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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 323

2023-08-03 23:00:00Publish Time: 459 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 323: The Demon Emperor Who Was Bathing!

"What exactly happened?"

Su Tian Que trembled and fluttered his short wings, shaking the dirt and stones off his body.

Su Yi frowned, recalling what the Demon Emperor Chi Qin had said before his departure. It seems like there has been a big incident in the vicinity recently, causing a lot of commotion. Could this chaos be related to it?

"Let's go around and avoid this a bit!"

After some contemplation, Su Yi decided to take a detour. It would be best to avoid the places the Beast Tide passed through, for fear of running into the same Beast Tide again.

Su Yi knows the general direction of the Chaos Realm and, after calculating the route, they continue on their journey.

This time, Su Yi is determined to go to Chaos Realm, where he might be better able to develop himself.

In the Chaos Realm, everyone is a sole cultivator, so there is no need to worry about the Black Fiend School or behemoth organizations such as the One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools.

As for the Hundred Transformations Step being able to fly, Su Yi was afraid to recklessly use it and didn't dare to be so ostentatious in the Demon Woods.

Without mentioning the attention it may draw from the powerful Demon Beasts, there are also large swatches of Demon Beasts flying in this sky. If his human identity was to be discovered, he would immediately be surrounded and attacked.

Generally speaking, the common Demon Beasts are controllable with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique. However, this is the Demon Woods, and powerful Demon Beasts often appear out of nowhere. If that happens, then it would be very troublesome.

Change the route and keep going.

But this is the Demon Woods, no matter what, Su Yi will inevitably encounter demon beasts.

Good thing is that these demon beasts are usually in the Demonic Spirit Realm and Demonic True Realm.

Strong beast demons from the Demonic Void Realm are not everywhere.

Releasing the breath of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique on his body, Su Yi didn't suffer too much obstruction along the way.

The demon beasts, sensing the air that Su Yi was emitting from far away, immediately moved away and didn't dare to approach.

"Do you want to roast some meat? I haven't eaten meat for a long time…"

Su Tian Que was standing on Su Yi's shoulder, muttering to himself on Su Yi's shoulder.

As Su Tian Que slowly meandered along the way, Su Yi ultimately had to put him on his shoulder.

Su Yi side-eyed Su Tian Que, is this guy really a peacock? Is it possible peacocks like to eat meat so much?

After taking a look at the sky, another safe day has passed. Su Yi said, "Let's find a place to rest, and continue on the road tomorrow."

Under the setting sun, the mountain range beneath the evening glow took on a dark purple hue.

Su Yi found a secret hideaway as the night sky began to fall.

"We're far away from Cang Lan City now, so I guess nobody is paying attention to us anymore."

Su Yi has been away from Cang Lan City for several days. Although his traveling speed wasn't fast, it is probably far enough that no powerful beings will take notice.

His soul power released, feeling the quietness around, not even a trace of Demon Beasts, Su Yi then summoned the mysterious space in his mind.

Su Yi has already reached Yuan Spirit Realm Three Grade. He wants to see what changes have occurred in the mysterious space.

Every time there is progress in his cultivation, there are many changes in the mysterious space.

As Su Yi expected, the mysterious space has expanded a lot. The energy in it is still quite rich, it is far stronger than that in the outside world.

It seems that if there is no Yuan Stone, the mysterious space will store the energy of Heaven and Earth automatically, but the Spiritual Essence is already nearly depleted.

Within the mysterious space, Blood Spiritual Ginseng was still absorbing energy and cultivating, with little reaction to Su Yi's arrival.

After tidying up, Su Yi left the mysterious space, pondering where to look for Yuan Stones. When the energy in the mysterious space reached its most intense level, cultivating there could yield twice the result with half the effort.

Su Yi looked up at the sky, folding away the mysterious space.

This is still within the Demon Woods, not knowing when they could reach the Chaos Realm. Even though he can fly, he doesn't dare to do it within the Demon Woods.

"Wow, there's a water source!"

Suddenly, in the still of night, Su Yi heard the sound of water nearby.

Thinking about the last few days spent outdoors and having close encounters with Beast Tide, Su Yi wanted to take a good shower.

Su Yi's figure was like a ghost in the night, gradually approaching the source of the water by the moonlight.

Su Yi traveled through the dense forest and found a water source, a pool surrounded by four rock walls.

The pond area was not small, the water surface was clear and clean, and the environment was serene.

"Wash and gargle…"

Su Yi was delighted, it had been a long time since he had a good clean up.


Taking off the clothes and swords from his body, Su Yi jumped into the pool.

The water temperature was icy cool, but not freezing cold, bringing great relief to Su Yi who hadn't washed in a long time.


Suddenly, just as Su Yi plunged headfirst into the pool, a loud splash came from the center of the pool.

Droplets of water splashed around, beneath the moonlight, a figure emerged from the water.

When Su Yi saw the figure emerging from the water pool, he was astonished, with a blank and bewildered gaze.

Under the hazy moonlight hazy, that figure was graceful. Strands of wet hair sticking to the snow-white jade-like fragrant shoulder, a drop of water droplets sliding down from the breakable skin.

These strands of hair are very special, showing a light silver hue.

Ripples stirred in the water, revealing an irresistible charm and a petite waist.

Accompanied by ripples in the water, her graceful figure leaped out of the surface. Her long and straight legs were as white as jade, and as water droplets dripped down, each drop tapping upon Su Yi's heart, arousing his blood-boiling passion.

Such a scene would be enough to make any man become crazy.

This is a perfect body, without any flaws, soft and boneless, with tight luster, natural curvature, and incomparably touching.

Su Yi was astonished, almost to the point of bleeding from his nose.

Heaven knows Su Yi was a lifetime bachelor before, and he's never encountered such a thing in this lifetime.

Su Yi immediately looked at the perfect physique's owner's face.

In the humid and cool air, under the moonlight, the face of a young girl not more than sixteen or seventeen looked dazzling. Her eyes were bright and her eyelashes were dense. Her sexy and plump lips seemed to always be revealing all kinds of emotions.

When Su Yi saw the young girl's delicate and naturally beautiful face, his excitement seemed to turn from boiling to icy cold in a split second, and his complexion changed drastically.

"The Demon Emperor!"

A startled voice exclaimed from Su Yi's mouth involuntarily.

Su Yi could never forget the girl's face, having personally witnessed her tremendous strength before.

Hei Ming of Black Fiend School was injured by her with just one move.

She is a Demon Emperor, Nine Lives Cat Demon!