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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 363

2023-10-15 00:00:00Publish Time: 201 views
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Chapter 363: Huo Dongqiu!

"Let's go and take a look!"

Su Yi turned around and said to Zhang Qing, whose face had gone pale.

"Hope it's not someone from the Court of Justice."

Zhang Qing was very helpless and could only hope that it was not someone from the Court of Justice.

You should know that even if you are an inner disciple, daring to act in the Sword Hall will not guarantee that you can easily escape once you fall into the hands of the Court of Justice.

Moreover, Zhang Qing is very clear that the young man in front of him is not a disciple of the Divine Sword School, so how can he not be worried?


Su Yi, on the other hand, didn't take it seriously, waving his long sleeves and walking out of the Sword Hall with big strides.

Zhang Qing followed, and other disciples in the Sword Hall immediately followed closely behind and caught up in quick steps.

They won't miss this chance to watch the excitement.

At this moment, there were many people in the small square outside Sword Hall.

There were many figures, and they were rushing from all directions.

Many ferocious flying demon beasts perched in mid-air, fierce and savage, flapping their wings and hovering, causing dust to rise around them.

A vigorous and powerful energy emanated from within the bodies of many people, rippling across this small square.

At the center of the square at this moment, there were around 20 young people with different clothes.

But everyone had the exact same emblem pattern on their bodies. That was the symbol of the Divine Sword School disciples, and differed in color from the emblem pattern of the outer disciples, representing the identity of an inner disciple.

At this moment, the grand atmosphere in the square was also emanating from these twenty-something young people, interweaving and enveloping the entire square.

Under such a strong momentum, other inner and outer disciples were all afraid to get too close.

These twenty-some youth standing in the center of the square were the most eye-catching.

Their facial expressions were all the same - indifferent, with no emotions, as if they were waiting for something.

"Has Su Yi come to the Sword Hall?"

"Now Su Yi is in big trouble, he is going to suffer!"

"Humph. Stripping Ba Yi and his group and throwing them there might anger everyone on the Fifteenth Sword Peak. Su Yi is too presumptuous!"

"That's Senior Brother Huo Dongqiu, he came in person!"


Outside the small square, there were some low whispers constantly being said, with people talking in hushed tones.

But no one dared to speak loudly.

Obviously, these spectators have a great interest in what is going to happen next, otherwise they wouldn't have hurriedly followed and arrived here.

When Su Yi walked out of the Sword Hall, his gaze swept across the entire square without leaving a trace, then fell on the exceptionally conspicuous twenty-something young people in the center of the square.

The twenty young people were all in their early twenties, and they all exuded a powerful aura.

Su Yi's gaze flickered with subtle emotion. There were three cultivators of the First Grade of Yuan Spirit Realm among them.

At the age of around twenty years old, they had already reached the first grade of cultivation in the Yuan Spirit Realm.

This level of cultivation can definitely be considered an exceptional talent.

Su Yi estimates that they all have talents above what is called King Grade.

Finally, Su Yi's gaze fell on a young man at the forefront dressed in a long robe, with a slender figure and a cold demeanor.

The badge on this young man's body was different from these twenty-something inner disciples', and there was no breath emanating from his body, but inexplicably, it made Su Yi look at him a few more times.

"Here he comes!"

"Who is that Su Yi?"

As Su Yi walked out, followed by other disciples from the Sword Hall, it immediately caused a lot of commotion.

Zhang Qing followed behind Su Yi and immediately looked towards the square. Seeing that it didn't seem like anyone from the Court of Justice, his expression immediately relaxed a bit.

But it was only a moment, Zhang Qing's relaxed expression suddenly froze, and his face changed drastically, his body trembled inexplicably. He lowered his voice next to Su Yi and said, "Not good, it's Huo Dongqiu!"

"Who is Huo Dongqiu?"

Su Yi looked down and asked Zhang Qing.

"The Fifteenth Sword Peak's direct disciple!" Zhang Qing's body couldn't help but shiver in fear.

The direct disciple not only represents a certain status but is also a synonym for strength and talent.

Those who can be accepted as disciples by elders and other strong individuals are referred to as inner disciples.

And to be formally accepted by elders and other strong individuals as a disciple, with a master-apprentice relationship, is what constitutes a direct disciple.

"Direct disciple" also represents the ability to obtain more training resources from the Divine Sword School and to receive personal teachings from the elders.

In the Divine Sword School, any disciple who receives personal instruction from elders represents absolute strength!

"The Fifteenth Sword Peak, direct disciple."

Su Yi frowned and looked again at Huo Dongqiu.

Su Yi looked at Huo Dongqiu and thought that he was truly the representative figure among the peers of the Divine Sword School, being a direct disciple and extremely talented.

Even though this person seemed to be slightly older than Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and others, his cultivation had reached the Yuan Spirit Realm level. It was estimated that he had at least the second grade of Yuan Spirit Realm or higher cultivation, and he would not be inferior to Xiong Zhan and Hu Chi.

But Su Yi understands that the Huo Dongqiu before him can only be said to be no worse than the previous Xiong Zhan and Hu Chi.

At that time, Xiong Zhan and Hu Chi had not yet completed their training in the "Mighty Desolate Verse" and "Heavenly Tiger Art".

As for the purpose of these people coming, Su Yi made it clear without saying anything. The people who came to the Fifteenth Sword Peak have no other business here.

As Su Yi walked out into the center of the square, Huo Dongqiu's stern gaze swept over him, and immediately fell coldly upon his face. His eyes were sharp, making it difficult for anyone to look directly at him.

"Who is Su Yi? Step forward!"

Behind Huo Dongqiu, there is a young man of similar age and solid build, just like Zhang Qing's sturdy figure, who speaks with a lively voice, echoing through the square like thunder.

"What's the matter?"

A faint voice came out and Su Yi spoke unfriendly to the young man at that moment.

"It's him, he's Su Yi!"

As Su Yi replied, the surrounding area immediately stirred with discussion, and curious gazes fell on Su Yi one after another, sizing him up.

There is no doubt that from yesterday to today, although it was only a short time, Su Yi's reputation has already spread within the Divine Sword School.

Especially among inner and outer disciples, the name Su Yi has a considerable degree of popularity.

Early this morning, the fate of Ba Yi and his companions caused a stir in the inner and outer circles of Divine Sword School, rising Su Yi's reputation. The news was spreading in all directions throughout the school.

"Is this man Su Yi who defeated Ba Yi and stripped the inner disciples of the Fifteenth Sword Peak for public display?"

There were many other inner disciples present, gathered together to watch the upcoming excitement on the square.