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Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 12

2022-04-05 23:25:00Publish Time: 6,136 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous, TheGrow-RobloxGrowtopia, mondruppen, Supriyo-Pal, Yozakura-_, Soybeans-The-First, Henry, Ian-Villareal, GrowArmyGt-Vo, Irushia, sweety-boy, Xarviz-Designs

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Chapter 12: The Hero Slipped Into His Room Again Late at Night

"Congratulations, my dear master, your physical attributes was slightly enhanced: within three days, your physical attributes will become twice as much as now, and you will also obtain the title of "Holy Light Warrior". Light healing magic's effect will increase  when healing your body.

My dear master, please do your best to be bullied by the protagonist."

Now, Rin didn't have any time to care about these. He only felt that his pectoral muscles were going to be bitten off.

"Damn it! Go away, you stinky hero!"

He tried desperately to push Emilia's head, but this idiot's strength was too great and she wouldn't let go.

Elise also reacted and looked at Emilia, who was lying on top of her fiancé, with a slightly troubled expression on her face.

Thinking for a while, she still put on a kind smile on her face, "Well, Emilia-sama, can you please get up from little Rin?"

"Everyone is watching, I hope you don't… do this kind of unladylike thing in public, okay?"

Rin didn't think that Elise's admonition would work.

In a rush, he quickly took out the cupcake that he had confiscated from Her Highness before and waved it around in front of Emilia's forehead.

"Hurry up and loosen your mouth, here you can eat this!"

Emilia was really attracted by the cupcake, loosened her teeth, snatched the cake, sniffed it, propped up Rin's chest, sat on him, tore open the wrapper, and stuffed the cupcake into her mouth.

After simply chewing a few times, Miss Hero directly craned her neck to swallow the cupcake in one gulp. Rin was dumbfounded.

After eating, Emilia seemed to be slightly sober. She looked down and stared straight at Rin, "Sweet food, not enough. Is there meat?"

Rin suddenly burst into a rage, grasped the magic book and smashed it fiercely toward her forehead. Emilia quickly rose up to avoid the smash, and then stood aside dumbly as if nothing had happened.

Elise retracted her eyes from Miss Hero and hurriedly went forward to help Rin up.

"Little Rin, is everything okay?"

Rin, who covered his chest and got up from the ground, had never felt such aggravation in his heart.

This kuudere Hero deserves to be his natural enemy who would stab him to death in the future. They were still the academy's students, and now, she had already begun to lay hands on him.

No, I can't bear to suffer this loss. I'm going to remember this grudge in my heart, forever!

Elise looked at Lin Rin, who was still dazed. Her small mouth pouted. Without saying a word, she peeled open his top buttons.

After seeing the circle of teeth marks, a sour discomfort appeared in her heart, which made her unable to resist the desire to cast several healing spells in a row to his chest, even though she knew it was overdone.

It was only then that Rin came back to earth. Seeing Elise keep casting healing spells at him, he hurriedly stopped it.

"What are you doing, stupid princess? Don't you need magic power to cast the healing spells? Just throw one! One is enough!"

Elise looked at him seriously, "No, what if it leaves traces?"

Seeing that she was going to continue using the healing spell, Rin directly pinched her ahoge hair, and finally succeeded in controlling this silly little angel.

"Humph, just a silly elk, get over yourself!"

Rayne just came down from his friend's body. Looking at the two "goddesses" who were so intimate with Fenix, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart.

How kind the two beautiful girls are! They were actually swindled by this scum, and the former even brandished her sword at him for this scum!

No, I must reveal Fenix's true character, so that the goddesses won't be deceived by him again! I must protect them!

With such a thought, he appeared in front of Rin again.

"Fenix, our bout is not over yet."

And at that moment, the female teacher who said nothing from the beginning to the end finally came forward.

"I think it's better to forget about it. Since Classmate Emilia has stepped in to stop it, the fight is over. What's more, the class will be over soon, so, how about just stopping here? Bye."

After that, she took out her pipe and smoked it, and left with a smile on her face.

The students all had strange looks on their faces. Their eyes swept back and forth on Rin, Rayne, Emilia, and Elise, whispering to each other. After all, the previous scene was too dramatic, making everyone baffled.

Rin also didn't want to stay here. In case the kuudere Hero suddenly went crazy and pounced on him again, what could he do? So, he only sneered at Rayne and said "You're lucky. I will let you go for now," and slipped away.

In the evening, Lin Rin was still immersed in the sea of study.

This time, he was studying the general history of the Mangekyou Continent.

At this time, he happened to read the history from five hundred years ago. At that time, the continent was ravaged by the demon army. The Hero at that time was assassinated, and human beings were in a precarious situation. At the moment of desperation, the angel named Lianhua came down from the sky and repelled the demon king.


The familiar sound reappeared. Rin looked up at the window and saw another hooked rope being launched from the opposite side along with this side, while the young girl with long light blue hair, crawled over on her hands and knees.

His face changed and he hurriedly closed the window.

This cat-like Hero, does she really like climbing so much? Forget it, as long as she doesn't come to bother me, she can just do whatever she wants.

Unfortunately, this time, Emilia was coming for him.

Standing on his window sill, Emilia gently tilted her head, then made a look like she was going to kick the window.

Rin was startled and opened the window in a hurry, "Stop! The window is public property, how dare you do that?! Is your brain only filled with rice buckets?"

Emilia retracted her foot, deftly entered through the window, and then squatted on the desk.

She was wearing pajamas at the moment, so even if she squatted in front of Rin, there would be no "holy light".

Rin continued to pick up the pen and forcefully pretended to be indifferent, "What do you want? Say it and fuck off or I'm going to go call the warden!"

The kuudere girl pulled out an object, opened the wrapper, revealing the fried meat steak in it. The fragrance immediately dispersed in the entire room.

Rin oddly scanned a large circle on her body, and did not find any spatial magic artifact.

In this world, spatial magic is very hard to learn, so spatial magic artifacts are also very expensive. Although Emilia was the Hero, she was born into a civilian family. It's hard to believe that she could buy a spatial magic artifact especially at this age.

Lin Rin guessed that it was probably an item bag exclusive to the Hero.

However, he had only seen her take food out of thin air today, but never seen her take other things out. Moreover, she looked as if she was going to be starved to death this morning. It's not likely that her Hero occupation had also provided her an item bar.

Emilia's blue eyes stared at Rin, then she pushed the meat steak to his face.

"This is a reparation gift."

Rin immediately turned his head away, "No, I don't need it. You can go now."

Emilia changed the direction and passed the meat steak to his mouth again. On her expressionless face, there was a touch of stubbornness.

Rin felt a little headache. He knew that if he didn't eat it, she wouldn't leave, so he could only barely brace himself up to act in front of her.

He revealed an evil smile on his face and sneered, "Humph, it's just a piece of meat steak, can it be a reparation gift? Don't make me laugh, you poor Hero-sama. Ho ho, look at your shabby appearance, I guess you can't take out anything good. Ok, I'm very generous, I will reluctantly accept it."

"What a pity. If you eat too much meat, your brain apparently degenerates to the level of a Slime."

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