gloomy Grand Duke is not only ruthless but also a careful old evil man. Rin is not the original Gur after all. If the Grand Duke found something wrong, it would be troublesome.

"Just go back and say it for me."

He waved his hand and naturally left it to Yuki.

After that, they separated. Elise went back to the palace, Yuki went back to the manor, and Rin and Emilia left together.

Rin really didn't want to go to the school restaurant to continue eating western food, so he simply dragged Emilia to have barbecue.

Of course, there are not only western foods, there are also Chinese-styled foods and Japanese-styled foods in this world. But the school and the Fenix family's chefs only provide western foods, and Rin was really a little tired of it.


Early the next morning, all the first-year students gathered outside the school. At the same time, there was a long queue of carriages waiting.

The school itself provided few carriages,  but most of them were sent by the noble students' families.

Rin, Emilia, and Elise were in the same carriage.

As soon as he got on the carriage, Emilia and Elise sat on his left and right. He was squeezed in the middle in an instant.

"Hey, it's too crowded."

Elise shook her eyelashes and said with a smile, "Emilia, there's not enough room for three here. Your position is opposite."

Emilia remained unmoved and just said, "Today, God told me that by sitting here I will have a good fortune."

"Lord Emilia, you can't borrow the name of God so casually."

"Nope. I'm serious."

Originally, the box seat was narrow. Rin was squeezed between two fragrant and soft bodies. He was flustered and bored. At this time, he was even a little irritated.

"You two, if you want to build relationships, go to the opposite side! It's crowded!"

He knocked the two little girls' heads heavily and finally let them sit opposite, and the position became spacious.

Rin's pounding heart also recovered.

"If I stay with you two fools, I'll be killed by your stupid aura sooner or later."

Rin scolded them and looked out of the window with great interest.

After all, he had been in the world for so long, but he hadn't had the chance to explore the city, let alone go outside of the capital.

The destination is a town called Luna in the East, which is located next to the Ayre forest. There is a complete adventure guild system, not far from the capital.

It is expected to be a two-day journey, but the convoy was delayed due to various reasons, such as the physical discomfort of some weak noble students and poor hotel conditions.

It was not until the afternoon of the third day that the students finally arrived at their destination.

Rin got out of the carriage with the two girls, and his legs were a little numb.

Although they could rest in the hotel in the evening, it was inevitable to have some backache after sitting in a carriage all day.

The hotel had been contracted by the school. Rin was arranged to the fourth floor. They could have a good rest this afternoon to relieve the fatigue.

The silly elk's room was on his left, the waste Hero's room was on the right, and the opposite was the poor swordmaster's room. Rin, who was surrounded by the three, had become the most envious existence of all boys.

Without knowing it, Rin took a nice bath, changed his shirt and light pants, and planned to rest until the silly elk tells him to eat in the evening.

However, two minutes after getting dressed and not drying his head, there was a knock on the door.

Rin opened the door and saw Yuki standing at the door.

Yuki's posture was upright and straight. Her right hand had been holding the hilt of the sword. The whole person was like a sword that hadn't come out of the scabbard, which gave everyone a great sense of oppression.

Even the waiter tried to stay away from her.

"What's up?" Rin asked.

Yuki's eyes were a little deep, and her eyes fell on Rin's slightly soaked shirt with an open collar.

'Well, brother… is really great.' Yuki suddenly felt that her nose was a little itchy.

Yuki forced herself not to look sideways. Her voice was cold but also a little gentle, "There are many adventurers in the Luna town. There may be bad guys. Don't go out fooling around, do you understand?"

Rin immediately rolled up his eyes, "Fake swordmaster, you'd better take care of yourself first. If you have nothing to do, just go away and find something to do for yourself. I have to make up for my sleep."

"All right."

Yuki wanted to show more concern for her brother, but she couldn't find what to say, so she had to nod and leave.

No sooner had she left, the door of the next room opened.

The silly elk hummed, happily closed the door, turned around, and came to Rin. Just as she approached, she noticed that her fiance was special now.

The ahoge hair above her head immediately began to turn around, and then Elise accidentally fell, crashing directly into Rin's arms.