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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 262

2023-04-02 07:31:19Publish Time: 406 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 262: A Fearsome Name For Ten Thousand Years!

"It's a good thing that you are alright. Grandma said that you had broken through too fast and affected your foundation. Although she has given you an elixir to eat, you still have to pay attention in the future."

Outside the courtyard, Shangguan Xi Wei glanced at Su Yi and carefully sized him up. Seeing that Su Yi was perfectly fine, she then entirely relaxed while her eyes still had an unbearable shock.

This fellow had actually broken through so many times in a short period. It was simply insane.


Su Yi nodded his head while he could also feel the backlash from breaking through too fast as the Yuan Qi inside his body was not as pure as before. In the future, he could not let himself breakthrough again, and as expected, the medicinal power inside his body came from the village head's elixir.

"Initially, I am still worried when you would wake up, but luckily, you have woken up just in time. Tomorrow morning, we will be setting off for the Tian Yao Cave, which is the benefits that we have promised you." Shangguan Xi Wei glanced at Su Yi and said.

"Tian Yao Cave."

Su Yi's gaze slightly moved. It looks like the place where it had tremendous benefits to the spiritual power was at the Tian Yao Cave.

"Tian Yao Cave is the common restricted area for the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe. The competition that occurs once every ten years for the younger generation decides who will take control of the Tian Yao Cave for the next ten years."

Shangguan Xi Wei told Su Yi about some of the situations, but the information she knew was not much, except that the Tian Yao Cave was the common restricted area for the Ancient Spirit Tribe, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe.

The restricted area had a great benefit. When entered the cave to cultivate, not only could people get twice the result with only half the effort, it could also fortify the spiritual soul.

In the future, the people who entered the Tian Yao Cave would walk further beyond compared to the rest in the same generation while their might would also be much stronger too.

Only, the Tian Yao Cave had limitations where the people who could enter must not be too many. There were limits to the spots, therefore the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe would have such a competition once every ten years.

"Setting off tomorrow……"

Su Yi's gaze, was filled with expectation. Back then, he came to the Ancient Spirit Village was because of what Shangguan Xi Wei had said that by only borrowing the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, he would get a chance to increase his strength and most importantly, he would also get a type of spiritual power that could fortify his.

Fortifying the spiritual power means so much to Su Yi. It must be, known that regardless of an Alchemist, Tool Refiner, or a Soul Tamer, it would be, exceeding hard to strengthen one’s spiritual power, much less to be, said of an ordinary cultivator.

As it was extremely tough to strengthen the spiritual power.

For Su Yi, it was extremely urgent for him to fortify his spiritual soul. To get a type of spiritual power to fortify his spiritual soul, this was undeniably the condition required for the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

The First Level of Chaotic Yuan Demonic Body was the Indestructible Vajra Body, which Su Yi had already cultivated successfully, but the Second Level, the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, kept stagnating without moving forward.

To take away the souls of all beings to strengthen his own was the method to cultivate the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, absorbing all spiritual souls and refined them with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to strengthen and fortify his spiritual soul.

Su Yi knew distinctively that with his cultivation now, it was far from enough to absorb someone else's spiritual soul.

Hence, when Shangguan Xi Wei said that it could fortify the spiritual power, Su Yi unhesitantly entered this place with risks, thinking that he might be able to use that benefit to cultivate his Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul.

Following from the previous cultivation of the Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul, Su Yi could distinctly feel that this would have tremendous benefits to him being a Soul Tamer as they could complement each other.

"Tian Yao Cave, what kind of place is it? I also want to go." Su Tian Que, who had been following beside Su Yi, moved its small eyes as it also wants to enter the Tian Yao Cave.

"That will not do. There is a quota of eight people, and we really cannot take out one more person. Moreover, the ancestor's instructions have rules that no beasts can enter the Tian Yao Cave."

Shangguan Xi Wei bitterly smiled. The Tian Yao Cave was not only the restricted area of the Ancient Spirit Village but also the restricted area of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe.

Not mentioning that the Ancient Spirit Village indeed could not take out another person, even if the Ancient Spirit Village allowed Su Tian Que to enter, the people of the Hunting Tiger Tribe and the Mighty Bear Tribe would also not agree.

That was because the ancestor's instruction had clearly mentioned that no beasts could be allowed to enter the Tian Yao Cave.

"Why beasts cannot enter? Furthermore, I am not a beast. I am………."

Su Tian Que wanted to say something yet hesitated. It raised its head to protest while it flapped its featherless wings as it unconvincingly objected: "This is discrimination, definitely a discrimination."

"Go play at one side and stop fooling around." Su Yi rolled his eyes at Su Tian Que and then asked Shangguan Xi Wei: "How long are we going to stay at the Tiao Yao Cave?"

"Half a year. We can only stay for half a year as reportedly, people cannot stay for too long in the Tian Yao Cave as the spiritual soul will not be able to endure it. At then, there will be harm and no benefit."

Shangguan Xi Wei smiled and told Su Yi about some of the situations.

Although the Tian Yao Cave had benefits to increase might, and most importantly, fortified the spiritual power.

Once the time surpassed half a year, there would be, harmed and no benefit as there would be a trace of indistinctive energy that made the spiritual soul unable to endure it.

"There is still such a thing……"

Su Yi felt strange and curious. Looks like the Tian Yao Cave, which was the common restricted area for the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe, had its own wonders.

"Take a good rest as tomorrow morning we will be, setting off." Shangguan Xi Wei then left.

Outside the courtyard, the sky had already turned dark. Tonight, the moon was bright while the stars were dark.

"Grandfather, are you still alright? I will try to hurry back to help you recover. I will never forgive the people who have hurt you back then!"

Looking at the Manchurian wild rice and the bright moon, Su Yi softly mumbled in his heart. The sharpening in this period, from the Forest of Demons to the Grand Beast Canyon, not only were it on his strength and physique, but it was also indistinctively sharpening his mind.

The things he saw, heard, and experience along the way allowed Su Yi to understand that there was no reason at all in this world.

The strong were respected while the weak would be eaten by the strong.

If you were weak, then you would be the meat on somebody's chopping board. Strength was the real truth.

"Stronger, to become a strong cultivator!"

Su Yi slightly clenched his fists while his gaze sparkled in the night, emitting out a blinding glow.

From his previous life, in this life, he definitely could not be a dull and useless person again. If he could not have a good reputation flowing down for long ages, then he shall have a fearsome name for ten thousand years, which was much better than a busy and ordinary life, since anyway, this life was also suddenly earned.

And for him to become a strong cultivator, Su Yi knew very clearly that what he relied on was the identity of a cultivator and a Soul Tamer.

One day, when he reached the cultivation level of the legends, then he would step into the Sacred Mountain.

"You seem to have something in your mind?"

Su Tian Que lifted its head while it leaned slanted on something not far away as it pretended to be serious with its featherless wings placed behind its back, faintly glancing at Su Yi.

"Do you know about the Sacred Mountain?" Su Yi looked at it and asked Su Tian Que.

"Sacred Mountain. I don't know." Su Tian Que shook its head.

"Then it's alright. I will be going to the Tian Yao Cave for half a year. You better not cause any trouble in the Ancient Spirit Village, or else if you get roasted and eaten by people, I also have no ways to save you." Su Yi was a little worried about Su Tian Que as this fellow was never idle while he was also afraid that it would cause trouble.

"I am a dignified peacock. Do I still need your rescue?" Su Tian Que rolled its eyes at Su Yi, displaying its disdain.