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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 99

2023-01-29 09:21:20Publish Time: 333 views
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Chapter 99: Heaven shall help those who help others

“It’s injured.”

When Su Yi saw the humongous bird’s appearance, the crimson feathers on its right wing had some bloodstains and many feathers on its wing had been torn off as if it had been seriously injured.

Following Su Yi’s appearance, the two beasts who were facing each other turned and their vicious gazes fell upon him.

But as Su Yi was constantly performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”. The aura produced by the technique spread through the air and caused the two strong beasts to become afraid of him.

The Flaming Beast Eagle’s cries started to tremble, and the Snow Jade Ape also started to retreat.

Su Yi looked at the Flaming Beast Eagle, his eyes expressing delight as he said, “I have no evil intentions towards you, can you still fly?”

The aura of this Flaming Beast Eagle was as strong as the Golden Python he had met before.

At this level, the intelligence level of the beasts would not be beneath humans and hence, naturally, the bird would be able to understand what he was saying. Just that it would not be able to speak in human language.

The Flaming Beast Eagle looked at Su Yi, its eyes filled with fear and respect, then it nodded its head. It was surprised and found it odd that a human would have such an aura.

“Give me a ride to a safe place. Both you and I are hurt, and we need to recover.” Su Yi was secretly happy. Sure enough, this bird understood his words, though it was hurt, fortunately, it was still able to fly.


The bird stretched its wings and leaped down from the vine to Su Yi with a flap of its wings and signaled Su Yi to get on its back.

“Heaven shall help those who help others!”

Su Yi was delighted. With the help of Yuan Qi under his feet, he jumped onto the bird’s back.

The action of using beasts to find him by the adventurers reminded Su Yi that he had the special ability of the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”. He was able to get the help of the beasts within the Forest of Demons just like how he got the Flaming Beast Eagle to give him a ride. He did not believe that the Hell Wolves would still be able to find him after this. It was not possible for the Hell Wolves to fly.

The Flaming Beast Eagle soared through the skies with its wide wings, its bloodied right wing seemed to be struggling, but it could still hold on for now.

Su Yi sat on the back with his legs crossed and held onto the bird’s feathers. He gazed at the endless mountains down below and thought to himself, “Wait for me to fully recover, then I will settle this feud with the adventurer party.”

Since the adventurer party still came to bother him, then he will not be courteous and let them bully him. He needed opponents to train himself anyway.

The Snow Jade Ape looked at the Flaming Beast Eagle soaring away, its humongous body stood upright on the rock. Its eyes shined, filled with surprise and thoughts. Then, it unexpectedly started to head towards the direction of the bird.

The Flaming Beast Eagle was not able to fly fast due to its injured right wing.

Su Yi told the bird to search for a safe place to rest. Naturally, as the bird was far more familiar with the region than him, he felt assured in letting the bird find a safe place to rest.

After four hours, the bird began to gradually descend, its wings gliding through the dark and creepy gap between two mountains.

After a moment, the view began to clear under the illumination of moonlight.

The Flaming Beast Eagle had flown through the obstruction of a huge mountain and into the crevices of the mountain range and what Su Yi saw now was a wide and tall cliff.

Looking at the cliff, a majestic work of nature, Su Yi could not help but gasp in awe.

The cliff appeared to be connected with the sky in the middle and at the upper portion of the cliff was a piece of land protruding that was several hundred meters long.

The cliff was steep, and the flat ground was hundreds of meters above the ground. If one was unable to fly or had no flying beasts, there would be almost no way of reaching the place.

Su Yi who was on the bird’s back was once again astonished by another sight.

On the ground, there were many gigantic trees and a tall rock formation stood alone proudly.


There was even a small waterfall flowing from the top of the rock, spraying water all across the air and many caves could be seen in the rock.

“What a good location!”

Su Yi marveled at the sight of the area. It was an excellent spot for cultivating and healing oneself.

The Flaming Beast Eagle landed on the ground and lowered its body.

Su Yi jumped off its back and scanned the area.

He was speechless. This place truly was a marvel of nature, even if he found this place, he would never be able to get up upon this land.

The Flaming Beast Eagle stretched and flapped its wings. It was already extremely tough for it to move its right wing. Fresh blood painted its feathers and its aura was also very weak, it was only able to get up after struggling for a moment.

“Is this your nest?” Su Yi turned his head and asked. There were a few feathers scattered across the ground which belonged to the Flaming Beast Eagle, this was most likely its nest.

The Flaming Beast Eagle nodded its head. At this moment, Su Yi had already stopped performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, but its eyes were still filled with fear and respect.

“So, it really is your nest.”

Su Yi did not find it weird, he was just astonished. This place was perfect for him to recover.

Looking at the heavily injured Flaming Beast Eagle who had given him a ride and even brought him to its nest, it was enough to owe it a favor.

Su Yi said to the bird, "Thanks for your help, let me return your favor for helping me, follow me."

Finishing his words, Su Yi walked into the cave in front of him.

The Flaming Beast Eagle was uncertain as to what Su Yi was trying to do, but it could only wobble from side to side, dragging its heavily injured body into the cave.

Within the cave, Su Yi sat down and summoned the mysterious space.


When the mysterious space appeared, lighting up the cave, the Flaming Beast Eagle seemed to have felt something and cried out in fear. It immediately laid on the ground, its eyes filled with horror and respect.

“Come in.” From within the mysterious space came Su Yi’s voice.

The Flaming Beast Eagle trembled. Hearing Su Yi’s words, it began to approach the mysterious space while continuously shaking.

“This substance is Spirit Essence. It contains a large amount of energy and may help you to recover faster and raise your intelligence or it may cause you some discomfort. It all depends on your luck.”

As the Flaming Beast Eagle walked to the mysterious space, Su Yi took out a jade bottle which originally contained elixirs and filled it up with Spirit Essence before bringing it to the bird.

Since the Flaming Beast Eagle had helped him so much he owed it a favor and Su Yi was not stingy while returning favors.

This Spirit Essence was a treasure, he needed to return the favor to the bird. If not for him, the Flaming Beast Eagle's injuries would not have worsened. This made Su Yi feel quite guilty and sorry.

When the Flaming Beast Eagle felt the aura of Spirit Essence from the bottle its eyes lit up. Its gaze seemed to burn holes through the bottle. Then, it looked at Su Yi with disbelief.

“Open your mouth and consume this. I hope this helps you.”

Su Yi smiled told the bird to open its mouth and poured the Spirit Essence into it.

The Flaming Beast Eagle raised its head and swallowed the Spirit Essence. It looked at Su Yi gratefully and then it went into a corner to digest it.