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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 337

2023-08-31 23:00:00Publish Time: 317 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 337: The Short Old Man!


Suddenly, at this moment, the void quivered inexplicably.

In that instant, Emperor Blazing Dragon's face changed drastically, as if sensing something. Suddenly, he glanced behind him where a terrifying aura was rising.

As Emperor Blazing Dragon looked out, his line of sight was filled with the form of Nine Lives Cat Demon, perched in the void and radiating a blinding light. An alarming aura spread out.

At this moment, only the huge body of Nine Lives Cat Demon was seen to swell up, getting bigger and bigger, and the light was getting brighter and brighter, and the breath was getting more and more turbulent.

"She is trying to detonate her demonic core! Not good… hurry and go…"

A startled sound emitted from the mouth of Emperor Blazing Dragon, and its body immediately fled towards the sky in the first moments.

At the same time as Emperor Blazing Dragon emerged, it immediately changed into its huge body, flapping its fleshy wings, quickly fleeing, as if it had seen the most terrifying thing and dared not stay for even a moment!


The surrounding Demon Beasts shrank back in fear. The Ice Savage Wolves and other Demonic Void Realm Demon Beasts quickly fled while the Beast Tide scattered around and ran away.


Nine Lives Cat Demon's body exploded in the void, like an endless thunder, vast and boundless, illuminating dawn.

An astonishing energy swept through, as if countless bombs had exploded simultaneously, radiating brilliant light and shaking the heavens!

"Boom boom boom boom…."

Below, the mountainous land ruptured and cracked open, with huge and deep gullies spreading out from the cracks, stones blasted open and the heavens falling apart.


An astonishing gust of wind swept through, like a hurricane scattering everywhere, Su Yi was swept up in it and suddenly blown away.

"I never thought I would be connected to a human being, but I hope you can live."

The faint sound entered Su Yi's ears and, at the same time, as if an invisible force enveloped Su Yi's entire body.

Under the tremendous impact, Su Yi's already-about-to-crack body seemed as if it was going to explode, blood spurted, and a terrible force swept through his body until he gradually lost consciousness.

"Boom boom boom…"

The sky cracked, light flashed across the sky, the entire Forest of Demons seemed to be trembling, the mountains were destroyed, and the land was in chaos, transforming into ruins.

A vast number of Demon Beasts were swept up and transformed into a blood mist.

But everything soon calmed down.

The sky was beginning to lighten, and it was now early morning.

Deep in the forest, at dawn, with the rising sun, the mountain peaks were engulfed by a blanket of mist.

The mist was pervasive, atop the mountain peak, a figure was sitting cross-legged, with a faint glow emanating from its body.

This figure looks no more than eleven or twelve years old.


When the first ray of sunshine emerged from the east, illuminating this figure, its faint halo condensed. A gust of turbid breath was exhaled, and its eyes opened with a halo in them, like divine light, and then it was restrained.

This figure was short, but the face was slightly elderly. It seemed to be in his late sixties or seventies, with faint wrinkles on his face, which were the marks left by time. The outline of the face was three-dimensional, and one could faintly see that he must have been quite handsome when he was young.

The figure stood up, and in the black hair strands, three-eighths of white hair was interspersed, giving it a slightly vicissitude. The entire figure was thin and small, as if an eight or nine year old child, but dressed in a long robe that fit perfectly.

This short figure, standing on the peak of the mountain, looking at the rising sun in the east, stretching, and then the figure strangely disappeared in place.

The mountain walls, crags, and the distant sound of beasts roaring all around.

The tiny figure suddenly appeared on a huge boulder, its eyes filled with puzzlement. It murmured, "Such a strange aura."

The words fell, the small figure's eyes were slightly closed, and a faint light wave rippled around the body.


When the little old man opened his eyes again, a light flashed out and he disappeared in place.

When the short old man re-appeared again, he appeared behind a huge rock.

After the huge rock, a figure slumped unconscious, not knowing if he was dead or alive; his hair scattered and blood flowed everywhere.

Gazing at the figure, the short old man glanced faintly, with a hint of perplexed expression on his face. He stepped closer and kicked the figure over, revealing a bloody face.

The face was blurred by fresh blood, but it was faintly visible that it was about fifteen or sixteen years old. Everywhere on the body were scars, and he was still firmly grasping a broken sword in his hand.

The little old man gave a faint glance and left immediately.

The unconscious young boy was lying quietly, with deep wounds seemingly to the bone. There was no sign of any breath, as if he had already died.

No one saw it, the broken sword in the hands of the young man was absorbing strands of fresh blood from his body.

The boy was bleeding profusely, and the blood seemed to be drawn by an unseen force, gathering and flowing towards a broken sword until it was completely absorbed.

Absorbing fresh blood and the broken sword still has no reaction, covered with rust, with no change in the luster.


In the distance, there was a continuous roar of beasts echoing through the void.

Half an hour later, several ferocious demon beasts appeared, their fangs glistening and their fierce eyes fixedly gazing at the young man who was not sure if he was alive or dead, gradually approaching him.


Several demon beasts roared as they were about ten feet away from the figure of the young man, as if sensing something, warily moving around him without daring to come too close.

Finally, the leading demon beast roared menacingly. With a low roar, it seemed to have been unable to hold back any longer. Opening its huge mouth, it lunged towards the teenager, wanting to swallow him up in one gulp.


Suddenly, without warning, the figure of the demon beast was blasted and blood mist spewed forth, turning into a bloody mud.


Other dozen demon beasts glared menacingly and roared, their fierce gazes searching for something.

A small figure appeared silently and grimly, gazing coldly at the several demon beasts.


Suddenly, these demon beasts shuddered, wailed, trembled and then fled in panic.

The short figure was the old man who had just left not long ago. His gaze looked at the young boy lying on the ground with fresh blood all over him. He squatted down to check and his brows slightly furrowed.

In the hands of the short old man, there appeared a pill, he opened the boy's tightly clenched jaws and put the pill in, murmuring softly, "If you don't die, it means that your life should not end."

A river winding its way, passing through the vast mountains.

Majestic mountains standing tall between heaven and earth.

Simple room, extremely plain, but clean and tidy, the sunshine outside the window was bright and beautiful.

On the bedside, a young boy lay unconscious, his eyes tightly closed.

"This guy was badly injured, yet he's still alive - it's a miracle!"