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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 377

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Chapter 377: Five Elders!

Xu Jiahui recognizes the old man before her, whose name is Mei Huaye.

Once at a grand ceremony in the Divine Sword School, Xu Jiahui caught a glimpse of this elder from afar.

This is a venerable elder from the Divine Sword School, a formidable and fearsome warrior who, wherever he goes, is treated with the utmost respect and awe by the great figures of that place.

"Elder Mei, Su Yi is not here."

Xu Jiahui spoke up, not daring to conceal anything from the elder before her. She didn't know how Elder Mei had come to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak. Had Su Yi caused trouble so great that even the elder had been alarmed?

"Where did Su Yi go?"

At these words, Mei Huaye's hazel eyes gleamed and his brow furrowed.

"In the deep of the night, running up to the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, Elder Mei sure has a great enthusiasm."

With the sound of these words falling, a figure appeared silently. His cheeks were rather thin and wrinkled, and his white beard floated gracefully, giving him an air of immortality and a Daoist temperament. It was none other than Elder Yu Changqing.

"Master Mei looks in high spirits!"

Immediately, there was another sound, and in the courtyard, several figures appeared. Among them was an old man with a coiled bun on his head and silver eyebrows that were very striking.

A handsome middle-aged man with black obsidian-like shining and dazzling eyes, flashing a stern and sharp aura, exuding a commanding temperament without anger.

In the end, there was an old woman with a kind but weathered visage, her silver hair draped partly over her face, creating a mysterious yet alluring effect. Her countenance possessed a remarkably healthy and radiant glow.

The group that arrived at this moment consisted of Yu Changqing, Lv Baimai, Shangguan Hu, and Elder Duan Yuerong. "Did you all come for the same reason?"

Upon the arrival of the four elders, Elder Mei Huaye seemed to be unsurprised. He slightly furrowed his brow without leaving any traces, only feeling that the four came unexpectedly quickly.


And when the four elders came again, Xu Jiahui and the others were already dumbfounded, trembling uncontrollably, and dare not even lift their heads.

At this moment, the surrounding emptiness seemed to envelop them completely, as if ten thousand mountains were collapsing upon their hearts, making it difficult to breathe and hindering the flow of their inner energies.

They usually reside on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, where nobody shows any affection to them.

As an outer disciple in the Divine Sword School, one inherently possesses a meager status. When compared to menial disciples, the former decidedly hold little advantage.

It is already remarkable to have the opportunity to meet a steward normally, as even seeing a protector is impossible. However, tonight it is unexpected that five elders have all come and appeared before them.

"If we don't come, will we just watch all the good things go to you?"

Elder Lv Baimai directly cast a dissatisfied glance at Elder Mei Huaye, and then gazed upon the outer disciples, including Xu Jiahui, who were still kneeling on the ground, scanning them with his eyes.

"It seems that all of you have come for the same purpose!" Elder Mei Huaye said calmly but with a hint of hidden anger in his gaze.

"I don't know why you all have come, whether it is to see Elder Su or to find a few named disciples..."

Lv Baimai's eyes darkened as he spoke sternly, "I came because of an outer disciple named Su Yi. It is said that this outer disciple is audacious and reckless. Yesterday, he seriously injured an inner disciple of my Sword Peak at the Sword Hall. I must discipline this disciple properly!"

"Hehe, it is quite an honor for an inner disciple to be able to have Elder Lv come forward personally. This is quite a significant matter of face."

Shangguan Hu gave a faint smile and it was clear that Elder Lv Baimai was simply spouting nonsense.

"Stop hiding and concealing things. I suppose we all have the same purpose for coming here. However, let us not forget that this is indeed the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak!" Duan Yuerong spoke up.

At these words, the gazes of several elders fluctuated in a subtle manner, their expressions varied.

"Take it easy. It's just an outer disciple. You know Elder Su never takes any disciple!" Lv Baimai whispered.

"If the rumors are true and let him stay at the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, it would also be a loss to the Divine Sword School," said Yu Changqing.

"Whether it is true as rumored, one will naturally know after verifying it," said Shangguan Hu.


Listening to Elder Duan Yurong's words, Elder Mei Huaye's eyes flashed disdainfully.

Elder Duan Yuerong ignored Elder Mei Huaye's presence and looked towards Elder Yu Changqing with a smile on her kind face, saying, "It seems like we all have the same goal after all."

As soon as the words died down, Elder Duan Yuerong spoke to the trembling disciples, including Xu Jiahui and others below, "You all may rise and respond, there is no need for excessive politeness."

"Thank you, Elder!"

Xu Jiahui trembled as she rose to her feet. At this moment, in the courtyard, she felt as if she were being crushed by a hundred thousand mountains, making it difficult to stand upright. When she finally managed to stand, she bent over and lowered her gaze, unable to look straight ahead.

"Is Su Yi here?" Elder Duan Yuerong asked.

"Elder, Su Yi has already gone into seclusion at Divine Sword Cliff, just recently!"

Xu Jiahui dared not conceal it, but her heart was constantly uneasy and apprehensive for Su Yi.

She wondered what kind of trouble Su Yi got into to have five elders summoned. This could be a huge problem.

"Divine Sword Cliff!"

Upon hearing this, the five elders present all showed a brief moment of surprise in their gaze.

"Ah, Elder Su is not here. I think I will come back to visit Elder Su another time."

Thus spoke Elder Yu Changqing, his gaze darkening. With a flick of his sleeve and a hand on his back, he left instantly.

"This Su Yi is not here, he went to Divine Sword Cliff. I'll come back next time to punish him." Elder Lv Baimai said and then quickly left, afraid of being slower than Elder Yu Changqing.

Elder Mei Huaye and Elder Shangguan Hu silently departed without uttering a single word.

Only Elder Duan Yuerong, with a dark expression on her face and not following behind, asked Xu Jiahui, "What is your name?"

"Elder, my name is Xu Jiahui," replied the nervous Xu Jiahui, too afraid to meet the elder's gaze.

"Xu Jiahui."

Elder Duan Yuerong looked at her with bright and discerning eyes. As she gazed at Xu Jiahui, she felt a faint stir in her heart and inquired, "How old are you, and how long have you been at the Divine Sword School?"

"I'm almost sixteen years old, and I have been studying at the Divine Sword School for over four years," replied Xu Jiahui.

"There are not many disciples in Divine Sword School who have come to study here at such a young age."

Elder Duan Yuerong spoke up, still sizing up Xu Jiahui. She had been at Divine Sword School for over four years, but considering she was only sixteen, that meant she must have arrived there before the age of twelve.

The Divine Sword School is enrolling disciples who are usually around the age of 14 or 15. It is uncommon for those who are only 11 or 12 to enter here unless they have some special connections.

Xu Jiahui replied truthfully, "I was able to enter Divine Sword School because my family elders were previously outer disciples."


As Xu Jiahui finished speaking, suddenly a burst of light filled the area and a hand appeared directly on her forehead, exuding an unstoppable force.

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