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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 24

2022-04-30 00:20:00Publish Time: 5,158 views
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Chapter 24: Look at This Sugar, Is It Sweet?

"Ding, the process was disturbed by strange forces. The protagonist's plot failed, starting the second set of verification formulas again.

Congratulation my dear master for hanging on a tree in such a situation.

Unlocked the villain achievement: Tied up (small).

Obtaining a special attribute: Binding Resistance (small): when my dear master is bound in whatever way, it will reduce the degree of discomfort to help you escape."

"… I feel like you're mocking me again, I'm just being rooted by the Demon King's magic, I'm not being hung from the tree! It's not binding!"

"Ding, because my dear master is too weak, you can't see it. There is a magic chain tying you to the tree."

"Cut the crap! How long will it take!"

"Looks like it will take about an hour or so, with the Binding Resistance."

"Holy shit …"

This damn demon king is really a bad woman with a black heart and lungs!

Damn it!

I'll remember this!

The Demon King wouldn't often appear in the next chapters of the novel and would be his boss. Rin really didn't know if he could get his revenge in the future.

His soul and even body were telling him to try to stay away from future encounters with the Demon King.

Well, the Demon King should be interested in him and the Fenix family, next is to let her notice Yuki.

Rin didn't dare to think more than a flash in his mind. He was afraid that the system would be able to spy on his thoughts and thus determine to wipe him out in the future, so he turned his attention quickly.

Walking back to the dormitory exhaustedly, Rin was in a somewhat bad mood.

He was tied to a tree for over an hour, and no matter how he tried, he couldn't break free, and the magic chains would erode his mental energy, making him feel incredibly tired.

He hadn't eaten a meal yet…

He was not beaten up by the protagonist but was tossed around by the Demon King. He was so pissed off.

Walking near the dormitory, Rin suddenly felt something wrong and looked towards the place surrounded by boys.

Elise was standing there, smiling politely at the boys gathered around in a very decent manner.

No matter who asked, she would simply talk back, but also only limited to answer, keeping proper distance kindly.

Elise stood in front of the dormitory and dealt with the excited boys, but her eyes swept through the crowd on the road from time to time.

Until the ahoge hair on her head jumped, Elise looked over with some awareness, just in time to see the downcast Rin, and suddenly the joy in her heart made the smile on her face unbearably sweet, which astounded the crowd.

She bowed slightly, "I'm very sorry, my betrothed has arrived."

After saying that, regardless of the boys' heartbroken looks, she trotted to Rin's front, looked at Rin's upset face, and asked with some concern, "Little Rin, what's wrong?"

Rin didn't even have the energy to sneer at her this time, nor could he have told Elise what happened earlier. He just waved his hand.

"I'm tired, let's talk tomorrow."

Elise was a little uncomfortable with his cold tone. She immediately ran to Rin, opened her arms to stop him, and her lake-colored eyes were full of stubbornness.

Rin was a little helpless and changed direction to leave, but was still stopped by Elise.

"Hey, are you … sigh."

Rin saw the concern in Elise's eyes and froze. He could not help but raise his spirit, reached out and grabbed her ahoge hair.

"Idiot, I am currently all out of my mana, so I'm very mentally exhausted. Plus I missed dinner, I'm hungry and tired. You want to see me die so you can marry other men? I didn't expect you to be such a silly elk!"

Elise was relieved to see him back to his usual self, then took his arm and headed for the bench near the fountain, ignoring the odd stares of others.

Rin allowed her to pull him, and finally sat down on a chair and leaned back.

Elise smiled cheekily and pulled out a lunch box from the Spatial Ring, opening it while whispering, "I didn't see Little Rin in the restaurant today, so I was a little worried and packed one for you on purpose."

Rin was inwardly touched, but suddenly remembering his persona, he coughed lightly and turned his head away.

"What a joke, you're just a silly elk, do you think that you can earn my appreciation with cold food …"

"Hey, little Rin."

Rin subconsciously turned his head, opened his mouth to speak, and a piece of western blueberry was sent into his mouth.

"Don't think (chew chew) that after doing this, you are not (chew) a fool in my (chew) heart (chew) …"

Elise was not moved. With a fork inserted into a piece of meat steak, she reached her hand out to Rin's mouth again.


Rin suddenly showed his teeth, "Go away, silly elk! I have my own hands … awwww (chew chew)."

Again, the food was stuffed into his mouth by force. Rin had to swallow it first, then quickly grabbed Elise's lunch box.

"Stupid princess, want to see my disgraceful look? Never!"

What followed was wolf-like swallowing.

Elise propped up her chin, looking softly at Rin who was eating, and took the opportunity to ask, "Little Rin, tell me what did you do!"


"Come on, tell me."


"Tell me!"

Rin, who was impatient with Elise, stuck a piece of cucumber in her mouth.

"Shut up, it's noisy!" After scolding her, he continued eating.

But he didn't notice that Elise's face turned red like an apple. She covered her face while chewing the cucumber carefully.

Oooh, I'm fed by Little Rin, and … it's … it's an indirect kiss!

I'm so embarrassed, so panicked, but also so happy. Her heart thumped as if it was going to explode!

Mother, sister, I … I'm finished again!

Although Elise prepared a lot of food for Rin, Rin, who had been tossed for so long, only felt 80 percent full.

Even so, he was already very satisfied.

Putting the lunch box to the side, Rin stretched comfortably. Finding Elise was holding a napkin and reaching to his mouth, without saying anything, he grabbed the napkin and wiped his mouth haphazardly.

Then he stood up, "Stupid princess, don't think I'll change my mind about you because of this small favor, you'll regret it later if you do this again!"

After saying that, he walked away without looking back. He was afraid that something would happen if he stayed.

Because the second half of what he said was true.

Elise looked at his back in silence with her innocent eyes.

When the angel began to think, how could mortals guess what she was thinking?

Rin returned to the dormitory and began meditation directly.

This meditation was more difficult and he had to endure intense mental discomfort.

Mana is a source of energy that everyone has. Magicians exercise it through meditation, while warriors increase it by constantly exercising the body and practicing skills. Magic Swordsmen need to practice both.

Magicians have more mana while warriors have better physical qualities and martial arts.

It's just a common setting that many novels use, not worth mentioning.

Just this time, when Rin struggled to break through the shackles brought on by mental fatigue, suddenly he felt his magic power rise a little and reach its peak.

Rin didn't know if this could be considered a blessing or the Demon King's trick, but Rin could be sure that as long as he gains a little more Exp, he will be able to reach Level 11.

And the opportunity to obtain more Exp is not far away.

It won't be more than a few days before the protagonists' first mainline mission begins.