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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 264

2023-04-06 07:00:00Publish Time: 355 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 264: The Biggest Benefit!

Hearing this, on the contrary, Su Yi was not mysteriously, especially looking forward to it.

Because of the recent broke through, Su Yi was precisely worried that his foundation was not stable. He was most afraid of breaking through again in a short time while his highest anticipation to the Tian Yao Cave, was to fortify his spiritual soul.

"I heard that the biggest benefit in the Tian Yao Cave was to fortify the spiritual soul, especially for Alchemist and Tool Refiner, the benefit was notably tremendous." Shangguan Ye stated while his gaze was looking forward to it a little, but sadly, he could not become an Alchemist or a Tool Refiner.

"Unfortunately, no one amongst us can become an Alchemist or a Tool Refiner."

Shangguan Xiu felt a little regretful as in their generations, the Ancient Spirit Village, did not have any Alchemist or a Tool Refiner emerging. If they wanted to become an Alchemist or a Tool Refiner, there were too many requirements, and these requirements appeared very demanding to them.

"Alchemist and Tool Refiner is too rare."

Shangguan Yu spoke. According to what he knew, adding up the entire Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, the current amount of Alchemists, and Tool Refiners, could be counted with his fingers while any one of them was a treasure.

"Yi Su, are there many Alchemists and Tool Refiners on the outside world?" Suddenly, Shangguan Xiu glanced at Su Yi and asked.

"Alchemists and Tool Refiners have an extremely high status. The people that can become an Alchemist and a Tool Refiner are notably little." Su Yi shook his head as even on the outside, Alchemists and Tool Refiners were also remarkably few.

"That's true, Alchemists and Tool Refiners are too rare. I have heard that there is another type that is even harder to become, which is the Soul Tamer. Does the outside world have it?"

Shangguan Xiu asked Su Yi. Soul Tamer seemed to have a legendary existence within the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe. At least she had never seen them before.

"Soul Tamer, there does not seem to be many too. They should be even rarer than Alchemist and Tool Refiner."

Su Yi faintly smiled. He could not become an Alchemist or a Tool Refiner, but just the identity of Soul Tamer alone was enough as it was an existence that was even rarer than the Alchemist and Tool Refiner.

Just solely based on the battle strength, a Soul Tamer should be even stronger than an Alchemist and a Tool Refiner.

"It will be great if there are Alchemists and Tool Refiners amongst us so that the benefit they can get is even greater."

Shangguan Yan said a little regretfully. An Alchemist and a Tool Refiner had even more demanding requirements on spiritual power, so if they could strengthen their spiritual power, the benefit they could get would also be higher.

"Too bad, the Tian Yao Cave can only allow eight people to go in every time. It will be better if more people can go in."

Shangguan Ye exclaimed. In half a year, only eight people could enter. Although the Ancient Spirit Village had won this time, they only had ten years to enter the Tian Yao Cave.

"Rumors have it that the Tian Yao Cave was left by, the joint ancestor of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe. There is still the biggest benefit in the Tian Yao Cave. Only, unfortunately, nobody has ever gotten it."

Shangguan Chen Feng's figure sat as straight as a pencil. On the flying beast mount, his white robe fluttered while his eyes slightly squinted. He had heard before from some elderly when they inadvertently spoke about the secret of the Tian Yao Cave that it still had the biggest benefit. Only, unfortunately, nobody had ever gotten it.

"Biggest benefit?"

Hearing this, the gazes of Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and the rest trembled as it was their first time hearing this.

"Perhaps that biggest benefit is a legend, or perhaps it is waiting for the destined one."

Shangguan Chen Feng said. He wanted to get the biggest benefit of the Tian Yao Cave, but he also knew very clearly that wanting to get the biggest benefit, most likely, it was waiting for the destined one.

"The biggest benefit……"

Su Yi did not think too much of it. In this half a year, he only hoped to improve his spiritual power.

Far away at the front, a giant towering mountain stood, rising into the clouds with its peak covered by the spreading fog.

"We have reached."

Shangguan Xi Wei looked at that giant towering mountain and spoke.

"Is it there……"

Su Yi lifted his head and looked over. He secretly felt shocked as that giant towering mountain in front, that was not far from the competition square two days ago, he had felt an unusual special aura from it back then, but that aura had disappeared in an instant.

Very quickly, the flying beast mount landed at the bottom of that giant towering mountain.


When that flying beast mount faced that giant towering mountain, as though it felt a type of aura, its gaze secretly trembled a little as it seemed very frightened.

When everyone landed down from the flying beast mount, it quickly spread its wings and left with fright.

The giant towering mountain that rose into the cloud was incomparably enormous like an enormous ancient beast collapsing face-on, so tall that it looked as though it was going to collapsed aggressively.

The greens on the mountain overlapped with an endless immense forest like the undulating waves of the sea, surging turbulently. It was magnificent while it revealed a type of ancient aura that seemingly came from the ancient times.

"An especially strange aura……"

At this moment, standing beneath the mountain, Su Yi once again felt an unusual special aura from the inside of the towering mountain peak before him.

The feeling was especially strange, but it once again disappeared in an instant and returned to normal, no longer unusual.

Lifting his head and glancing over from afar, on a two-people wide boundless meandering stone road from the bottom of the mountain to the waist, within the undulating verdant immense forest, he could faintly see a cave on the waist of the mountain.

"We have to walk up. The Tian Yao Cave is the common restricted area of the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe, so nobody must be blasphemy."

Shangguan Xi Wei said to Su Yi. The flying beast mount could only land at the bottom of the mountain, so to go up, they must walk by themselves.

The group of people went up the mountain while everyone started to be serious and respectful.

That was the Tian Yao Cave, the restricted area of the Ancient Spirit Village, so there must not be any ounce of disrespectful.

Su Yi followed after the group of people and went up the mountain. Unknowingly, he could feel that especially strange aura from time to time, only that it was unpredictable.

Although the stone road was not winding, it was very meandering. To the waist of the mountain, estimated, it should be more than one thousand zhang long while it was also quite steep.

However, everyone was a cultivator. Hence, this stone road did not mean anything to them.

After a total of two hours, the group of people then reached the waist of the mountain.

A small broad square laid across while on top of the waist of the mountain, there was a massive cave around twenty over zhang tall.

On two sides of the cave, there was a massive life-like ferocious and fierce stone tiger and stone bear sculpture attached on both sides of the mountain wall. Their entire bodies were thick and heavy, as though carrying ten thousand years of vicissitude.

The stone door of the cave shut tightly with some Sanskrit marks and a mysterious pattern on it.

On top of the cave, the three big words 'Tian Yao Cave' were lively and vigorously flourished in calligraphy. Carefully sizing up, it was like the radiance of the saber and the glow of the sword that would make people's hearts grew cold.


When Su Yi stepped onto the small square, that strange aura once again, distinctively came over, which caused his heart to tremble for an unknown reason.

"The people of the Ancient Spirit Village!" Such a voice faintly traveled over.

Shangguan Chen Feng, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest who had a respectful face to the Tian Yao Cave and were bowing to it, abruptly heard the voice and lifted their heads to look over.

On one side of the Tian Yao Cave, eight figures appeared before the group of people.

The one leading was a youth that appeared around 22 years old. His figure was skinny and tall with a long shirt that clung to his body, polishing out that graceful and elegant line. His long black hair reached his shoulder while his face had defined features, especially those pair of eyes that sparkled with stars-like radiance.

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