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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 82

2023-01-29 09:18:48Publish Time: 379 views
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Chapter 82: Insane Continuous Breakthroughs

For some reason, the raw energy of heaven and earth rushed directly into Su Yi’s Dantian and became compressed again and again in a single moment.

Then, a weirder sight was seen at this moment. When the energy rushed into Su Yi’s Dantian, it did not need any refining and were directly compressed and changed into pure Yuan Qi, quickly filling the Dantian.

Everything happened in a flash. Fast, furious and shocking!

Rumble! Rumble!

The strength of the aura on Su Yi’s body shot up and within the Yuan Qi Whirlpool of the Dantian, a violent storm was raging.


With two muffled explosions, the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within the Dantian got bigger and bigger as Yuan Qi exploded out of it, power pouring out in all directions.

Su Yi was astonished. He could clearly feel himself getting stronger time and time again.

That feeling of achievement and bliss was incomparable.


The violent energy of heaven and earth continued surging into Su Yi like it was endless. The energy within this mysterious space really was so rich that it was shocking.

Within the Yuan Qi Whirlpool, the storm continued to rage on bigger and further, devouring all the energy which came its way.

Though this feeling of growing stronger gave Su Yi an incomparable feeling of satisfaction, it made him feel a sliver of unease.

Su Yi felt that the continuous breakthroughs may not be a good thing.

A towering skyscraper is built up from flat ground. Everything must be done gradually.

If the situation continued like this, it would probably do him more harm than good.

“It cannot go on like this!”

Su Yi felt really uneasy. He made his decision and forcefully controlled the Yuan Qi within his body, initiated the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique” and tried to cut off his body from the energy of the outside world and forcefully suppressed the Yuan Qi which had rushed into his body’s Dantian Yuan Qi.

This process was equivalent to seeking torture as if a river wanted to flow opposite to its normal direction.

Su Yi forcefully broke the connection, he could not go on like this.

This type of breakthrough made Su Yi feel really uneasy.

At this moment, if there was a strong cultivator here, he would probably be very surprised.

As a cultivator, it was near impossible to resist the endless temptation of breaking through continuously, and this was only a 14, 15 years old youth. This mental resilience and toughness were not normal.

As the energy of heaven and earth from the surroundings were forcefully cut off by Su Yi, the aura which was growing stronger was also suppressed by force.


Taking a deep breath, now Su Yi could finally be at ease. He could feel that the remaining energy within his body had seeped into his blood, flesh, bones, meridians and his organs.

As the energy seeped into Su Yi, his flesh, organs, bones, blood, and meridians seemed to be undergoing a transformation akin to forging.

Only after half a day did everything start to calm down.

As the energy calmed down, the aura on Su Yi also started to weaken gradually and then finally, everything returned to a still.

And when the aura completely quietened down, Suyi, who was sitting down, saw that his clothes inflated in a flash.


An aura which was many times stronger than the spring water-like liquid from before awakened and instantly exploded out from Su Yi, exuding authority, majesty, and destruction.

And at this instance, Su Yi’s eyes, which were tightly closed, sprung open. Within the depths of his eyes, a bright light shot out. But it was only a moment before it went back into the deep depths of Su Yi’s tough and deep eyes.

“Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade!”

Feeling the aura and changes in his body, Su Yi was shocked and found it hard to snap back into reality.

Currently, the aura within his body had already reached Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade and it was even near to Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade Late-stage.

From the initial Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade to the current Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade, he had broken through three whole grades!

And the higher the grade, the harder it was to break through to the next grade.

Yuan Soul Realm Fifth Grade to Sixth Grade was naturally many, many times harder than breaking through from Yuan Soul Realm First Grade to Second Grade!

Su Yi knew very well that if he did not suppress his breakthrough on purpose, who knows how many grades he would have broken through.


Having such continuous breakthroughs, even Su Yi himself was shocked and gasped slightly. This type of breakthrough was way too much.

Carefully checking his body, not only did his Yuan Qi Whirlpool within the Dantian grew in size immensely, but the spiritual power within his mind had also strengthened quite a bit.

The energy contained within the spring water-like liquid did not only had the ability to increase and strengthen Yuan Qi, but it could also nurture the spirit and increase spiritual power.

“This is a treasure!”

Looking at the small hole not far away, it looked like a small well and inside was still a palm-thick of liquid, Su Yi’s quivered slightly.

He may not know what this was, but Su Yi was sure that this was definitely a heaven-defying treasure!

Su Yi was thinking in his heart; since this liquid could increase his power and cultivation, maybe it could also help his grandfather become stronger.

If that was the case, his grandfather would have the chance of further increasing his cultivation level.

But then soon afterward, Su Yi frowned.

Though this liquid could help him break through for his cultivation level, his grandfather's cultivation level was far stronger than his.

This liquid may be of use to him, but it may not be effective for his grandfather.

“I cannot take the risk. I need to grow stronger and find for Grandfather real and usable high-grade elixirs.” After contemplating for a moment, Su Yi took a deep breath.

Finding those high-grade elixirs would be much safer and reliable.

But if he wanted to find those high-grade elixirs, he must first become a strong cultivator himself.

“Soul Stabilizing Elixirs!”

After a moment, Su Yi took out a Soul Stabilizing Elixir from a jade bottle.

Just as Su Yi had expected, after placing it in this space for a while, the grade and aura of the Soul Stabilizing Elixir had increased quite a bit.

The Soul Stabilizing Elixir which was originally Moon Grade Middle Level was now Moon Grade High Level.

Soul Stabilizing Elixir was an elixir which was used for stabilizing the Yuan Soul Realm, hence its price was definitely not cheap.

Other than those large Sects and Schools and First-Class powers, probably no other sects could provide the younger ones with these elixirs.

Su Yi felt really uneasy about breaking through from Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade to Yuan Soul Realm Sixth Grade.

Hence, Su Yi decided to consume some Soul Stabilizing Elixirs to solidify his cultivation. It was much safer this way.

Afterward, Su Yi sat down cross-legged and consumed a Soul Stabilizing Elixir.

He had three Soul Stabilizing Elixirs in total, but Su Yi dared not take the risk of consuming all three elixirs at once.

Once the elixir entered his mouth, a sweet taste gushed into Su Yi’s mouth and then flowed smoothly down his throat. It turned into a cool energy within his body and gradually spread towards every part of his body.

Wherever the energy seeped into, it was as like the gentle rays of the sun in a cold winter. It gave Su Yi a feeling of indescribable comfort.

The Forest of Demons covered a vast area of land.

Because of its special location and other beasts, herbs, Yuan Stone mines, etc. It had turned the Forest of Demons into a place of chaos.

Black Fiend School, it was one of the largest powers within the chaotic Forest of Demons.

But recently, it had suffered a huge blow and had been attacked by people several times. Its losses were high, and the news stirred up a storm within the Forest of Demons.

“I heard that the Young Master of Black Fiend School, Yan Shangyang has been killed!”

“What?! Who had the courage to do that? Does he not want to live?!”

The news spread, and the entire Forest of Demons seemed like a wild storm was raging through.

Everyone could feel it in the air. A hurricane of blood was about to wreck havoc within the Forest of Demons.