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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 306

2023-06-29 05:00:00Publish Time: 644 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 306: The Demon Emperor's Profound Meaning!

The old man in the yellow robe said no more.

Chi Qin put the jade bottle back in his embrace and looked at the old man in the yellow robe with interest. He asked, "What do you think of that human young man?"

"That human kid…?"

The old man in the yellow robe had a surprised look on his face. He didn't have a good opinion of humans, but since his elder brother had spoken, it was likely he had a deeper meaning. After a moment of silence, he finally spoke, "From what I've seen, there seems to be something extraordinary about this young Yuan Spirit Realm human cultivator. Even though he is still slightly immature, for his age and level of cultivation, he is already very good!"

"Do you have a favorable opinion too…"

Chi Qin smiled faintly and said, with a mysterious smile in his eyes, making it hard for people to discern.

"When it comes to the matter at hand, that human kid isn't going to be easygoing."

The yellow-robed old man had a serious expression.

Other things can be faked, but some qualities are impossible to pretend.

"That human kid is certainly not simple."

Chi Qin opened his mouth and he could feel the special temperament that emanated from the young man, something that could never be disguised from within his bones.

"Even if he's not simple, it's still human. Big brother, do you really want to protect that group of humans for twenty years? This is big trouble."

Since his big brother has brought it up again, the old man in the yellow robe could not help but mention it again.

"Although there are some differences between our demon clan and humans, if you calculate it, Chi Zu is not much older than that human child. I have heard some legends about the Divine Demonic Sect. If one day the Divine Demonic Sect can revive, it will be a great help to my Cang Lan City. When we old folks are gone, Chi Zu will also have some friends." Chi Qin's eyes flashed with a bright light, and his brows were low, as if he was thinking about something.

"Big brother, do you want to let this kid be Chi Zu's friend?"

The old man in yellow robe suddenly realized, very shocked, and said, "No matter how it is, the Divine Demonic Sect is a human sect, and we are demons. If one day, the so-called Divine Demonic Sect rises again in the world, it will also be a strong force for mankind, which is not good for our demon clan!"

"How much can humans do? Many are now keeping an eye on Cang Lan City, waiting for the chance to capitalize on it. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, they won't be polite. Therefore, right now the danger posed to Cang Lan City by humans is far less than that of our own demon races. If that kid is really something special, he might just have a chance to soar up to the sky!"

Chi Qin remembered the young human in his mind.

The more Chi Qin is in contact, the stronger the feeling in his heart.

Of course, how it will turn out in the end depends on whether the young kid is really extraordinary or not," Chi Qin said softly.

The old man in the yellow robe didn't ask any more questions, worrying about Chi Zu. He said, "How is Chi Zu? What the golden scorpion said sounds nice, but I don't think it'll be that simple. It's very likely that it was the golden scorpion who gave the order to hurt Chi Zu himself."

"Chi Zu is ok."

Chi Qin's eyes gradually sunk and a cold light swept through his eyes. He said, "It seems that some people really think that I, Chi Qin, am now gentle. Someone must pay the price for this!"

Elder Shangguan Xu and others have already become increasingly worried. Especially the three elders, have started to hesitate, whether or not to start fighting for their lives.

"It's all right."

When Su Yi returned and said these words, cheers erupted from the crowd. Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu and Hu Bu, the three elders, all breathed a sigh of relief.

"What, we're going to Cang Lan City, to the place of the Demon Emperor!"

When it was later known that Su Yi had made the decision to go to the Demon Emperor's territory and live amongst the demon beasts day and night, everyone was shocked beyond belief, unable to imagine what it would be like.

"The news of the Divine Demonic Sect spreading has caused many powerful demon clan warriors to come looking for us." Su Yi wasn't surprised and informed everyone of the news.

Everyone was discussing, whispering, and knowing how serious the matter was.

But if they were to go to Cang Lan City, everyone would be wary and no one would believe the Demon Emperor Chi Qin.

"If we ever meet any other powerful demon forces, our chances of winning are slim to none, so we might as well go to Cang Lan City. I don't believe in the Demon Emperor, but I believe in Su Yi!"

Hu Chi opened his mouth, he didn't believe those powerful demonic race members, but he trusted Su Yi.

"I also believe Su Yi, if there's really nowhere else to go, why not go to Cang Lan City!"

Subsequently, Xiong Zhan and other young people all expressed their stances.

They don't believe in the Demon Emperor Chi Qin, but they believe in Su Yi, so they believe that Su Yi won't make a mistake in judgment.

"Three elders, if there is no better way, I suggest we can go to Cang Lan City. The more dangerous the place, the safer it may be."

Su Yi knows that the ultimate decision-making power, as of now, lies in the hands of the three elders.

Although Su Yi is the new Sect Leader of the Divine Demonic Sect, he understands that the three elders have the highest prestige in the current Divine Demonic Sect, and although he is the Sect Leader, he is just a figurehead.

Now, the Divine Demonic Sect only has these people left, and they are all rookies. Su Yi doesn't wish for any more accidents to happen.

"Can you assure us that the Demon Emperor Chi Qin is not trying to catch us all in one net?"

Elder Hu Bu raised his eyes and looked at Su Yi, asking.

Few of the Hunting Tiger Tribe's young people remain. He must make sure no more accidents occurred.

"If the Demon Emperor Chi Qin wants to catch us all, now is the best time."

Su Yi nodded, understanding Elder Hu Bu's worry and caution. Although he couldn't be absolutely certain, he trusted his own judgment.

The Demon Emperor Chi Qin isn't exactly a kind person, but he is trustworthy for the time being. If he wanted to take everyone down, he could have done it already.

"This place is already exposed, it's not safe anymore. In the end, it will be life or death anyway, so why not go to Cang Lan City and give it a try? At least there's still a slim chance."

Su Tian Que could not bear to look any longer. His gaze swept over the three elders, Shangguan Xu, Xiong Liu, and Hu Bu, with a hint of impatience.

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