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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 239

2023-02-07 12:00:00Publish Time: 449 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 239: Matchmaker

When Su Yi reached the square, a group of villagers had already been waiting and was very friendly towards Su Yi.

"The clothes are very fitting. Initially, I made it for my boy Shangguan Ye, but Yi Su is much more suitable and looked better."

A woman walked out. She was Shangguan Ye's mother while, looking at the clothes Su Yi was wearing, she revealed an expression of smiles as the more she looked at it, the more satisfied she became.

"Child, do you have a match already? Why not just stay in the village in the future? How about auntie will become your matchmaker and let you wed a nice looking girl? What is your view of Xiu Xiu?" A woman slightly smiled and said.

"Third Aunt, I……"

Not far away, Shangguan Xiu heard it, and her entire face became bashful. The area from her neck to her earlobes was throbbing red, which added a touch of feminine to her innocence.

"I think Xi Wei is more suitable. Do Yi Su like Xi Wei, that girl?" Another woman came forward and smiling said.

"Xi Wei seems to be much older than Yi Su, right? Xiu-er is better at a similar age."

"That is not necessarily true. It is reportedly that a wife that is three years older than the husband will ensure a richer life. Being older is a good thing."


Listening to the words of the aunties, Su Yi had a face full of bitter smiles and could only find an excuse to leave.

The night descended with the brilliant bonfires while the Ancient Spirit Village was incomparably lively.

"Come, Yi Su. This bear paw is yours as well as this tiger leg. It is very fragrant while it can strengthen the body, and also having a benefit for your cultivation."

A strong cultivator of the village placed the well-roasted bear paw and the tiger meat in front of Su Yi. Today, Su Yi was the main character, so he shall have the best treatment.

"And also these meats, they were picked up from the Yao Luo Mountain. After consuming it, the benefits should be tremendously great."

A strong cultivator still handed over many roasted meats of the beasts that Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest had picked up a few days back, which were killed by the Armor Iron Demonic Rhinoceros when they wanted to snatch its demonic core.

The beasts were almost at the Demonic Void Realm, therefore after consuming it, one would receive a tremendous benefit.

Su Yi wanted to decline, but he was unable to wriggle off and could only be surrounded by the people to the center, enjoying the treatment of being the main character.

"Brother Yi Su, thank you. Our lives, were saved by you. If, it wasn't for you, we will most probably be unable to come back."

A few young men went up, wanting to drink with Su Yi.

Shangguan Xiu was also amongst them as she bashfully lifted her head with her earlobes still red.

"Everyone, no need to be polite."

Su Yi was carefree as the people from the village were very honest while he put down the guard in his heart and mixed with everybody.


Afterward, the tiger meat and the bear paw entered his mouth while he kept praising it profusely.

Matching with the Hundred Fruits Wine, it was utterly out of this world and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

"Delicious, delicious……"

Su Tian Que had long sat in the square as he hugged a big piece of tiger meat and chowing down on it with its mouth full of dripping oil.

"Elder Qing Ming is back!"

"Sister Xi Wei is back."

All of a sudden, someone passed a message as outside the village, there were flying beasts mounts circling around before landing down. Then, several figures leaped down, who were the strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village.

The ones leading were precisely Shangguan Qing Ming and Shangguan Xi Wei.

Shangguan Qing Ming, Shangguan Xi Wei, and the rest came back with heavy hearts.

This time when they went up the Yao Luo Mountain, not only had they not found the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, but they also met with some trouble.

As they looked at the brilliant faraway bonfires inside the village with a happy atmosphere, all of them were secretly surprised.

"Sister Xi Wei, Yi Su has come back. He is not dead and has come back."

Shangguan Xiu ran out and immediately told Shangguan Xi Wei the news as she knew that Shangguan Xi Wei always had the heaviest heart and was only forcefully enduring it.

"He has come back……"

When Shangguan Xi Wei heard the news, the formerly somewhat fatigued eyes momentarily shone and was a little stunned.

"Sister Xi Wei, Yi Su has really come back. He did not die." Shangguan Xiu stated.


Yuan Qi surged as Shanggun Xi Wei's figure instantly charged out with speed akin to lightning.

"Yi Su did not die."

When Shangguan Qing Ming and the several strong cultivators heard it, the formerly depressed expression momentarily gushed with a pleasant surprise.

Shangguan Xi Wei's figure charged up to the square. She could see Su Yi from afar who was surrounded by a group of people with a similar age.

That familiar figure was now brimming with energy while eating meat and drinking wine in a big mouthful.

Her figure stagnated. The glow within her eyes surged before gradually resided. Shangguan Xi Wei hesitated for a moment and slowed her footsteps as she gently walked over.

"Sister Xi Wei is back."

"Sister Xi Wei."

Many people crowded over when they saw Shangguan Xi Wei.

Shangguan Xi Wei smiled and walked to the front of Su Yi. Glancing at him, she slightly smiled and said: "Those who survive a catastrophe are bound to have a good fortune later on. Thank you for saving everyone."

"I didn't see you guys, so I came back on my own."

Su Yi slightly smiled and looked at the young girl before him. Seemingly in just a few days, her complexion had become haggard a lot, and she had become skinnier.

"As long as you are fine." Shangguan Xi Wei smiled.

"Yi Su, you are truly not dead."

A lively voice sounded over as Shangguan Qing Ming came up. Seeing that Su Yi had indeed returned, his face was brimming with joy.

"I'm just lucky to be alive. I have made everyone worried."

Su Yi was very touched. All of them had gone to the Yao Luo Mountain to search for him and had just returned.

"Truly a miracle, quickly tell me, what has happened?"

Shangguan Qing Ming patted Su Yi's shoulders. To be able to come back alive from the stomach of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros, that was definitely a miracle.

Su Yi roughly addressed about it. In general, the life force of the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros had coincidentally depleted and thoroughly unable to hang on, so he was able to escape barely with his life.

"Those who survive a catastrophe are bound to have a good fortune later on."

Shangguan Qing Ming and the rest of the strong cultivators of the village felt unbelievable and also very fortunate when they heard about it.

And when Shangguan Qing Ming and the rest knew that Su Yi had still killed a Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and an Earth Hill Fierce Bear from the Mighty Bear Tribe, they were even more shocked.

Afterward, Su Yi knew from Shangguan Qing Ming's mouth that the reason why they got delayed and had just returned was that they had met with a strong beast at the Yao Luo Mountain.

The strong cultivators of the Ancient Spirit Village and the beast had a big battle and were finally able to get out.

In the square, everybody finally dispersed after late in the night.

Su Tian Que hugged a big jug of the Hundred Fruits Wine and many roasted meats and had once again unknowingly gone somewhere else.

Su Yi and Shangguan Xi Wei returned to the courtyard.

"Thank you, and see you tomorrow."

Along the way, the two of them did not spoke. After they reached the courtyard, Shangguan Xi Wei later spoke.

"Your welcome."

Su Yi nodded his head and then went back to his room.

The effect of the bear paws and the meat of the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger were good with energy spreading inside Su Yi's body.

Especially the meat of those beasts that had almost reached the Demonic Void Realm, the effect was even better.

And the Hundred Fruits Wines, Su Yi had once again drunk many of them.

Shutting his eyes to meditate, Su Yi sat cross-legged to refine the benefits.

After a short moment, the entire body of Su Yi, was covered in a faint layer of radiance.

Inside the radiance, it revealed some crimson color with a mighty aura.

At night, the color of the moon was like silver, shining everywhere. On top of the chain of mountains and dense forest, it rained down its radiance.

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