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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 367

2023-10-19 00:00:00Publish Time: 182 views
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Chapter 367: Help You Keep Your Space Bag!

Looking at Huo Dongqiu struggling difficulty, covered in blood and with red corners of his mouth, while also looking at his almost exploding fist that was frightening with its bare bones, the surrounding spectators couldn't help but feel a chill spread from their hearts.

At that moment, the group of inner disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak was the ones who were most affected.

This group of inner disciples was full of confidence.

At that moment, the faces of the inner disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak, who originally had cold sneers on their faces, had already been completely replaced by shock, and their hair was standing on end with sweat!

They had originally planned to take action, but at that moment, they could not bear the fear in their hearts.

Especially the bulky inner disciple youth, whose cultivation was in the First Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, felt his blood run cold as he watched how Huo Dongqiu ended up.

The powerful Huo Dongqiu ended up in such a state after just one move. If he himself had recklessly attacked earlier, he might not have known what the result would be and might have had an even worse fate than Huo Dongqiu.

One move severely injured Huo Dongqiu, such strength didn't need any more proving.

This was definitely not a arrogant outer disciple, he had enough capital to be arrogant.

Zhang Qing's mouth had also opened into a circular shape, with his chin almost dropping down.

Observing the scene in front of him, Zhang Qing couldn't help but rub his eyes hard, thinking he was having an illusion.

The dust that was flying around slowly settled down, and Su Yi's figure appeared. He was wearing an outer disciple robe, which could not conceal his special temperament.

The extraordinary sword in Huo Dongqiu's hand had appeared in Su Yi's hand at some point.

Su Yi didn't want to let go of such a valuable sword that was probably worth a fortune.

All eyes were fixed on the thin man with a broken sword, as well as Huo Dongqiu who looked miserable and disheveled, forming a sharp contrast.

There were no fools present, and everyone understood that the ability to defeat Direct Disciple Huo Dongqiu with a single move was far superior to Huo Dongqiu's strength.

Huo Dongqiu had already reached the level of the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, but he was dealt a heavy blow by Su Yi and looked so miserable.

Since Su Yi was able to surpass Huo Dongqiu, then Su Yi's cultivation must have naturally surpassed the Yuan Spirit Realm.

Even if it was a conservative estimate, Su Yi's cultivation must have been at the level of the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, or else he wouldn't have had the ability to heavily wound Huo Dongqiu with just one move!

As soon as they thought about it, many people present suddenly gasped cold air, their hearts trembled violently, and when they looked at Su Yi again, their eyes were filled with even more shock.

Huo Dongqiu was already over twenty years old and only in the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm. He was an outstanding presence in the entire Divine Sword School and it was self-evident that he had the identity of a direct disciple.

Looking at Su Yi's age, he seemed to be only about fifteen or sixteen years old, yet he had already reached the cultivation level of the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm.

At such a comparison, many people were horrified and shuddered for no reason.

With such cultivation and talent, he could be considered a monstrous existence throughout the Divine Sword School!

"How strong!"

In the far distance at low altitude, a flying demon beast flew by. Several dignified youths on its back were equally astonished, their jaws dropping in disbelief and shock written all over their faces.

"How handsome!"

On the square, there were many female disciples, who at that moment were gazing at the resolute and slender young man. The mesmerized look on their faces revealed the ripples of their emotions.

On the square, the inner disciples and outer disciples who had just been taught a lesson by Su Yi in the Sword Hall were still full of resentment.

However, now they saw with their own eyes that the direct disciple Huo Dongqiu, with the cultivation base of the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm, was also defeated by Su Yi's devastating attack, and was seriously injured. The resentment in their hearts turned into complete fear.

At this moment, Su Yi's gaze flickered and trembled for a moment.

In the just-now strike, Su Yi didn't use his trump card, nor did he use all his strength in the Third Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm. He just estimated and used the full power of the Second Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm.

Su Yi wanted to see how he would compare to the top disciples of the Divine Sword School, in terms of his current level of cultivation. What would the results be?

And at this moment, Su Yi was very satisfied.

Su Yi knew that all of this stemmed from the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, from within himself, and from the trials he had faced along the way.


There wasn't much joy, so Su Yi took a deep breath.

Defeating Huo Dongqiu was not something to be overly excited about. Although Huo Dongqiu was outstanding among his peers at the Divine Sword School, he was not one of the top disciples.

Moreover, Sacred Mountain was far stronger than Divine Sword School.

Su Yi had to set foot on Sacred Mountain, not only to defeat his peers, but also to have absolute strength, rather than simply winning or losing against them.

Afterwards, in the midst of the trembling crowd, Su Yi's gaze fell upon the inner disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak who were accompanying Huo Dongqiu. His eyes swept over them slowly with a cold voice, saying, "Take out all the space bags on your body, and I will keep them for you!"


Listening to Su Yi's words, the whole audience was stunned.

That group of young people from the Fifteenth Sword Peak remained motionless for a while. Then they looked at each other and their faces turned pale with anger.

"You were being too much!"

Finally, these inner disciples understood that Su Yi was trying to snatch their space bags and wanted them to surrender them themselves.

You should know that Ba Yi and others were also swept clean.

If it were an ordinary day and an outer disciple asked them for their space bags, they probably would have laughed it off and taught him a lesson.

At that moment, none of the inner disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak were laughing. Instead, their faces became extremely serious one by one.

"Since it's like that, I have to come and take it myself!"

Without delay, Su Yi's feet surged with vitality as soon as the words fell, and his figure seemed like a ghost as he immediately pounced toward the nearest person.

"Be careful..."

The faces of the three young men in the First Grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm changed greatly, and they immediately shouted urgently.


But it was too late. Su Yi's fist had already landed on the chest of the nearest inner disciple, and with a loud bang, the latter spat out blood and fell backwards while screaming in agony.

"That was too much, let's all go together!"

"A cultivator can be killed but not humiliated!"

"Come together!"

In a short moment, the inner disciple of the Fifteenth Sword Peak also reacted and became angry.

Those disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak were also at their prime age and couldn't bear such humiliation.


Suddenly, sword lights intertwined and breaths merged into the sky, shaking the square with their momentum!

All disciples from the Fifteenth Sword Peak joined hands and unleashed sword energy that sliced through the air.

Energy condensed around them, and some people condensed energy to form a protective aura.

Su Yi's energy surged beneath his feet as he took a step with his Hundred Transformations Step technique.