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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 321

2023-08-01 11:56:57Publish Time: 309 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 321: Five Years

The Demon Woods is the paradise of demon beasts, a great place for the likes of Golden Pangs to hone their skills. Su Yi hopes Chi Qin will take good care of them.

"You're talking about the Spectral Mouse, Golden Python, White Jade Swallow Bird, and a few other demon beasts, right?"

Chi Qin's eyes lit up and he said to Su Yi, "I have noticed those several demon beasts, they seem to have something extraordinary. Cang Lan City is also looking for useful people right now, I'll notice it when the time comes."

"Thank you, the Demon Emperor!"

Su Yi thanked, and bowed again.

Su Yi is well aware of the potential of the Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger and others, the Demon Emperor Chi Qin will certainly not regret protecting them.

Su Yi immediately turned and left.

"Pay more attention, some big events have occurred in this area recently, causing a lot of commotion. You must stay more alert when you're traveling on your own."

The Demon Emperor Chi Qin called out to Su Yi, speaking in a reminder to him.

"Thank you, the Demon Emperor." Su Yi thanked and then left.

"Big Brother, is this kid planning to run off on his own? The Divine Demonic Sect must have something on him."

As Su Yi left, the old man in a yellow robe came out, staring in the direction Su Yi left, his eyes glinting and brows slightly furrowed.

Chi Qin smiled, "This kid didn't want to slip away. Though all of humanity is greedy, scared of death, and cunningly deceitful, but this kid isn't like that!"

"Big brother, how can you be so sure? If this kid takes away the Divine Demonic Sect's legacy and doesn't come back, we won't easily get it back," said the old man in the yellow robe.

"Rest assured, what he has taught those humans, the martial arts he has been cultivating these days, and everything he has done is only to prove his potential to me. He will come back."

Chi Qin gave a faint smile, watching Su Yi depart with a hint of admiration in his eyes.

"However, this kid is indeed not simple, a young age yet with such cultivation bases, if there are no surprises, it won't be long before he will become a formidable force among humans!"

The old man in the yellow robe said, his eyes could not help but show a look of shock. He had been snooping around a lot lately, and the more he snooped, the more he was shocked. The martial arts cultivated by this human boy were extraordinary and powerful enough to crush all opponents at the same age.

"I'm actually quite looking forward to it. Five years from now… how far this kid can grow?" Chi Qin said with a glimmer in his eyes, with an ambiguous meaning.

After Su Yi said goodbye to the Demon Emperor Chi Qin, he went to look for Chi Zu.

"Brother Su Yi, are you leaving?"

Chi Zu was surprised; it still wanted to have a battle with Su Yi after a few days to sharpen itself.

Su Yi smiled and said, "I'll be back, and then we can fight again!"

Okay, during this period of time, I also need to go out and hone my skills! Chi Zu said, even though he encountered the Golden Ancient Scorpion on his last outing to hone himself, he still needs to constantly hone himself if he wants to become stronger.

Su Yi begged Chi Zu to take care of Da Bao and Xiao Ling. Even though the Demon Emperor Chi Qin had promised to look after them. After all, the Demon Emperor was busy and probably wouldn't have much time to pay attention to a few Demonic Spirit Realm demon beasts. Su Yi wanted Chi Zu to look after them.

"Don't worry, everything is on me." Chi Zu spoke firmly and promised with certainty.

"Keep this and take it, it will do you great good. I hope that when I come back, we can fight together!" Finally, Su Yi took out a small jade bottle, which contained the mysterious Spiritual Essence from the mysterious space.

His clothes were destroyed before, but fortunately, the space bag survived and fell to the ground with a bottle of Spiritual Essence inside.

Su Yi had given the Demon Emperor Chi Qin a bottle of Spiritual Essence, but this bottle was for Chi Zu, and Chi Qin wasn't informed.

Su Yi believes that when the time comes the Demon Emperor Chi Qin will also be aware of the effect of the Spiritual Essence on demon beasts. Su Yi is very clear that it will be a great opportunity and he hopes that in these years, the Demon Emperor Chi Qin can protect more disciples from the Divine Demonic Sect.

"I'm not being polite to you. Although you are human, from now on, you are my brother!" Chi Zu was not being courteous. Knowing Su Yi was not ordinary, the things he took out would not be simple. Moreover, it already felt a kind of shocking energy through the jade bottle, there was definitely something precious inside.

Su Yi smiled and said goodbye to Chi Zu.

Moments later, Su Yi found some disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect, only a few children. Most of the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect were still busy in seclusion during this time.

Su Yi didn't disturb the people who were in seclusion, it was just a short goodbye. He just said some words to the young children.

Under the blood-like setting sun.

Su Yi and Su Tian Que left.


The Golden Python, Fire-Eyes Beast Tiger, Fiery Red Demonic Mink, White Jade Swallow Bird, Da Bao, and Xiao Ling looked at his leaving back reluctantly and sorrowfully.

In Cang Lan City, there were vast amounts of burning clouds in the sky.

One person and a chicken silhouette dragged out a long shadow in the twilight and gradually faded away in the mountain path.

"In five years, I'd like to see how far you can go."

In Cang Lan City, atop towering mountains, Chi Qin watched with interest.

As the sun set in the west.

A teenage boy appeared, seemingly slender in stature, but straight and upright. His face was not fair but his features were extremely three-dimensional.

The boy was not very old, his skin was tinged with a bronze hue, but was as clear and translucent as jade; his eyes shone with a bright light; his long robe couldn't hide his special aura.

This temperament is very complex, a bit proud, a bit wicked, with a kind of unyieldingness!

This kind of temperament seems to come from within, carefully looking at it, will give people a spiritual shock!

What's even more eye-catching is that this teenage boy also had a rusty, broken, and incomplete sword and a big knife on his back.

The knife has a sheath, and the sword has no sheath, but they were intertwined with a thin and tough tree vine, crossed over the shoulders.

Behind the boy was a chicken, a scruffy-looking chicken with short legs waddling and flesh wings flapping. Its look was truly worth beholding.

The boy in this dress and the scruffy chicken gave anyone who looked at them a special impact.

"Five years, after five years, how strong will I be?!"

Looking at the setting sun, the young man muttered to himself. He then raised a faint sinister arc from his mouth corners, with a self-confidence that could be seen in his eyes, and a tenaciousness.

"How about finding a place to roast some meat first?"

The chicken opened its mouth and turned its eyes, thinking about the taste of roast meat. Its saliva was almost flowing out.

"Would you like to be eaten as a turkey by another demon beast?"

The boy glanced at the chicken. This was the Demon Woods. Roasting a demon beast to eat would be no different from looking for one's own death.

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