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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 333

2023-08-23 23:00:00Publish Time: 313 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 333: Ignite the Blood!

Such collisions made Nine Lives Cat Demon's rage rolled up, but she was powerless to do anything.


In the sky, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon burst forth; its attacks were swift and venomous.

Nine Lives Cat Demon was agile and imposing, swift as lightning, but she was still suppressed.


Nine Lives Cat Demon coughed up blood again and her body was blown away, slamming into the ground below, shattering the mountainside.

Soon, Nine Lives Cat Demon burst out, her amber eyes filled with rage and a brilliant light emanating from her body. The surrounding void began to ripple, coalescing into an energy vortex, roaring like a storm through the sky.

Nine Lives Cat Demon was enveloped in an energy storm, sweeping toward the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon. Everywhere she went, the energy storm left a long trail of terrifying energy vortexes in the night sky.

The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon stared at the energy vortex charging toward it, its eyes dark and gloomy. Both its mouths spewed out a red flame and cold energy as two light columns fiercely clashed with it.

"Hua La La…"

The void roared, and the light of a lunar halo shone in the night sky. With a huge collision of energy, it was like a thunderous rumble echoing through the night sky.


Nine Lives Cat Demon coughed up blood, her body shook and was sent flying backward, tumbling down.

But at this moment, the huge body of the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon was also shaken back, as if it had been greatly affected.


At the same time, a fierce flame had formed, creating a fiery sea that spread outward.

In the raging sea of fire that erupted, a massive phantasm emerged from the fire, vaguely visible, emitting an indescribable feeling of terror.

"Ji…" The loud roar pierced through the sky, and a huge flaming phoenix-like phantom quickly formed. With its massive wings spread wide, the whole sky began to tremble.

"Su Tian Que!"

This awe made Su Yi startled, looking away-- that was Su Tian Que.

A brilliant flame swept downward and crashed towards Su Yi and Nine Lives Cat Demon, engulfing them both.

"Go!" The echoing sound reverberated in the ears of Su Yi and Nine Lives Cat Demon as the space around them was torn apart, revealing a black void.

The four-sided glow twisted, and the deep black light that emanated from it was as if it could swallow the souls.

The indescribable pressure in the sea of flames made the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon shudder in fear and its heart beat faster.

"Where to escape!"

But soon, suppressing the palpitations, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon burst out.

If Nine Lives Cat Demon, the strange human, and the weird bald chicken were to escape today, it would be a disaster.

The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon used all its strength. A surging breath filled the air and made the surrounding void tremble slightly. Two powerful energies burst forth from the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's jaws, colliding towards the ocean of fire.

To stop Su Yi, Su Tian Que, and Nine Lives Cat Demon from leaving, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon had done all it could.


With a low rumble, the fire was blasted open and the energy ripple forced the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon to retreat hastily.

When the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon steadied itself, its four eyes stared intently and nervously forward.

But the void ahead has already been restored and Nine Lives Cat Demon and the human, as well as traces of the hairless chicken, have long since vanished.

"You scoundrels, you won't get away!"

The Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's enormous body transformed into a human form, its eyes filled with rage to the extreme, its face was cold and ominous, and its figure flicked its sleeve and instantly disappeared in place.


In the distance all around, within the wild mountains, countless beasts roared unceasingly.

"Kill them all, leave none alive, slaughter these human beings!"

The night sky was ablaze with shimmering lights.



"Bang bang…"

Screams, beastly roars, and a hum of power, all intertwined and reverberating through the night sky.

This is a small town nestled in the mountains, yet now it is in chaos, with blood flowing like a river.

A large number of demon beasts surged out, accompanied by many Ice Savage Wolves, roaring and shocking the sky, and spewing out ice-light columns.

In the sky, there stood a towering Ice Savage Wolf, its body spanning tens of meters and its entire body covered with icy crystalline snow-white brilliance, radiating light and emitting iciness. Its fangs glinted sharply.

There were also several huge Demon Beasts, standing in the sky, with intimidating eyes. They commanded the Beast Tide to sweep across the town.

In the void, crimson light pierced through the sky. There was a middle-aged man with long red hair draped over his shoulders, wearing a yellow robe and a crimson cloak on his back, exuding a powerful and awe-inspiring aura.

"Emperor Blazing Dragon, you have bloodied our land, and we, the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance, will not let you go unpunished!"

There were two elderly people floating in the void, surrounded and attacked by several powerful demon beasts. They were wounded, panting, and had pale faces. They stared at the middle-aged man with red hair in the void, their eyes filled with horror.

"I'm coming to slaughter the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance!"

The red-haired middle-aged man shot a glance and spoke in a deep voice. His figure appeared like a ghost in front of the two old people.


Crimson flames filled the sky.


Two elderly cultivators at the Yuan Void Realm level, one pierced through the chest with a claw mark, and one whose head was directly grabbed and burst.

"Kill them all, no survivors!"

The red-haired middle-aged man shouted, his red eyes full of murderous intent.

Suddenly, the middle-aged man with red hair glanced up towards the sky, as if he had sensed something.

In the darkness of night, a red glimmer appeared in the depths of the night sky, shimmering brightly. The crimson fire descending became increasingly dazzling as if something was falling.

After an unknown amount of time, a few hours or minutes, Su Yi felt his body falling, just as before, he could clearly see himself plummeting from the sky, and below were raging fires, screams, and howls of beasts.

"What is this?"


Su Yi had not prepared yet and fell heavily to the ground, the ground shook, chaos all around, with demon beast corpses and human corpses scattered in every direction. It was a terrible sight.


Su Tian Que also fell to the ground, not far from Su Yi.

In Nine Lives Cat Demon's case, she quickly floated up in midair.

Such a scene that someone descending from the sky made everyone stunned for a moment, many eyes looking into the emptiness, very surprised and puzzled.

The red-haired middle-aged man was also stumped, his eyes filled with shock!

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