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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 315

2023-07-17 05:00:00Publish Time: 559 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 315: Cultivation Success!

In the midst of thunder and lightning, Su Yi could feel that this lightning tribulation was caused by himself, and its target was him.

For this period of time, he had been in seclusion cultivating the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse. Now, lightning tribulation had appeared, and Su Yi's heart quivered.

"Is it the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse…?"

Su Yi was trembling, hearing the legends about Heavenly Grade Martial Skills being able to draw unusual sightings from Heaven and Earth. But even though the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse was a legendary Heavenly Grade Martial Skill, he had never heard of Heavenly Grade Martial Skills being able to draw calamities.

But this was a lightning tribulation, Su Yi knew that if he avoided the lightning tribulation, it would be unfavorable for himself. No matter what the reason was, it would declare his failure.

Just like Blood Spiritual Ginseng from before, although knowing that all kinds of powerful people were searching for it, it still had to step out and face the challenges.

Feeling the brilliant lightning flashing across the sky, Su Yi could feel that this lightning seemed to be greatly beneficial to himself.

However, the power inside the body at this moment was from the mysterious space, which just spread out and blocked the thunder and lightning from coming down.


Su Yi shouted in his heart, restraining the power within the mysterious space, and allowing the thunder and lightning to fall. He must overcome this ordeal himself!

The thunder and lightning roared, making people's hearts race and their hair stand on end.

But Su Yi could feel that the thunder and lightning had huge benefits for himself and could not be avoided.

It seemed as if Su Yi's thoughts had been detected, and the oppressive force of destruction within the mysterious space dissipated and vanished.


When the domineering and destructive pressure within Su Yi's body dissipated, the dark cloud that was rooted in the void suddenly turned like a storm of amnesty, and began to surge wildly.


Stagnant thunder and lightning came in a moment, between the rising of the void wind and clouds. Thick black clouds mixed with thunder and lightning roared, and streaks of thunder and lightning constantly struck Su Yi's body in an instant.

The entire space was dimly lit amid dazzling thunder and lightning, as if the world had fallen into silence and darkness, only the eerie lightning shuttling through.


One after another, fearsome thunderbolts kept crashing down, ruthlessly striking onto Su Yi's body.

Much scattered thunder and lightning exploded and destroyed the ground and the surrounding hills.

The earth shook and the mountain collapsed.

All people were breathless in anticipation, breathlessly horrified to the point of standing on end and trembling constantly.

Amidst all the startled eyes, bolts of brilliant lightning crashed down.

Su Yi was covered in arcs of electricity, 'sizzling' arcs covered his body, the sound of thunderous lightning filled his ears, and in a moment his clothes were destroyed by the electricity.

All of this, it all just ended here.

That lightning could destroy everything, but when it descended upon Su Yi, it only destroyed hid clothes in an instant, hardly having any effect on his physical body.

Electric arc weaving, instead, made Su Yi's physique appear even more sparkling and translucent.

From a distance, one could see Su Yi's pores on his body, even absorbing lightning power.

Lightning flashes between Su Yi's flesh and bones, accompanied by the aura of a demon.

Within Su Yi's body, there was a mysterious power that had planted the seed and it was growing vigorously.

At this moment, the thunder and lightning seemed to be the catalyst for Su Yi to sit cross-legged in the void, lifted up by a mysterious force, his body crystal clear and glowing like precious jade.

In Su Yi's body, arcs crackled and resonated with his limbs, turning into a loud sound. Every single bone, each piece of flesh, skin, and every cell trembled.

That's the feeling of "Heavenly Tiger Art"!

It's the atmosphere of "Mighty Desolate Verse"!

"It's the atmosphere of 'Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation'!"

The disciples exclaimed, looking at the terrifying scene. From Su Yi's body, in the arc coverage, they felt the breath of the "Heavenly Tiger Art", "Mighty Desolate Verse" and "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation".

The thunder and lightning right now seem to be tempering, refining together "Heavenly Tiger Art", "Mighty Desolate Verse", and "Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation".

Within Su Yi, accompanied by thunder and lightning, "might", "power," and "spirit" three kinds of imposing manner completely blend together and merge into the bones, making all mysteries unfathomable.

"Incredible, the Demonic Spirit Realm actually attracted a lightning tribulation. This human is way too dazzling. If we don't kill him, it will become a great disaster for our demon clan one day!"

The elderly man in the yellow robe was shocked at the sight before him. He had cultivated for so many years and he had never heard or seen such a dazzling young boy.

Once such a young man grows up, how many of the demon clan will be able to suppress him in the future?

"Look first, don't interfere!"

Chi Qin's eyes flickered, and his expression was complex. This human teenager was indeed too dazzling. If he continues to grow, it will be terrible.

But now is not the time to interfere, this is fate, no one dares to provoke the punishment of heaven and earth, he also dares not.

Disturbing it was equal to being against the will of heaven.

It is even possible to force out even more terrifying numbers of disasters!

Once one has provoked someone's bad luck, it is inviting karma and will bring great suffering upon oneself.


Suddenly, it seemed that the power within Su Yi had reached its peak, lightning was radiating from him and a halo of light was emanating from him.

In an instant, a burst of breath rushed to the sky, straight through the clouds!

"Bang bang bang…"

Around the four corners of the earth, the ground shook and the mountains swayed, the world moved like a wave, and space trembled.

The whole of Cang Lan City was also affected, with cracks spreading across the ground in all directions.

From Su Yi's body, a hazy radiance spread out, and energy condensed together to form a huge phantom of a demon beast lingering in the void.

Under the gaze of many eyes, the gigantic Demon Beast straddled the void, half of its body entrenched in thick thunderclouds, like an ancient dragon; a vast and mighty pressure spread out, making people's hairs stand on end!


The beast roared like thunder, its shadow raged, and then changed shape, the dragon's shadow dissipated, transforming into a huge bird of prey, like a phoenix, covering the sky, diving down.

Suddenly, the vicious birds transformed, becoming strange beasts from ancient times, with arcs encircling the sky and standing tall in the heavens, terrifyingly looking down upon all, even making the Demon Emperor Chi Qin tremble in fear!


Thousands of phantom monsters appeared and disappeared within a moment, although they were all phantoms, they looked vivid, even with a monstrous air around them, as if they had come from ancient times, and were continuously displayed in the void.

In the vast sky, sometimes unknowingly, the sound of thunder and lightning has disappeared, fading away quietly.

Thousands of demon beasts' phantom images appeared, surging and manifesting, overwhelming with their might, deafening the heavens and earth.

It's as if the supreme ruler of the demon clan was descending!


In Cang Lan City, all the demon beasts crawled on the ground, trembling in fear and quivering in terror.

In countless gazes, Su Yi's silhouette was standing in the void, levitating by mysterious forces.

The slender figure slowly emerged, slender and upright, carrying a sword, hazy all over, dazzlingly brilliant.

The overwhelming momentum emanating from within, the monstrous aura that could break through the sky and suppress everything, sweeping all directions!

In the depths of Su Yi's eyes, two beams of light shot out like lightning, piercing through the sky. It was like a divine sword, capable of piercing the heavens, and shocking the soul. He murmured to himself, "The Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, it worked!"