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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 327

2023-08-11 23:00:00Publish Time: 332 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 327: Forgetting Right and Wrong in the Face of Beauty

Everything settled down, and then it disappeared.

Su Yi couldn't see the commotion outside, but he could feel a terrifying presence, three invisible forces scanning through this space, and he could hear three voices.

But for some unknown reason, the three powerful auras had not discovered this place.

This elicited Su Yi's admiration. The concealment skills of the Cat Demon were truly formidable.


While Su Yi was thinking, Nine Lives Cat Demon suddenly spurted a mouthful of fresh blood and then fell to the ground.

Everything around began to become clear again, and the hidden space was revealed. Moonlight shone down, restoring everything back to normal.

"Let's go…"

This is a great opportunity for Su Yi and he doesn't want to linger.

There are three super strong beasts nearby, and the Nine Lives Cat Demon is there too. If they don't leave now, when will they leave?

Although the Nine Lives Cat Demon has sworn not to lay a hand on him, Su Yi didn't completely trust it.

"She suffered a heavy blow and the injury was too severe; it looks like her luck will run out!"

Su Tian Que arrived at Nine Lives Cat Demon's side, inspecting it. His eyes glowed and he said, "You deserved it, for hurting my butt, you little cat demon."

"Is she dying?…"

Hearing this, Su Yi, who was about to leave, stopped in his tracks and went to Nine Lives Cat Demon's unconscious body.

At the moment, Nine Lives Cat Demon's face was pale to the extreme, without any blood color, and the corners of her mouth were bright red, adding a touch of sorrow to her beautiful and charming face, but still gorgeous.

"Good opportunity, this is a Nine Lives Cat Demon of the Demonic Emperor Realm, her demonic core is of great value. Let's each take half, we'll make a fortune, hurry up and take action…" Su Tian Que's eyes twinkled and his face was filled with delight, trying to encourage Su Yi to take action quickly.


Su Yi stared at Nine Lives Cat Demon, instinctively blocking Su Tian Que.

"What's wrong? This is a Demonic Core of the Demonic Emperor Realm."

Su Tian Que grumbled. His mouth was about to start salivating, his gaze shifted and he gave Su Yi a glare, saying "Don't tell me you're starting to think this cat demon looks good, so you don't want to kill her? Don't forget that she just tried to kill us!"

"A Demonic Emperor Realm being's Demonic Core…"

Why wouldn't Su Yi be moved by a Demonic Emperor Realm being's Demonic Core? Its value is so shocking and immeasurable, it's unimaginable to any ordinary person.

This Nine Lives Cat Demon seems to be in an extremely serious state right now, collapsing in front of their eyes. Now, if he was to make a move, it would be almost effortless to obtain her demonic core.

Upon seeing the face before him, Su Yi furrowed his brows. From the words of the three powerful figures, it seems that the Nine Lives Cat Demon's clan had been wiped out, similar to the Divine Demonic Sect.

But this is Nine Lives Cat Demon, after all, a demon beast, who tried to kill him twice. If he could get her demonic core, it should be enough to exchange for a high-grade pill medicine that could heal his grandfather's injuries.

"You do it."

Su Yi clenched his teeth, feeling some reluctance. First, he cultivates the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique as he has a kind of affinity for demon beasts.

Second, Su Yi thought of the Nine Lives Cat Demon's clan being massacred, and she was chased by strong enemies. Looking at the pale faces in front of him, he felt a bit unbearable, so he just looked away and let Su Tian Que finish it.

Su Tian Que muttered, his eyes flickering, "No. You do it."

"Why does it have to be me?" Su Yi stared at Su Tian Que, sensing something was wrong.


Su Tian Que hesitated, eyes flickering, and smiled bashfully at last, saying, "I seem to have a good relationship with the Nine Spirit Heavenly Cat clan in my memory. This cat demon is a descendant of the Nine Spirit Heavenly Cat clan. I feel a bit guilty about this."

"Nine Spirit Heavenly Cat!"

Su Yi knew of this clan, which was the pinnacle of the demon clans, but it seemed like there were no traces of the Nine Spirit Heavenly Cat clan left in recent years. Even if there were, they were very rare.

"If you're not going to do it, why do you want me to?"

Su Yi raised his eyebrows and looked at the sadly pale, motionless face; he was reluctant to hurt it.

"Forget it, let's leave." Su Tian Que was reluctant, but in the end, he made his decision, gritting his teeth and fighting back tears to depart.

"What should we do about this cat demon?"

Su Yi asked, "She is severely injured and unconscious, if these powerful enemies come back, the consequences can be well imagined."

Su Tian Que said, "Anyway, she's dying and isn't likely to survive. The injury is too serious. This isn't the place to stay for long, let's leave first."

About an hour later, a hidden cave was found.

A slender and graceful woman was lying in it, her face ashen and eyes tightly shut, unconscious.

"You're not falling in love with this cat demon, are you? It may look nice but after all it is a member of the Nine Spirit Heavenly Cat clan. When they change their form to human form, they are all quite impressive. But… it is still a demon after all, it's a kitten! You are a human…" Su Tian Que murmured.

Su Yi gazed at the cat demon before him, and gave Su Tian Que a glance, saying, "Is there any way to save her?"

"If I could recover to my original strength, there would be no problem naturally; however, it is somewhat difficult for me now."

Su Tian Que said to Su Yi, "Do you still have the Spiritual Essence? It should have some effect on her."

"Spiritual Essence…"

Su Yi knew that Su Tian Que was talking about the Spiritual Essence inside the mysterious space, and hesitated for a moment. He then took out a jade bottle from his space bag. He held her pale lips and slightly opened them.


Nine Lives Cat Demon seemed to feel something. Her lips were slightly open, and there was a slight hum from her throat. The tender lips pinched by Su Yi looked very sweet.

Su Yi was touched. It was just a cat demon but was so seductive and charming that he could hardly resist kissing it.

Su Yi held back the impulse in his heart and muttered to himself. What was he thinking? This is a cat demon after all! He carefully poured the Spiritual Essence from the jade bottle into the tender lips that had arisen.

"Didn't you say there was none left? I asked you and you said there was none. Now you see this cat demon, and you can take out a bottle again! You are too shameless…"

Su Tian Que was taken aback. It had asked Su Yi if he still had the Spiritual Essence, but remembered Su Yi's adamant reply that he didn't.

At this moment, seeing the Spiritual Essence that Su Yi produced, Su Tian Que suddenly jumped in rage and glared at Su Yi furiously.

"That's the last one, there's none left," Su Yi said as he collected the empty bottle, speaking softly to Su Tian Que.

Su Tian Que was very angry, sternly telling Su Yi, "You! You have no sense of loyalty. Wait for me!"

Su Yi is too lazy to pay attention to Su Tian Que. It is still dark outside and the three monsters may not have gone far yet. Everything must be done with caution.

Looking at the pale face of the Nine Lives Cat Demon, whose eyes shut tight, it seemed that the reaction from taking the Spiritual Essence was coming on; a faint glow began to emanate from her body and a barely perceptible breath fluctuated.

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