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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 360

2023-10-12 00:00:00Publish Time: 247 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 360: Elder Ying Dang

At this moment, when Zhang Qin heard that Su Yi was not only unaware of his actions, but also asked the elder for "Foundations of Swordsmanship", he was suddenly terrified, and his face turned pale.

The elder was also taken aback. In his mind, he could not imagine an outer disciple asking him for the "Foundations of Swordsmanship" and saying that he had no points.

If he doesn't give him the book, it will also seem a bit inappropriate. As a respected elder, it may be criticized as stingy by others.

"Who has the 'Foundations of Swordsmanship'? Please give it to this disciple. He is eager to learn and deserves encouragement."

The elder spoke to several older disciples behind him, and it turned out that he really didn't have the basic Foundations of Swordsmanship.

Among several older disciples, a young man in his thirties looked at Su Yi with a gleam in his eye, and then a light appeared in his hand and he threw it directly at Su Yi.

The light flickered and flew straight to Su Yi, as if someone was holding it, without any deviation.

"Thank you, Elder."

Su Yi reached out and caught the thrown object in one hand.

Accompanied by a surge of momentum rushing into his palm, Su Yi's eyes flickered, but his expression remained unchanged. His inner energy surged in his palm, quietly resolving the surge of momentum without showing any signs.


Now it was the young man's turn to be surprised. This outer disciple was quite bold. He intended to embarrass this outer disciple a little and make him respect the elders, so as not to speak recklessly.

Therefore, the youth put some hidden energy into the "Foundations of Swordsmanship", thinking that it would be enough to embarrass an outer disciple.

But the result was that the outer disciple seemed calm and composed, which surprised the young man.

How can the hidden strength of the youth escape the eyes of the elder sitting cross-legged, appearing with an otherworldly charm? At this moment, the elder's eyes were fixed on Su Yi, who was calm and composed.

And all of this, the rest of the disciples remain completely unaware.

Su Yi gave a careful look at the object in his hand, which was a scroll made of a special material that seemed to be crafted from the skin of a certain type of demon beast. The writing on it should be the "Foundations of Swordsmanship".

Holding it in his arms, Su Yi clasped his fists and looked at the white-bearded elder, and continued to ask, "Elder, may I ask some more questions?"

"He still wants to ask questions..."

So everyone looked at each other in surprise. This outer disciple really has a lot of courage.


However, this elder's expression remained unchanged as always and his eyes regained their calmness.

"Sword, lance, spare, axe, stick, fork... there are many weapons. I don't know what kind of weapon the elder thinks is stronger?!" Su Yi asked.

"What does this guy want to do in the end?"

However, when this question was asked, the entire audience couldn't help but become restless.

This is the Divine Sword School, where the sword is held in high esteem. It's surprising that an outer disciple would ask such a question in front of this elder.

The elder was also surprised, but his face didn't show any trace. He just looked at Su Yi more brightly and replied, "The strength of a weapon depends on the person wielding it, not the weapon itself. However, the sword should be the best. It is revered as supreme and exquisite, and has been passed down through the ages as a legendary art!"

"What is advanced swordsmanship?" Su Yi continued to ask.

"The rumor is that body and sword unite, and the sword becomes divine!" the elder responded.

"May I ask, elder, what is more important - sword technique or martial arts?" Su Yi asked.

"If one only cultivates swordsmanship without improving one's martial arts, then it will be all in vain. But there are exceptions to rumors. Some people have achieved enlightenment through physical cultivation, and others have achieved it through swordsmanship," the elder continued to explain.

"If there is no renowned teacher, can one still become a hero?" asked Su Yi.

"Ten years of hard cultivating is not as good as a little guidance from a good teacher!"

The elder spoke, paused briefly, and continued, "It is also said that when a master takes in a disciple, teaching them the ways of cultivation is like teaching swordsmanship. The techniques are easy to pass on, but the spirit and essence behind them are much harder to teach."

Originally, the Sword Hall was filled with confusion and unrest, but now with Su Yi's question and the elder's response, the atmosphere gradually became quiet.

Even the senior disciples were listening attentively at this moment.

They never thought of such questions, or perhaps they have thought of them but never dared to ask.

And now, this outer disciple has spoken up and they also want to know the answer.

Su Yi's eyes moved, looking at the elder, and he continued to ask, "Is natural talent important, or is self-improvement important?"

Su Yi takes this issue very seriously. Within Man City, according to Scared Mountain's Wang Quande, his talent is only that of a laborer, and becoming strong can only be a pipe dream for him.

Although Su Yi has never believed in this, he wants to know the thoughts of other strong people at this moment.

"Talent, nature is the most important."

The elder spoke out with a loud and resounding voice that echoed throughout the entire venue.

All the disciples nod their heads. Talent can predetermine everything.

Those with exceptional talents inside the school had already far surpassed them.

"Could it be that everyone thinks this way?"

Su Yi's eyes were a bit dim, but not because he was disappointed that everyone thought this way.

"However, everything has its own uniqueness, just as I mentioned earlier, some people have attained enlightenment through physical cultivation, while others have attained it through the cultivation of the sword."

At that moment, the elder brushed his white beard and kept his gaze on Su Yi as he continued, "As long as you go through enough trials, your endless potential will be forced out. The mortal world has various forms, and there are thousands of ways to succeed. However, those who actually succeed are as rare as carp jumping over the Dragon Gate!"

Su Yi was lost in thought, as if he had gained some insight, and his eyes were shining with a gleam.

"Alright, that's it for today, everyone can go home now!"

Su Yi was still thinking of what else to ask, but the elder spoke first, looking directly at Su Yi and asked, "What is your name?"

"To the elder, my name is Su Yi." Su Yi nodded and saluted with clasped fists.

"Su Yi..."

The elder mumbled under his breath, smiled slightly, and then his gaze finally left Su Yi. He stood up and left with several disciples.

"Thank you, elder!"

The disciples bowed and respectfully sent off with awe in their eyes.

At this moment, Zhang Qing was sweating profusely with sweat drops as large as beans dripping down from his forehead. He was so scared that his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

Looking at the old man leaving, Zhang Qing finally breathed a sigh of relief, as if a prisoner had just been granted amnesty.

"Who is this elder?"

Su Yi asked Zhang Qing and was impressed by the elder's immortal and spiritual demeanor.

"This is Elder Ying Dang on the thirty-fifth sword peak!"

Zhang Qing's eyes were full of awe as he said to Su Yi, "Elder Ying Dang is not simple. He is a disciple who has left his name on the Sword Tower. There are several disciples from the thirty-fifth sword peak, and there are also those who rank in the top ten."

"Elder Ying Dang..."

At this moment, Su Yi couldn't help but stare blankly. The elder with an otherworldly appearance, resembling a high-ranking individual, is called Elder Ying Dang...

"Su Yi, I feel like I have heard this name before!"

"I also seem to have heard about it."

As Elder Ying Dang left, many eyes fell upon Su Yi within the Sword Hall.

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