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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 33

2023-01-29 08:17:13Publish Time: 491 views
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Chapter 33: Wind Damages the Flourishing Trees in the Forest

Only after a long while did the girl in red clothes sheathed her sword and stopped. At a young age of 15-16 years old, her eyes shone with energy, her skin as white as snow, her charm incomparable. She was truly an absolute beauty.

“It has been three years. I wonder whether that bastard has returned to the city alive.”

Gazing at the sky, the girl’s eyebrow furrowed, she pouted and mumbled softly, “Bastard, you better not have died in that forest. I wish to teach you a lesson myself one day.”

“Wait, why would I not want him to die in that forest? Why did the figure of that bastard suddenly pop out in my mind?”

The girl continued mumbling to herself for a long time and wondered, “Shouldn’t I wish more than anything else for that bastard to have died in the Forest of Demons?”

“I just want to handle that bastard personally, that’s all.” Afterward, the girl seemed to have found an answer for herself and smiled gently. That beautiful face seemed to radiate with a glow. Even though she was only 15-16 years old, but she already stood out so much with her beauty. Who knows how beautiful she would be and how many calamities would strike because of her looks after two years?

Dawn sliced apart the night sky like a blade.

Su Estate, when Su Yi, who was sitting with his legs crossed spat out a mouthful of stale blood, only then did he finally regain consciousness.

Feeling two warm auras on his back, currently being channelled into his body continuously, Su Yi’s eyes gradually began to open.

“My grandson, how do you feel now?”

A familiar voice travelled into Su Yi’s ears. The two warm auras on his back also disappeared.

Su Yi gradually turned around. When he saw the familiar figure behind him, the expression on his pale white face could not help but change greatly.

In Su Yi’s view, he saw his grandfather Su Yun Tian, but now he could see that the long hair of his grandfather was white like silver yarn. His initially old face looked to have aged again for more than ten years, and it was pale and deathly white.


Su Yi cried and struggled to turn around.

“Don’t shout, I am fine, just a bit tired.” Old Master Su Yun Tian’s face leaked out a smile. He looked at Su Yi and asked, “How do you feel? Is there anywhere that feel uncomfortable?”

Hearing his words, Su Yi examined his body. Though his injuries were heavy, there seemed to be no big problems, rather than that there were two powerful Yuan Qi flowing through his meridians which did not seem to belong to him. It should be the doing of his grandfather.

“Grandfather, I am fine now, but you should have never done this for me!”

Su Yi quickly understood that his grandfather’s sudden change was because of him.

On the chest area of Su Yun Tian’s clothes were some blood stains. This also made Su Yi realize that his grandfather should also be injured, most likely because of that hit from Wang Quan De.

Numerous feelings crept into his heart. Since young, he had always made his grandfather worry for him, now he had even made his grandfather sacrifice so much for him.

“Then all is good, all is good, as long as you are fine. Grandfather is already old, I can’t live for much longer anyway. But you are different, you are the future of the Su Family, you are my beloved grandson.”

Hearing Su Yi’s words, Su Yun Tian was delighted, Su Yi was finally fine.


Su Yi’s heart pained, he felt so guilty.

“Grandson, did something happen during the past three years when you were in the Forest of Demons or did you meet some kind of opportunity?” Afterward, Su Yun Tian asked. The terrifying aura which Su Yi gave out at the end of the fight yesterday and what he had felt when curing Su Yi, after these three years, Su Yi was no longer the Su Yi of the past.

“Grandfather, I-”

Su Yi spoke and then stopped, he knew what his grandfather wanted to ask, regarding the matter of the mysterious sphere of light in his mind, Su Yi naturally had nothing to hide in front of his grandfather.

But only after having something will others be envious of you, and with what he had experienced when he was in a coma, Su Yi felt that the mysterious sphere of light in his mind was far more mysterious and complicated than what he once thought, maybe the lesser his grandfather knew, the better.

“Actually, grandfather does not want to know about anything, but you have to remember, having something good would mean that others will be envious of you. No matter what, some things would be better if you keep it hidden. Before you have absolute strength, do not attract too much attention from others. Wind damages the flourishing trees in the forest, you must keep this in your heart.” Su Yun Tian thought that Su Yi did not wish to say what happened to him, so he reminded Su Yi earnestly.

[T.N note: “Wind damages the flourishing trees in the forest” means that the person who has something precious or is a lot better than everyone else, will be the target of envy and criticism]

“Grandson understands, I will take note of this!”

Su Yi looked at his grandfather who seemed to have aged more than ten years overnight, his eyes became moist. Everything was because of him. He said, “Grandfather, there will be a day that I will become one of the strongest and find a strong elixir for Grandfather to extend your life and increase your cultivation. My talent is better than what people called the errand boy’s talent. I will substantiate it with my actions!”


Su Yun Tian guffawed, his face may have a deathly shade of pale white, but his smile was brighter than anything else. He said, “Errand boy’s talent, could a person with the talent of an errand boy be a match for a disciple from Sacred Mountain with cultivation level of the Peak of the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade with only Yuan Soul Realm First Grade? Curse that person, how could my grandson, Su Yun Tian’s grandson, only have the talent of a piece of trash! I always knew that my grandson could never be a piece of trash!”

“Grandfather, how is Ji Chao, did I lose?” Su Yi asked worriedly. He had fallen unconscious and did not know what happened to Ji Chao, was he the one that lost?

“That kid is nowhere better than you, he had also fallen unconscious, there was no victor.” Su Yun Tian was ecstatic. After his check, he could be more and more assured that his grandson was more than what they called the talent of an errand boy.


“Old Master!”

Hearing Old Master Su Yun Tian’s loud laughter, Su Jing Ting and Su Wan Er who had been standing guard outside the door had been alerted and rushed in.


Seeing the conscious Su Yi, Wan Er was delighted. But seeing Su Yi’s pale face, her heart still pained and was full of worry.

“Father, you-”

When Su Jing Ting saw Su Yun Tian’s state, he got shocked. This was what he was most worried about.

“Okay, let Su Yi recover on his own properly. No one is allowed to disturb him.” Su Yun Tian cut Su Jing Ting’s words short and got off the bed. He threw a white jade bottle to Su Yi’s side, and told Su Yi, “Here are some Yuan Spirit Elixirs, take them and recover quickly.”

Patting Su Yi’s shoulders, Old Master Su Yun Tian was delighted, but one can see that his old body looked very unstable when he got up. He must be in a very weak state.

Su Jing Ting supported the Old Master, his face solemn and left the room.

“Brother, it is good that you are okay. You had scared the daylights out of me this time!” Su Wan Er looked at Su Yi, her eyes bloodshot. She had not slept for an entire night due to being worried. Now she could be slightly more at ease.

“Of course, I would be fine. You should quickly go and rest.” Su Yi shifted his gaze from his grandfather’s back to Su Wan Er. It was not hard for him to see that this girl had not slept for the entire night. Although a cultivator would have no problems, Wan Er was only a normal human, and with her being worried all night long, it would be hard for her to bear all these.

“Okay Brother, you should also hurry up and heal your wounds, you must recover quickly!”

Wan Er nodded and left. She knew that her brother needed to heal his wounds and Old Master also had left his instructions already.

When she walked to the door, Wan Er smiled slightly, turned her head, faced Su Yi and said, “Brother, in my heart, no one can compare to you! You are the best and the strongest in Wan Er’s heart!”

Finishing her words, Wan Er closed the door and left.