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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 16

2022-04-13 23:40:00Publish Time: 5,617 views
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Chapter 16: Do You Think that They will Fight in the Future

"Phew …"

Looking at the door of the room that had been closed tightly, Yuki let out a long breath, and suddenly covered her nose and took a half step back as an afterthought.

Damn, her little brother is pretty endearing!

In the past ten years, she and Rin didn't often meet. Their last meeting was at last year's palace banquet. In her memory, this nominal brother was often hostile to her.

When they met yesterday, she noticed that this guy's aura seemed to have changed.

Today, he completely exposed his cute side to her, even making her feel that her brother was cute.

She looked around, no one noticed her current ill-mannered embarrassment.

Patting her chest to make herself give up those miscellaneous thoughts, Yuki eyes dimmed a few points.

She didn't want to be thrown away as scrap. It's better to practice the sword skill, as "Family Ties" were too precious for her, she shouldn't ask for them.

"Little Rin, good morning!"

"Good morning … what the hell! I want to sleep! Don't bother me so early in the morning!"

Rin rolled his eyes up to the stupid princess. He simply doesn't know why this silly elk always wants to let him play more plots.

Truly speaking, he doesn't have many plots to play. After all, this is a novel world, the camera is focusing on the protagonist. Most of the time, the villain only lives in the narrator and background plots.

Now he is too distressed.

That waste Hero occupies his favorite fixed seat every day, and likes to come to his room at night. The stupid princess stick to him all day and night, which does not give the protagonist an opportunity to increase their affection.

Hey, I'm already so fierce, why doesn't this princess just leave?

It seems that I can only get rid of her when my villain's plot reaches the peak of the section.

Although it feels quite good to have a silly, cute princess around. If she suddenly doesn't show up one day, his heart will feel a little odd.

Today, Elise wore a small blue and white dress, with a hint of red on her face, holding a white beautiful beret in her hand, and her ahoge hair shaking very happily from left to right.

"Little Rin, little Rin, today we have a lot of tasks, quickly go eat breakfast with me!"

"It's your task, don't pull me."

As Rin said, he habitually grabbed her ahoge hair, "Go yourself! Don't interfere with my rest."

"Oooh …"

Elise puffed out her cheeks, shrinking her red neck like a little quail, suddenly seeing the person walking down the stairs, and hastily gave Rin a wink.

Rin has also noticed the surrounding aura become gloomy, so he let go of her hair, and turned around with a stern look on his face and saluted towards Duke Orlan who came down.

"Good morning, father."

"Good morning, Grand Duke Orlan."

"Welcome, Your Highness. Are you here to see Rin?"


"Rin, stay with Her Highness after you finish your breakfast."

After saying that, Orlan smiled at the two and left straight away.

As soon as he left, Elise suddenly turned from the dignified princess to a little fool and shook Rin's arm, "Hear that? Uncle Orlan told you to accompany me!"

"I know that! now if you don't let go, I'll pull your ahoge hair out."

He has to obey the nominal father's words. Rin could only hold his nose and endure it. After threatening Elise, he ran to eat.

Elise smiled and sat back on the sofa, her head imagining where to go today, oh, and take the beret by the way.

The daily lucky hair task has been completed.

When Yuki came back from the backyard, she saw a cute girl sitting on the couch with a friendly, innocent smile.

After her head recalled the identity of the other party, Yuki made a knightly salute.

"Your Highness, Princess Elise"

Elise also hurriedly stood up, "No need to be so polite, Sister Yuki."

"Are you here to see my brother?"

"Yeah, I'm going out with little Rin today."

"Yes … is it …"

Yuki looked a little lost in thought with a trace of envy flashing in her eyes. People like her couldn't play like a carefree girl.

Elise took her hand self-consciously, "It's been a long time since I've last seen you, Sister Yuki, stay with me for a while."

Yuki was a little hesitant, she was very bad at talking and didn't like to communicate.

"I'm telling you, little Rin is so much fun to be around at school, and super cute!"

Hearing this, Yuki's gaze flickered. Hmm, as the nominal eldest sister, it was normal to know about her brother's life at school.

"Please, please do tell me, Your Highness."

So when Rin came out from the dining hall, he saw two girls sitting on the sofa, talking and laughing.

To be precise, the fiancé was talking and laughing while the sister still had a serious and cold look on her face.

"When did you guys get so close?"

Rin sniffed curiously. Elise smiled and held Yuki's arm, "Sister Yuki and I are friends, and there's a lot to talk about between the girls."

"Oh, the sympathy between fools."

Rin habitually mocked, rubbing his chin, "I didn't think you, Yuki, could actually chat with a foolish elk, truly worthy of my stupid sister. Since that's the case, you guys can continue to talk about your childish topics, and I will go up to catch up on my sleep."

"Well, little Rin, you have to be serious when you are dating a girl!"

"What?" Rin was a little dumbfounded, but still tilted his head and denied it frantically, "In your dreams, Elise, it's not a date!  I couldn't date an idiot, it's just to fulfill my father's mission! So, don't you dare get the wrong idea!"

"Okay, okay, not dating, not dating. Can you regard it as a commission to accompany your fiancée?" Elise spoke with an imperceptible doting tone.

"That's more like it."

Rin sighed in relief. God only knows how panicked he was before, after all, dating… wow, that was too scary.

"Then Sister Yuki, we will leave first."

Looking at the back of the two pulling and tugging as they left, the envy in Yuki's eyes intensified as she looked at her hands, which were covered with rough marks left by years and years of sword holding and fighting.

Apart from being long and slender, it doesn't look like a pair of palms belonging to a girl.

"Forget it, it's useless to think about it, there is still an important task today."

On the other side, Rin also learned what they were going to do from Elise.

The primary purpose was to visit those children in the orphanage and bring the royal family's condolences, but before that, Elise wanted to go and buy the children some books and toys.

There are a total of four orphanages in the royal capital, and she intended to visit all of them once, so the arrangement this day was actually very tight.

After leaving the bookstore, the duo stepped into a toy market.

Just inside, they saw a familiar figure, lying on the window, with her face pressed against the glass, staring at a cat toy in the window.