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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 335

2023-08-27 23:00:00Publish Time: 391 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 335: The End!

"Since you insist on getting involved, don't blame me for not being polite!"

Looking at Nine Lives Cat Demon, Emperor Blazing Dragon's gaze was dark and a strong burning breath accompanied by an aura of terror suddenly surged out; his figure was like a crimson light, directly shooting toward Nine Lives Cat Demon. In Su Yi and Su Tian Que's serious gaze, his voice roared and shook the night sky.

Nine Lives Cat Demon's eyes sunk. Normally, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon who had just stepped into the Demonic Emperor Realm wouldn't dare to attack her. In her amber-colored eyes, she watched as the red figure grew larger and its aura filled the air, its claws reaching out quickly.

"I feel like you have reached the end, no one can stop me today!"

Emperor Blazing Dragon roared, facing the claw, and didn't retreat. His body moved, and red and crimson light spread like raging flames, accompanied by a bloodthirsty breath that enveloped half of the void. Some demon beasts with weaker strength were directly affected, trembling all over.


With a single punch, Emperor Blazing Dragon's fist shattered the air, and a scorching energy spread out like a raging tidal wave.


The two clashed and an explosive force was emitted instantly, the scorching breath like a storm sweeping through, like a sun rising in the night sky, illuminating the Forest of Demons.

Nine Lives Cat Demon was shocked and directly hit, with blood in her mouth.

Rising with the momentum, Emperor Blazing Dragon's body emitted an intense heat; a blazing fire spread and filled the void as if setting the heavens and earth ablaze.

"Roarrrr!!!" A loud roar echoed like thunder, and a dragon of more than thirty meters long suddenly appeared in the air. Flames surrounded it, flooding its body, and its crimson eyes looked like two volcanoes. On its head was a cluster of flickering fire, its scales stretched wide open, and its bright red wings beat fiercely, spewing flames like a volcanic eruption, covering the sky.


Its wings trembled, the void roared, flames spouted, and Emperor Blazing Dragon incarnated into its true form, Blazing Heavenly Dragon, fiercely colliding into Nine Lives Cat Demon's body.


An invisible pressure spreads from the void, bursting out with fervent ferocity and crashing against Nine Lives Cat Demon.


Nine Lives Cat Demon's radiance had already faded and her body suddenly fell into a pool of blood, withered and slumped down, crashing in the distance, making a loud thud that shook the ground, splitting it like a spiderweb that spread in the far distance, with mountains and rock walls collapsing and burying her in the ruins.

"Be careful…"

Su Yi shouted, completely powerless to stop it, watching Nine Lives Cat Demon fall helplessly.

"Kid, no one can help you today."

Emperor Blazing Dragon paid no attention to Nine Lives Cat Demon; its target was Su Yi, seemingly unwilling to waste time. Its fleshy wings flapped, its body spun rapidly, head-first it dove down, billowing flames burst forth from its body and eventually a flaming wave crashed towards Su Yi.

A wave of fire covered half the sky, and the intense heat caused white smoke to rise from the surrounding void.

With such a high temperature, Su Yi felt a chill down his spine and his hair standing on end!


Within the sea of flames, the massive dragon's body appeared. A fiery claw mark distorted the void, then suddenly pressed down towards Su Yi.

That was too fast! The speed was so fast that Su Yi had no room to slow down.

But Su Yi could feel that the Emperor Blazing Dragon seemed unwilling to take his life, holding back, not as intimidating as when it was dealing with Nine Lives Cat Demon.

Su Yi gritted his teeth, and in a flash, by using the Hundred Transformations Step, he condensed wings, which were shrouded in a red glow and gave off a simple and awe-inspiring radiance. Glittering light spread all around his legs, and a mysterious ancient pattern flowed on the soles of his feet, accompanied by rough runes. A formidable aura spread out.


In that moment, Su Yi's black hair flew back and forth, his eyes flashing like thunder, sharp and imposing, as if a god or demon had been resurrected. His robe fluttered in the wind with an aura of thunder and lightning, looking powerful and terrifying.

"Wrath of the Eight Wastelands, Rampage Shadow Shatter the Nine Yaos!" Su Yi spread his wings and leaped into the sky, roaring as he kicked out with both feet. His footstep blazed like lightning and the light converged, seemingly exploding like a mini-sun.

This series of actions was done in one breath, as fast as lightning!

"Roarrr!!!" The roar filled the air with a dominance unmatched, an aura of destruction and majesty that made the nearby demon beasts shudder in fear and trembling!

Such an aura also made the Emperor Blazing Dragon feel surprised. The momentum in his claws became even stronger.

"Bang bang bang…" The loud thuds echoed through the void. As the footprints and claws collided, a stunning burst of energy and flames surged forth with tremendous pressure. The ground below shattered and the void trembled as if it was capable of destroying everything.


The sound was too loud, and this was a gap that even the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique couldn't bridge. Su Yi spat out blood as he was enveloped by a scorching force, like a bomb being harshly hit and crashing into the ground below.

Su Yi had already suffered serious injuries, and now he was wounded again. He could barely hold himself together as his blood flowed incessantly, and he had cracks in his body, making it difficult to even crawl up with his weakened wings behind him.

"Kid, you can't escape the consequences of your actions…"

The Emperor Blazing Dragon coldly scoffed, diving downwards with its massive body. Its sharp claws viciously probed towards Su Yi on the ruins pile. A blood-chilling aura swept across its wings.

"Be careful!"

Su Tian Que appeared, glowing with a red light. Although it could not be compared to Emperor Blazing Dragon, it still possessed a powerful aura. Its small body flapped its short wings and soared into the sky, and even in front of Emperor Blazing Dragon, its light would not be overshadowed and crashed into it.

Compared to its original state, Su Tian Que's light had dimmed significantly, and its breath was rather weak.

"Huh, a weird chicken? Go die!"

After being blocked so many times, Emperor Blazing Dragon's rage was boiling; seeing Su Tian Que blocking his way, he let out a low growl with menacing eyes, his nostrils emitting hot steam. His tail immediately swished out.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon's gigantic body, yet extremely agile, directly collided with Su Tian Que.


The Blazing Heavenly Dragon's huge tail swept across, fiercely hitting Su Tian Que.


Su Tian Que coughed up blood; his small body was blown away, like a comet flying through the sky, and left behind a faint red trace in the night sky before disappearing completely.

"Su Tian Que!"

Su Yi stood up, his face pale and solemn. Fresh blood was flowing before him, and his body was covered in blood. He helplessly watched Su Tian Que being blasted away, unable to do anything about it.

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