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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 74

2023-01-29 08:49:51Publish Time: 414 views
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Chapter 74: I Must Become Strong

Under the gentle moonlight, Su Yi observed the surroundings. His body was like a phantom, quietly and swiftly dashing through the forest.

Though he had temporarily escaped Black Fiend School, Su Yi dared not be careless as he was afraid of any disciples from Black Fiend School chasing after him. He was still too weak.

Deep in the mountains under the cover of the night, Su Yi did not know how far he had run.

He ran until the sun rose above the horizon.


Su Yi was breathing heavily. He could not run any further. After all, he was still seriously injured. After an entire night of furiously running away, he could not take any more.

After a while, Su Yi found a hidden cave and after making some measures to make sure he stayed hidden, he entered the cave.

The cave was not large, but it was big enough for Su Yi to go into it.

Su Yi sat down and immediately called out the mysterious space he had.

A faint light rippled out. It slowly became brighter and brighter and covered him in an instant.

A blinding light illuminated the cave.

With the extent of Su Yi’s exhaustion and injuries, he could only recover faster if he was in the mysterious space.


Once Su Yi entered the mysterious space, he was flabbergasted. His face froze.

The space which was originally around 30 meters in radius was now more than 300 meters in radius. The area which it covered had expanded by more than tenfold.

What was more important was that the energy within this space was so rich and dense that it could horrify people.

The energy was everywhere, making the surroundings a blur and it gave off a pale light. It was like a fog in the woods.

Su Yi was still in shock. When he looked closer, the ground was like soil and there were even bits of stone. It was totally different from the original.

“It’s that mine, it must be!”

Su Yi was sure now that the changes had occurred due to the mine.

The mysterious space had absorbed the energy within the mine, causing the mysterious space to grow bigger once again.

It was exactly like the time when the space absorbed the energy within the Yuan Testing Stone in the City of Man.

“Mine within a mine!”

Su Yi confirmed that the mine was a “Mine within a mine”.


Feeling the energy so abundant in the space until a blurry fog was formed, Su Yi grinned.


Time was short and he was still in the Forest of Demons. Su Yi did not waste time. He needed to be in his peak condition at any point in time.

Performing the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, Su Yi started to heal his injuries.

As Su Yi performed the “Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique”, the energy within the space started to flow.

The energy within the space that was literally to the point of overflowing, rushed towards Su Yi from all directions.

Not much time had passed before Su Yi was already in a cocoon of light. It was like the light from the gods and there was even an air of dominance and authority around him.

But at that moment in time, Su Yi’s mind could not calm down.

From him being thrown down the cliff by Wang Quan De to the disastrous encounter with Black Fiend School, all this happened because he was too weak.

In this world where might made right, he was like a fish on the chopping block and others were the one holding the knife.

Right now, Su Yi wanted to strengthen himself more than ever.

He could not continue like this. The events of him falling off the cliff, when he was within the mine of Black Fiend School, he was lucky enough to escape alive. But what about the next time? Would he still be so lucky?

Above the mine, the forest around it was in a mess. Outbursts of light could still be seen in the air. The fight from before was still going on.


Under the combined attack of the four Yuan Void Realm experts from Black Fiend School, the skinny old man spat out a mouth of blood and was beaten back in the air.

But right now, the other four Black Fiend School Yuan Void Realm cultivators were also in a bad shape.

The two Yuan Void Realm cultivators which had come to the fight at a later time were also injured and looked very pathetic.

“You are trapped and exhausted. I shall see how long more you can resist us!”

Seeing the skinny old man getting injured, the face of High Elder Bai was dark. Bloodlust could be seen from his eyes.

As soon as High Elder Bai finished his words, he shot towards the skinny old man like lightning. His figure turned into an afterimage.

“Blazing Volcanic Palm!”

Seeing High Elder Bai coming for him, a flash of cold light flickered across the skinny old man’s eyes. A hand seal formed in an instant as though he had been prepared for that and suddenly fire attribute Yuan Qi surged from all directions.


The skinny old man quickly shot out his red-hot palm. The High Elder Bai stopped in his tracks and under the surprised gazes of the other three Yuan Void Realm experts, the seal exploded.


The palm seal was like a bomb. In an instant, there were flames formed in the air and poured onto the ground.

The fiery aura was like a hurricane expanding in all directions, devouring and destroying everything in the surroundings.

“What a strong martial art technique!”

The faces of the four High Elders changed and in an instant, they all made their moves to shatter the blazing energy into nothingness.

If they did not do that, the disciples of the Black Fiend School present there wouldn’t even be left with their complete remains.

But at that moment of delay, amidst the blazing flames, the figure of the skinny old man had mysteriously vanished.

“He is already exhausted! This way, hurry!”

High Elder Bai looked around. He seemed to have caught the aura of the escaping skinny old man and immediately chased after him hastily.

“Swoosh. Swoosh.”

The remaining three Black Fiend School Yuan Void Realm cultivators also darted out like lightning, flying through the air after the old man.

The miners and disciples who had witnessed everything could not help but be dumbfounded.

That was a showdown between experts. How powerful and terrifying it was. They could send tremors through the air with a fist and make the mountains and ground tremble. They did not even have the strength to withstand the shockwaves from their fight.

Within the mysterious space, Su Yi was recovering quickly. His pale face started to regain some colour and with his body being full of Yuan Qi, his aura started recovering as well.


After a while, Su Yi deformed his hand seal and the light on him slowly faded away. As he exhaled, his eyes opened and a glaring light shot out of his eyes. Then it died down and became eyes filled resolution.

Su Yi felt that his body had already completely recovered. His eyes squinted slightly.

“I have been reincarnated into this world. Can I not beat this world? From today onwards, I shall give the rest of the people a good fight!”

Su Yi’s gaze was firm. He had thought it through. The strong preyed upon the weak and he was just a fish on the chopping block, but he was a reincarnated character. He had a treasure on him. Would he have to continue being so pathetic? That was definitely not what he wanted.

From this day forth, no matter who it was, the Sacred Mountain or the Black Fiend School, so what if they are strong, he was also a reincarnated character, he had memories of his previous life and a treasure on him How could he still be trampled underneath their feet?!

“I must become strong!”

Su Yi mumbled to himself, his expression one of determination. He must become strong.

(to be continued)