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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 76

2023-01-29 08:57:58Publish Time: 433 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 76: Time Waits for No One


A leopard around three meters long, with green fur and red spots, was incomparably fast. It was like lightning and its Yuan Xuan Realm aura started exuding from it as its eyes gleamed with a dangerous light. With a pounce, like a predator hunting prey, it lunged towards Yan Shangyang.

Yan Shangyang was not used to this scenario, but he was not completely without any experience. He had talent greater than average and along with Black Fiend's school resources and training, he was no flower in a greenhouse. Though he may be a bit scared and in a slight panic, now that he was encountering danger, he calmed down instantly.


With his already armed and ready bow, he let loose his arrow and like a flash of lightning, the arrow reached the leopard, ready to take its life.

The leopard may have been in attack, but its senses were unimaginably keen and its movements agile. Its lunging figure actually instantly made a somersault in the air. It made a 180 degree turn and swiftly made use of the boulder at the side to push off. In the time needed for a single breath, it was lunging onto Yan Shangyang once again. Its front claws open, reflecting off a cold light.

Yan Shangyang did not think that this beast would be so agile and fast to respond. He was in slight confusion for a split second, but then he quickly pulled his bow and let loose another shot using Yuan Qi.


The arrow flew like lightning towards the beast accompanied by the shrieking of air.

The pupils of the leopard constricted. It sensed the danger of this arrow and did not dare go head to head with it.

It spun around in mid-air and dodged the arrow once again. At the same time, it landed on the floor and walked slowly. Its eyes glued onto Yan Shangyang’s figure ferociously.

It seemed that after failing to catch its prey two times, the leopard was starting to feel a bit depressed.

Yan Shangyang’s two arrows did not hit its target. He drew another arrow from the quiver on his back and quickly aimed his bow. He continued looking at the beast cautiously. His face was as serious and focused as it could be.

The aura of the beast started to exude out again as its body gave off a light. Its sharp claws crumbled the ground beneath it as it seemed to prepare for another attack on Yan Shangyang.

But suddenly, the leopard seemed to have felt something and instantly spun around. Its beastly eyes looked in another direction away from Yan Shangyang.

Following the leopard’s gaze, a clear, thin figure appeared silently from the shadows of the trees.

The figure belonged to a youth around 14-15 years old. Long black hair spread on his shoulders, but it could not hide the handsome face of the young man, especially those bright yet deep eyes. They were like the brightest constellations in the night sky, silently twinkling.

His clothes were tattered like rags, but they could not mask his unique charisma. One with slight pride and evil.

Seeing the leopard’s sudden movement, Yan Shangyang looked in that direction as well.

But when he saw the figure, he could not help but have a face full of shock. He asked with a surprise, “Kid, how did you escape?” The person who had just joined the party was no one else other than Su Yi.

Only after a little pondering, Su Yi had made his decision.

These people from Black Fiend School had definitely encountered some huge trouble. Though strong cultivators from Black Fiend School were present, when one looked at the current situation, you could tell that they were barely able to protect themselves, they had no way of pulling away from their battle to help others.

Right now, at this moment, it was no doubt the best time for revenge.

As favorable as the current situation is, there was still a definite danger. But according to Su Yi, a person who does not take revenge when possible is no gentleman.

Revenge for a gentleman, ten years is too long a wait, time wait for no man!

“What a coincidence, we meet again!” Su Yi stared at Yan Shangyang. Though Shangyang may have a cultivation level of Yuan Xuan Realm, he was not that strong. He was stronger than Ji Chao from Sacred Mountain, but he should not be much stronger.

Back then when Su Yi was Yuan Soul Realm First Grade, he could already go head to head with Ji Chao. Now that he was already Yuan Soul Realm Third Grade, along with the having cultivated the “Hundred Transformations Step”, Su Yi was confident enough to fight Yan Shangyang.

“Kid, you want to deal with me?” Seeing Su Yi’s eyes, Yan Shangyang was not stupid. He could tell Su Yi’s motive which was as clear as day. This kid wanted to finish him here.

“Some debts once owed must be returned. Now there seems to be no one that can protect you!” Su Yi sneered as he analyzed the current situation.

Currently, all the elite disciples from Black Fiend School were surrounded and engaged in a battle with the rest of the beasts. Each of them was in a pathetic state and could barely stay alive. Where would they even find the excess energy and time to protect Yan Shangyang?

The strong cultivators from Black Fiend School were also quite far away and also occupied by the strong beasts.

If it wasn't for the current favorable situation, Su Yi would have never decided to reveal himself.

“Hehe, kid, you want to deal with me with your ability? You are seeking death!” Yan Shangyang laughed coldly. He may have feared the leopard, but against such a kid, he had no worries. The previous time when he had not managed to kill Su Yi, he already felt uncomfortable. He did not expect the kid to actually escape.

“Who will live and who will die, only after trying will we know. But I guess that the one who will die today will definitely be you!” Su Yi smiled. Within his deep eyes filled a cold light gleamed.



As soon as Su Yi finished his words, there was a violent wind which scattered the dust and stones in the air. A large snake, several meters long, appeared beside Su Yi. It opened its gaping red mouth and then closed it. A blood-red tongue flickered in and out of its jaw.

In the sky, there was a beast bird with a wingspan several meters wide. When it flew it severed the branches of several trees and created a violent airflow like one from a tornado. It had claws as sharp as hooks.

The beast bird and giant snake exuded an intimidating presence and the bloodlust in their eyes was obvious as they stared at Su Yi.

To beasts, humans were food.

Especially cultivators whose bodies contained a mass of energy. After beasts consumed them, they could receive quite the amount of benefit.

But now, the giant snake and beast bird that were staring at Su Yi, whose eyes were initially full of bloodlust, now seemed to have felt some kind of aura which made them feel insecure.

"Kid! It looks like I would not even have to make a move, you who do not know your place!"

Yan Shangyang sneered. This kid with his ability wanted to deal with him? Well, now he did not even have to do anything. The two beasts should have almost reached the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivation. He wondered how the kid was going to die.

At the same time when he was sneering, Yan Shangyang knew that the situation had become even more serious.

He had never placed Su Yi in his eyes, but his current situation was becoming worse.

The kid was only a minor event, now that he was in even greater danger, was the biggest trouble.

Su Yi looked at the circling bird and the giant snake beside him. Their auras were not weak but he probably would not be able to fight them back.

“Boom!” In an instant, Su Yi initiated the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”.

Suddenly, the snake and the bird who was staring at Su Yi felt something and their eyes were filled with shock. Fear formed in their eyes and their bodies started trembling. They started backing off slowly and did not dare approach any further.


The leopard who was looking at Yan Shangyang let out a deep growl in its throat. Its eyes filled with fear looked at Su Yi, its face swirled with emotions. It began to back off slightly as if it was afraid of something.

“How could this be?” This scene made Yan Shangyang puzzled, he had no idea what just happened.