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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 31

2023-01-29 08:17:00Publish Time: 441 views
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Chapter 31: Liu Zong Yuan’s Thoughts

The curtains fell upon the Sacred Mountain Disciple Selection in the City of Man.

Although there were still a few challenge matches at the end where some youths of suitable age can choose to challenge a person who had passed the test, if they won the match, they would be able to gain the spot to Sacred Mountain.

Afterward, there were a few matches, the targets were He San, Song Wu Qiu and the rest of the lot, but sadly none of them had any success with the matches.

Furthermore, these challenge matches no longer sparked any enthusiasm in the spectators.

The reason was simple, the match between Su Yi and Ji Chao was too unexpected and mind-blowing, it had already deeply shocked the entire city.

The match between Su Yi and Ji Chao ended in both sides being seriously injured and knocked out. They were brought back to the Su Estate and the Liu Estate respectively.

This match could only be declared a draw in the end.

This conclusion had deeply stunned each spectator in the City of Man.

At the beginning, Su Yi had won through playing tricks, though the spectators were stunned, they could still understand.

But the final match, everyone witnessed it with their own eyes.

The second time, Su Yi played no tricks. He went head-to-head with Ji Chao, with his cultivation level of Yuan Soul Realm First Grade, and managed to end the match against Ji Chao who was in the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade with both sides being severely injured and there were no victors.

Ji Chao, a disciple of Sacred Mountain, a prodigious existence, King Grade Talent, already at the Peak of the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade, a step away from the Yuan Xuan Realm.

Su Yi, was only a playboy and a rich good-for-nothing three years ago, his talent not even worth to be mentioned.

But now, after three years, Su Yi returned severely injuring Su Wei with a single strike yesterday and today with only two moves, forced Ji Chao to fight with everything he had and even then, there were no victors, this had amazed the entire city.

“Just Yuan Soul Realm First Grade and he was already able to fight with a cultivator from Sacred Mountain who was at the Peak of Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade to a draw, how could Su Yi’s talent be trash?!”

“Too strong, this little kid Su Yi did not lose face for the City of Man, from now on, I can’t hate him anymore!”

“Su Yi was so handsome! That kid from Sacred Mountain was so arrogant, saying that the City of Man was trash, now I think he had just gotten a slap in the face!”

“Peak of Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade and not being able to have any advantage over Su Yi, a Yuan Soul Realm First Grade, Su Yi is way too strong!”

Twilight, the rays of the sun was blood-red, painting the entire city.

The entire City of Man was still immersed in that heated fight, everyone was discussing the match between Su Yi and Ji Chao.

Liu Estate, Study Room.

Liu Zong Yuan squinted his eyes and gazed outside at the sky, half-painted by night, he seemed to be thinking about something.

“Head of the House, I have just received news that Ji Chao has no life-threatening worries and have already regained consciousness, but his injuries are not light.” An old man hurried into the room.


Liu Zong Yuan let out a long breath of relief, his face slightly more relaxed.

“I would never have thought that kid Su Yi would be so strong, Ji Chao actually did not get any advantage over him.” The old man’s heart seemed to be still in slight shock and could not help but open his mouth.

“If that was a real fight to the death, Ji Chao would not have been an opponent for him. It seems that living in the Forest of Demons for three years, that kid is no longer the same as before.” Liu Zong Yuan raised his eyes slightly, light shining in them.

“But what a pity it is that Su Yi only has the talent of an errand boy.” The old man said slightly regretful.

“Being able to fight as an equal with a cultivator at the Peak of the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade from Sacred Mountain, this kind of person, how could he only have the talent of an errand boy.” Liu Zong Yuan smiled slightly, if a person with Yuan Soul Realm First Grade cultivation could fight equally with a cultivator from Sacred Mountain at the Peak of Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade only has the talent of an errand boy, then this type of errand boy’s talent must be so rare in the world to the point that it would be pitiful.

“Head of the House, do you mean that-”

Hearing those words, the old man’s eyes shined and said, “Is that kid Su Yi hiding something?”

“Whether or not he is hiding something I do not know, but I’m certain that there is definitely a secret in Su Yi.” Liu Zong Yuan stated confidently.

The old man’s expression slightly changed and asked, “Then what about the engagement between Ruoxi and Su Yi? Back then, it was an agreement made between Head of the House and the Old Master Su, now that Ji Chao had not gotten any advantage…”

“Su Yi, that little kid has been different from the rest since young. Actually, it is not that I do not like him, it is just that-”

After being silent for a moment, seeming to be pondering about something, Liu Zong Yuan suddenly grinned slightly and said, “Ah well, anyways I cannot do anything about this now, might as well wash my hands of this matter.”

“Head of the House, if you do not do anything about his, I am afraid that the Old Master Su will not let this go so easily.” The old man was stunned for a second, his heart was clear that the Old Master Su Yun Tian was not someone which you can plot against that easily.

“I am not talking about this.”

Liu Zong Yuan smiled mysteriously and said. “Based on that kid, Su Yi’s personality, it suits my intentions, anyways I cannot do anything about Liu Ruoxi anymore, might as well let them decide on this matter by themselves in the future.”

The old man hearing this was slightly surprised, but then he said worryingly, “Head of the House, I am afraid Sacred Mountain would not agree to this.”

“Since Ji Chao did not gain any advantages, I think that Dharma Protector Wang would not say anything more about this matter, and for the future, we would have to see what actions Su Yi take. Anyways he was the one who created this trouble, things are getting more and more interesting now.”

Liu Zong Yuan looked outside the window again at the scarlet red sky, the corner of his mouth curved up slightly and he mumbled to himself, “Su Lin Feng, you won against me back then, if you have the skills, have your son win over my daughter now.”

Su Estate,

Now there was a strange atmosphere in the air of the Su Estate. There was astonishment, happiness, and worry.

Everyone was happy and astonished at Su Yi’s performance today, defeating a disciple from Sacred Mountain, how astonishing is that.

You must know that this was the very first time Su Yi had won glory and honor for the Su Family and gained so much face.

But what the Su Family was worried about was the fact that Su Yi was still in a coma after being seriously injured.

“This is not a good thing, this is madness, offending the people from Sacred Mountain, in the future when Su Wei is at Sacred Mountain, I am afraid that people would make things difficult for him.” There were some who had worries like this.

After all, Su Wei still had to go to Sacred Mountain to cultivate, there was no doubt that Su Yi had completely offended Dharma Protector Wang today, and this also meant that he had offended Sacred Mountain, the road ahead for Su Wei would be a tough one at Sacred Mountain.

There were constantly quite a few people in Su Yi’s yard, this was also the time when there was the most number of visitors since Su Yi had returned home.

“Old Master, how is Su Yi?”

In front of the bed, there were elderly and women worrying, and they asked Old Master Su Yun Tian.

“All of you should go back, if there is any news, I would naturally tell you. Do not add to the trouble here.” Old Master Su Yun Tian waved his sleeve and looked seriously at the Su Yi who was in a coma.

“Yes, Old Master!”

The Old Master had spoken. No one dared to say anything more and left.

In the entire room, all that was left were the Old Master Su Yun Tian, Su Jing Ting and the very worried Su Wan Er.

“Father, how is Su Yi?” Su Jing Ting asked. He had taken some elixirs and looked a lot better.


As soon as Su Jing Ting finished his words, a mouthful of blood sprayed out from Su Yun Tian’s mouth.


“Old Master!”