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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 237

2023-02-01 11:45:51Publish Time: 465 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 237: Second Home!

Yi Su stood far away from the village entrance and slightly lifted his head. Seeing that there were so many people standing at the village entrance, he felt a little strange. Then when he saw some of the familiar figures standing at the front, he panted heavily and shouted aloud: "Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and Shangguan Ye, you guys quickly come over and help me. It’s so exhausting!"

"What are you guys standing there for? We have come back!"

A featherless meat chicken walked out with a crisped voice while tucking its tail as its short legs walked lazily.

"Yi Su. It is Brother Yi Su!"

"It is Brother Yi Su. He did not die. Brother Yi Su did not die!"

"Did not die. Brother Yi Su is still alive!"

When that familiar voice sounded over, the gazes of Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Ye, and Shangguan Yu unbearably trembled while their entire bodies shivered with a start.

Afterward, the three figures madly pounced forward with tears running out.

"Is Yi Su. He is not dead, and he has returned!"

Shangguan Xiu and the rest of the youngsters also came back to their senses after being stunned and momentarily charged forward.

"Brother Yi Su……"

A bunch of wimpy kids' tender voices also sounded as they followed behind.

At the village entrance, a group of villagers glanced at each other before revealing expressions of joy.

"Brother Yi Su!"

A group of figures pounced over with excitement.

"What are you guys doing?"

Su Yi's gaze was stunned, and he momentarily threw the body of the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger down from his shoulders as looking at the stance of the people, something did not seem to be right.

"Brother Yi Su, so you are not dead. You have frightened me!"

"Hahaha, Brother Yi Su is not dead. Not dead!"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, and Shangguan Ye leaped over the corpse of the Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger and directly threw themselves onto Su Yi's body.

The three of them tightly hugged the confused Su Yi, unwilling to let go. They were so happy that they cried tears of joy as hot tears gushed out from their eyes.

They were seemingly afraid that once they let go, the person before them would disappear.

"Brother Yi Su!"

A group of young men and women also rushed over. All of them were incomparably excited as the happiness on their face were undisguised.

"Su Tian Que, you two are still alive. That's too great!"

When Shangguan Xiu saw Su Tian Que, she was very excited and reached her hands out to hug Su Tian Que.

"What? Granddaddy Que has always been alive."

Su Tian Que rolled its eyes at Shangguan Xiu and directly dodged.

"Little chicken, you are also back!"

A bunch of little fellows ran over and surrounded Su Tian Que. All of them were very happy.

"Wimpy kids, quickly get lost." Su Tian Que ducked.

"Little chicken, we will no longer eat you, so don't be afraid."

A small girl with a little ponytail spoke, appearing extremely cute.

"Clueless wimpy kids. Anger me to death."

Su Tian Que felt very gloomy as it was a peacock! It momentarily flapped its short wings, dodging from left and right trying to avoid them.


A kid that was robust and honest yet with innocent eyes directly pounced and smashed Su Tian Que underneath him.

"Haha, I caught you. Relax, we won't eat you."

That little fellow was incomparably happy as he tightly hugged Su Tian Que, not letting it go.

"So angry……"

Su Tian Que was brewing with anger while its eyeballs were about to pop out of its eye sockets.

"Don't be afraid. In the future, we will not eat you anymore, since you have saved Sister Xiu, Brother Yan, and everyone." A little kid told Su Tian Que earnestly.


Su Tian Que felt very wronged while this bunch of little fellows was too wild.

"Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger and the bear paws of Earth Hill Fierce Bear."

Some of the villagers from the village also came over. When they saw the tiger body and the bear paws on the ground, all of them felt very surprised.

"It's good that you did not die. A blessing from heaven!" An elderly kindly spoke.

"Children, quickly go back to the village. Yi Su must be tired." A woman slightly smiled and said.

A strong cultivator from the village had already easily carried the tiger body back with one hand.

"Let's go. We will go back first."

Under the clustering of the excited crowd, Su Yi got pulled back to the village while everyone was utterly happy.

"Yi Su is not dead, and he has returned!"

The news, was quickly spread around, and many villagers ran out, feeling very happy.

Su Yi this time had saved many of their juniors while disregarding his own safety which had made them very touched.

"Child, you are still alive. Thanks the heaven." An old lady thanked the heaven.

"Yi Su, look at your robe. So dirty. Later you can take it off and let auntie help you wash it clean!" A woman said.

"Brother Yi Su, what had happened? You were clearly, swallowed by that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros."

Inside the village, after Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Yan and the rest had calmed their excitement, they asked Su Yi.

"It is a long story. After all, the life force of that Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros was about to deplete, so I took the chance and escaped. It's a pity that I had accidentally broken the demonic core."

It's not that Su Yi did not trust them. Only, it would be slightly better if the matter of the sudden eruption of the broken sword was hidden.

"To be able to come back alive and be saved by the bell, it is truly wonderful."

The people did not ask any further as they also knew that the Iron Armor Demonic Rhinoceros was initially about to die at that time.

As for the demonic core, all of them did not care. Even if the demonic core, was placed before them, all of them also felt that the demonic core was supposed to belong to the young man before them.

From everyone's mouth, Su Yi later found out that Shangguan Yan and the rest had waited at the village entrance for three days and three nights, wanting to receive his corpse.

There were already strong cultivators from the village heading to Yao Luo Mountain with Shangguan Xi Wei leading the way. Only, they had yet to return.

Seeing the pure happiness in everybody's eyes and the passionate and caring that came from within their hearts, there was a warmth flowing within Su Yi's heart.

Then, from Su Yi's mouth, everyone also found out that Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe and Hu Du from the Hunting Tiger Tribe had actually brought powerful beasts to the Yao Luo Mountain with the motive of dealing with Su Yi.

However, when they found out that Su Yi had killed an Earth Hill Fierce Bear in the Demonic Xuan Realm Eighth Grade and a Splitting Rock Demonic Tiger almost in the Demonic Spirit Realm, everyone was even more flabbergasted.

A series of gazes stared at Su Yi. This fellow was indeed frighteningly strong with unfathomable strength.

"Too shameless. They have actually brought beasts to the Yao Luo Mountain!"

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu and the rest were furious. Bringing beasts to the Yao Luo Mountain to deal with Yi Su, this Hu Du from the Hunting Tiger Tribe and Xiong Lie from the Mighty Bear Tribe were too shameless.

"Those groups of wimpy kids might still be crying now."

Su Tian Que did not pay much attention while it had already struggled free from the embraces of those wild kids as it tucked its tail and swaggeringly followed beside Su Yi.

"Brother Yi Su, how are Xiong Lie and Hu Du?"

Hearing Su Tian Que's words, Shangguan Ye and the rest glanced at each other before looking at Su Yi and asked.

Listening to Su Tian Que's tone, seemingly that Xiong Lie and Hu Du were still very miserable at this moment.

"Nothing much, I only make them learn their lesson." Su Yi snickered.

"The juniors of the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe have gone a little too overboard. Later I must scold those fellows from the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe!"

Some of the strong cultivators of the village were angered. This time, the Mighty Bear Tribe and the Hunting Tiger Tribe actually brought beasts to the Yao Luo Mountain which had gone a little too overboard.

Usually, the juniors knew how far to go and when to stop during a conflict, but this time, they had unmistakably gone overboard.