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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 348

2023-09-22 17:00:00Publish Time: 354 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 348: The Mysterious Beautiful Woman

The girl's eyes shifted to Su Yi, as if reluctant to accept the results and wanting to continue the fight.

Finally, the girl stared at Su Yi and asked, "What is your name?"

"Su Yi."

Su Yi was taken aback, that girl was really tough.

At this moment, Su Yi's gaze was fixed on the sword in the hands of the young girl, his tongue slightly licking his dry lips, his eyes showing a hint of strange colors, moved by it. This sword was definitely extraordinary, much stronger than a Spirit Weapon; he estimated that it would sell for a lot of money.


Listening to Su Yi's words, the young girl's face was almost unable to help but laugh. Out of nowhere, she felt like the boy in front of her wasn't as annoying anymore.

"Remember, my name is Mu Yao. Next time we will fight again and I won't let you go then! Little Ink, let's go."

Finally, the girl's voice ended and she stamped her feet. Yuan Qi burst forth as her figure rose and fell several times and then landed on Ninth Nether Demon Sneak's back.

Ninth Nether Demon Sneak looked fearfully at Su Yi, then spread its wings and flew away.

"Mu Yao!"

Ninth Nether Demon Sneak vanished from sight as Su Yi watched the back of the young girl.

Although Su Yi has never used his true strength and he has never used his trump card.

But this young girl, made Su Yi feel like she had not yet used her true strength, giving him an unfathomable feeling.

That girl's cultivation method seems to be very special, suppressing her cultivation base and making it difficult for people to detect.

With Mu Yao's moves and gestures, there was a strange atmosphere, seamlessly combining many intricacies that he himself didn't possess.

Su Yi thought that perhaps this was the benefit of cultivating at a big school, having strong pointers from the masters and not needing to explore or deduce things on their own.

"If it was a real fight, I could win!"

But Su Yi was confident that if he really let go and gave it his all, even though his opponent was unpredictable, he would definitely be able to win.

This confidence comes from the belief in his own strength.

Raising his eyes to the sky, the sun was about to set in the west.

Once Su Yi tidied himself, he returned the way he came and didn't dare to wander around anymore, in order to avoid getting into any kind of trouble.

The mountain peaks towered high, the clouds and mist lingered, and the setting sun fell down to the earth, spitting out the vivid red tide and dyeing the clouds red…


Ninth Nether Demon Snake emerged from the quiet courtyard and faced a beautiful woman in plain clothes. Filled with reverence, its large body quickly shrank to half a foot and hid aside.

"Master, I am about to win, why should I not fight anymore?!"

Mu Yao strode forward. Her small mouth puckered.

The modestly dressed beautiful woman seemed to be fifty years old, but her body was petite and graceful. She wore a plain-colored long dress that extended from the skirt hem to her waist. A faint-colored belt accentuated her slender waist and showed off her sleek figure. Her elegance and nobility were quite evident. Her jet black hair hung in a flowing waterfall bun, with a jade hairpin inserted into it.

The beautiful woman's face was like a hibiscus flower, lightly applying powder and rouge. Her eyebrows are as curved as willows, her demeanor as serene as the dark blue sky. Particularly those two bright eyes, deep and dark, as if they could make someone get lost in them.

Such a beautiful woman, in her youth, must have been a breathtakingly gorgeous lady that could make all creatures fall in love.

Gazing at Mu Yao, the beautiful woman gave a slight smile and said, "Do you really think that you will definitely win if you fight any longer? That young man with just a branch as his sword, yet you didn't gain much of an advantage."


Mu Yao glared, seemingly wanting to rebut, but she herself was also very clear that the young man was indeed terrifying. She pouted and said, "But I haven't even used my full strength yet, if we fight again, he will definitely lose!"

"Do you think the boy used real strength?", the beautiful woman said, looking at Mu Yao.

Mu Yao wanted to say something but stopped herself.

"I told you there are people who are far stronger than you outside, and today you have seen it, which is a good thing for you." The beautiful woman smiled.

Mu Yao clenched her small mouth and her eyes filled with determination as she said, "I will definitely beat that annoying guy!"

"Maybe there will be a chance. Next, take this time to cultivate, and soon, Divine Sword School's future and glory will depend on you. This time, your competitors are very strong!" The beautiful woman's face gradually shifted back to normal with a smile.

"Rest assured, Master. I fear no one and whoever stands in my way shall be defeated!"

Mu Yao opened her mouth, with a firm and stubborn look on her face, and confidence in her eyes.

"Go, have a good retreat, and don't cause any more trouble in the days ahead."

The beautiful woman looked at Mu Yao, gently stroking her black hair behind her ears. There was a hint of loving kindness in her eyes.

Mu You pouted, leaning affectionately against the master and raising her lips, looking cute and tempting. "Master, I'm not being naughty, I can be good."

Mu Yao pouted for a moment before taking Ninth Nether Demon Snake away. That beautiful figure hopped and skipped away into the evening glow.

Watching Mu Yao leave, the beautiful woman's eyes showed a faint smile, then she gazed far away, towards the direction of the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, whispering softly as if to herself, "Su Yi…

Dusk, the setting sun as red as blood.

Su Yi used all his energy and force, and silently deployed the Hundred Transformations Step. He soon returned to the foot of the Thirty-sixth Peak.

The dusk sky was occluded by the afterglow, and far away there were birds spreading their wings and crying pleasingly, bathed in the rosy light.

The scenery like this was even more pleasing to the eye, it refreshed people's minds.

"Brother Su Yi, no good, no good, Brother Su Yi…"

Suddenly, from not far away, a hurried voice came and a figure quickly ran up.

It seemed to be Zhang Qing by the sound.

In no time, the figure reached Su Yi and it was indeed Zhang Qing.

Zhang Qing gasped, looking at Su Yi, his pale and hasty face showing a trace of joy, but immediately grew solemn to the utmost, gasping, "Brother Su Yi, it's not good."

"Zhang Qing, what happened? Take your time and tell me."

Su Yi faintly felt something.

"They are here again with a lot of strong ones. Martial Sister Jiahui was heavily injured by them and everyone was hurt. They said that… Brother Su Yi, if you don't go to see them, they will have directly abolished Martial Sister Jiahui's cultivation base. They are inner disciples and don't pay attention to us at all. If Martial Sister Jiahui's cultivation base was really abolished, the sect wouldn't do anything to them, at most just punishing them lightly…"

Zhang Qing was solemn and serious, those inner disciples simply didn't put the outer disciples in their eyes.