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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 278

2023-05-04 07:00:00Publish Time: 355 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 278: A Bloody Battle!

Su Yi's heart was very shaken as that person actually came from the Sacred Mountain.

From the situation he could see now, this was the great enemies of the Divine Demonic Sect. Could it be that the Sacred Mountain was also the great enemies of the Divine Demonic Sect?

"You guys from the Sacred Mountain is also not any good thing. You simply desired the things that my Divine Demonic Sect has left behind. No need to say so grandiose!” The Honourably Demon spoke.

After hearing this, the glow on the person from the Sacred Mountain fluctuated with majestic and expansive aura, but there was not much fluctuation as his voice traveled out from the sky, saying: "With that said, then we shall see who is fated to get it."

"The Sacred Mountain also wants to join? Then I will also join in the fun!" Far away, a figure looming appeared with a powerful aura.

"All of the disciples of the Divine Demonic Sect listen up! Today such great enemies have come with fresh blood of my Divine Demonic Sect on their bodies. Later, you must kill your way out. If you can, fortunately, leave today, you must never let them off in the future. A blood debt. A blood debt requires blood in return!

The Honourably Demon stated with glow in its tiger eyes. Such a voice landed exceptionally clear into Su Yi's ears.

It caused Su Yi to feel that the words of the Honourably Demon, was directed to him.

"You have already reached the end of your life. Today, no one of the remaining evil of the Divine Demonic Sect can dream of escaping!"

The old figure spoke while emitting gruesome killing intent, that was very dense.

"Then, let's battle!"

The Honourably Demon loudly shouted as it shook the sky. Strands of demonic aura on its body emitted like rippling waterfall as though it was real. Then it started to explode, surging turbulently and instantly sweeping through the sky.

"Terminal lucidity? That is only the resplendent before dying! Come on!"

The old figure brought along killing intent and charged out first. The killing aura swept through the sky, directly heading towards the Honourably Demon.


That fierce tiger loudly cried as its massive body also immediately waved its claws and tore the sky, wanting to scratch the Honourably Demon.


Almost at the same time, a group of mighty figures also instantly appeared.

The figure from the Sacred Mountain like a sword god, the mighty figure that appeared loomingly, the giant ferocious bird at far away and the rest simultaneously, directly pounced towards the Honourably Demon.

These strong cultivators also wanted to get the remains in the courtyard and did not want it to land at the hands of massive tiger and the old figure that took the lead.

A big battle instantly exploded while the sky shook. The glow in the sky was brilliant with black clouds covering the top, casting light on the night sky of this ancient land like the end of the world.

"Come on, and let’s battle!"

At the moment, facing against so many joint attacks of extremely powerful cultivators, the eyes of the Honourably Demon did not have any fear, but instead, revealed a sort of desire with surging battle intent as its figure directly charged up.

The Honourably Demon wanted to leave the ground further to fight as it was afraid that the frightening battle could destroy the land below, causing the bloodline of the Divine Demonic Sect to get destroyed by the ripples.

"Swish swish……"

The person from the Sacred Mountain attacked. A series of glow emitted out from his body, turning into a brilliant sword light, slicing through the sky towards the Honourably Demon.

That massive tiger glanced with hostility while its eyes were like the blood moons with hook-like claws.

One by one, the powerful cultivators attacked, having a big battle in the sky.

Scary expansive energy swept through like countless stars falling down and clashing with densely packed thunder clouds and glow stormingly moving, which was incomparably horrifying and intense as though the destruction of the world.

It could be seen that, the situation of the Honourably Demon was notably bad as it had already past its prime and reached its end. Very quickly, it got suppressed.

"Lord Honourably Demon!"

On the ground, the strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe sorrowfully cried.

The Honourably Demon was fighting with its own strength against so many powerful cultivators, yet nobody amongst them had the ability to intervene, not daring to even get close.

The level of that big battle was absolutely not something that they could intervene.

"Honourably Demon!"

Within the glow cover, Su Yi lifted his head and glanced at the series of figures in the sky while his gaze was a little red.

Although they haven’t met for long, not even talking for a few sentences, Su Yi knew that it was a powerful beast that had fork out everything for the Divine Demonic Sect, where even though it had reached its ends, it still protects the Divine Demonic Sect.

That group of so-called strong cultivators, including the person from the Sacred Mountain, claimed to be grandiose, yet they were now jointly attacking the Honourably Demon with their advantages in numbers. What they truly wanted was the remains of the Divine Demonic Sect from the body of the Honourably Demon.

"Kill, not a single one remaining evil must be left behind!"

Very quickly, the great enemies on the bottom once again started a bloodbath.

"Start to break out. Listens to the Honourably Demon and try to escape!"

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe spoke.

The strong cultivators formed groups, taking people along and started to break out.

Everyone knew very distinctively that the great enemies today were too powerful. Apart from the youngsters that got sent out, if today, they could send more people out, it would be considered as leaving more traces of hope for the Divine Demonic Sect.

"No one shall have wishful thoughts about escaping!"

The great enemies had already pounced over while their strengths were too powerful. A bloodbath had started from everywhere, and not many people could obstruct these great enemies.

"Risk it!"

The elders of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe charged out and exploded with their full force.

Such a bloody battle instantly became misery as abruptly, the elders of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, were severely wounded.

There were bodies of the elders falling down.

There were elders being, killed.


The clansmen sorrowfully cried. These strong cultivators of their tribe got killed because they wanted to protect them and used their bodies to obstruct the powerful enemies.


Within the Ancient Spirit Village, strong cultivators kept falling down with wounds. Inside the glow cover, Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Chen Feng, and the rest had seen it with their own eyes, and all of them wanted to charge out of the glow cover.

However, everything inside the glow cover was restricted. Nobody could get out as they got bounced back.


Su Yi swung his fists, wanting to crush this cover of glow.

The many figures that fell down from the sky, which Su Yi was very familiar with them. They were once the people that concerned about him, and right now, as they fell before him, they were most likely fraught with grim possibilities.

"Bang bang……"

Su Yi went all out. The aura inside his body had already reached the Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade, yet he still could not crush this glow cover and get bounced back by force.


In the sky, Elder Shangguan Qing Ming of the Ancient Spirit Village loudly cry as his figure swept through the sky, bringing along a batch of villagers from the Ancient Spirit Village, trying to kill out a bloody road.

"Pu chi……"

However, a great enemy with a strong might blocked him. A palm landed down, causing Shangguan Qing Ming to get blown away while spewing out blood.


When Shangguan Yan saw from afar that his father fell down from the sky, his eyes became red while his figure struggled to charge out, but he still could not break out of the glow cover and get fiercely bounced back.


On top of the sky of the Mighty Bear Tribe, a great enemy appeared with a weapon in his hand and a radiance frightening swept out. Some of the elderly of the Mighty Bear Tribe could not even resist one move and got killed.


The old clan leader of the Mighty Bear Tribe appeared with a gaze like lightning as though a raged furious bear. In his hand was a long rod-like weapon swinging out with a brilliant glow along with a beast roar.

That great enemy was quite powerful with an incomparably scary aura charging through the sky as he coldly smiled with weapon clashing over, shaking the chain of mountains.

However, that great enemy was blown far back as the weapon in his hand also let out sparks of fire, seemingly did not gain any advantages while his face revealed shock.