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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 331

2023-08-19 23:00:00Publish Time: 332 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 331: You Are Not a Coward!


Nine Lives Cat Demon's face became gloomy and a breath of air suddenly surged from within her body. Silver hair danced on her head, emitting rays of light. Her slender hands formed an invisible imprint that contorted space, shooting toward the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon.

"Let's go!"

At the same time, Nine Lives Cat Demon's voice spread in Su Yi and Su Tian Que's ears.

"Let's go…"

Su Yi and Su Tian Que had no hesitation. In the face of the fight at the Demonic Emperor Realm level, they didn't even qualify to be affected by the battle.


Energy bubbled up underneath his feet, and Su Yi's figure darted out without looking back, running away as fast as he could, the farther away he got the better.

Su Tian Que's speed, at this moment, was not beneath Su Yi's. His short wings fluttered and his small body moved like a rooster ready to take off. He proudly marched forward, like pale red lightning.

"Bang bang bang…."

The low, echoing energy behind them began to spread and the light shone through the void.

From the oppressive energy, one could tell that their encounter was quite intense.

Su Yi Su Tian Que ran away and didn't dare to stay any longer.

Running through the darkness, Su Yi felt a sense of unease rising in his heart and thought of Nine Lives Cat Demon.

With Nine Lives Cat Demon's current situation, although she had recovered a bit in the past two days.

But Su Yi guessed that Nine Lives Cat Demon was probably not recovered enough to be a real match for the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon.

"We escaped, what about Nine Lives Cat Demon? It's probably not looking good for her?"

Half an hour later, not knowing how far he had escaped, the distant sound of an energy collision had already disappeared and Su Yi finally stopped.

"We are no match for that snake, and we can't help anyway. Besides, this doesn't have anything to do with us, it's none of our business."

Su Tian Que stopped, trembling wings, panting heavily.

"Actually, that cat demon was quite alright, saving us once and letting us escape this time."

Su Yi whispered softly, his heart uneasy and unwilling to move on. He knew Nine Lives Cat Demon wasn't a match for the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon, yet he had escaped himself.


After a pause, Su Tian Que said, "You saved her once too, so I guess it's even now."

"We have been traveling together for a few days, but still, she is a woman. Does this seem inappropriate?"

Su Yi muttered to himself, feeling slightly uneasy in his heart.

"You don't really have anything to do with that cat demon, do you? Remember, she's not some female human, she's a Demonic Emperor Realm cat demon. If it was at her peak, she could 100 of you with a finger."

Su Tian Que gave Su Yi a cold glance and said, "Even if we go back now, it would just be sending ourselves to our doom."

Su Yi clenched his fists a little tightly, what can he do even if he goes back now? How can he possibly be able to face a Demonic Emperor Realm powerful demon beast?

"Wait for me here and please do me a favor. If something goes wrong, you should find a high-level healing medicine and go to a place called Man City to deliver it to an old man named Su Yuntian. Don't say anything else."

Suddenly, Su Yi looked at Su Tian Que and spoke with a serious expression.

Su Tian Que was stunned, looking at Su Yi and asked, "What do you want? Do you want to go back? Don't be foolish and go back for your own death. You are not a match for the two-headed snake. Even one hundred of you won't make a difference!"

"I'm just going back to take a look, I won't push it."

Su Yi smiled faintly and said to Su Tian Que, "It's not right for a woman to tell you to run away and then you run away. If you really did, you would be unsettled for life."

As the words fell, a surge of energy appeared behind Su Yi, coalescing into a pair of wings. His figure turned into a red light and he flew away toward where they came.

"This idiot…"

Su Tian Que cursed angrily, watching Su Yi's retreating back and grumbling to himself. Finally, he gritted his teeth and said, "I am a fool too; a fool to go and die with you."

After the words fell, Su Tian Que fluttered his short wings, and immediately pursued Su Yi.

"Bang bang…"

Rumbling like thunder, the bamboo grove was already in disarray.

A giant white cat around ten meters in length floated in midair, its eyes like two shining amber stones emitting a faint light. Its body was slightly curved and poised to pounce, its white fur glimmering, stained with many bloodstains.

Under the night sky, such a cat, its amber eyes like torches, underneath its four paws, its claws slightly moving, space trembled slightly.

"You are at the end of your rope, what else can you use to fight me? If I want to destroy you, you would have been killed long ago. Can't you appreciate my good intentions?"

Eyes fixed on the white giant cat, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon spoke confidently with a faint smirk.

"Go ahead!"

The white giant cat opened its mouth, and within its amber-like eyes were rays of light like lightning.

"Humph, how dare you don't accept my good intention. You will be punished!"

When the words fell, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's ghostly figure rushed out. From its left head came a burst of icy light, while from its right head came intense flames.

Nine Lives Cat Demon moved her body along an unknown trajectory, charming and alluring, yet with a certain majesty. Though it seemed slow, her speed was beyond that of the former, leaving only traces of a lingering shadow, making one think she was still in place.

Nine Lives Cat Demon dodged the cold icy light and slightly bowed her body before darting out with her claws, bursting out a dense cold energy, accompanied by the claw piercing through the air, slashing towards the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon.

"Give up, you can't defeat me!"

With a cold smile, as if prepared in advance, the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon's body extended out and burst forth with a fist. A red fire roared through the sky, suddenly clashing claws with Nine Lives Cat Demon's body.


Power erupted like a fireball, shaking people to their core. Every clash of fists and claws caused the void to boom with energy as a gust of wind swept through the surroundings, blowing everything into pieces. The light illuminated the darkness of night.


Nine Lives Cat Demon was sent flying in a straight line, her mouth spluttering with fresh blood.

"Let's finish it now and follow me afterward; I guarantee you will like the taste of my dick day and night!"

The twin-headed ice and fire dragon suddenly emitted a cold laugh, and its legs suddenly lit up and expanded. In an instant, it strangely transformed into a huge tail adorned with red and green, like a bolt of lightning, wriggling directly towards Nine Lives Cat Demon's flying body.

"Snake, take my blade!"

Suddenly, at this very moment, a figure swept in and appeared in the void, with long hair scattered and eyes red. Behind him were wings of elemental energy flapping, and a majestic and destructive aura emanated.

The one who came wielded a large sword and brought with them a scorching storm, energy swirling in all directions. From it came a formidable and violent aura, making the air around twist and distort.

"Roaring Dragon Emperor Slash!"

In an instant, a long red thunderbolt burst out with a long blade of light, accompanied by a tremendous and unmatched tyrannical might.

The blade flashed, as if an image of a red dragon vaguely appeared and the void trembled.

This kind of atmosphere suddenly caused the Twin-Headed Ice and Fire Dragon to be stunned.

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