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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 231

2023-01-29 11:15:33Publish Time: 287 views
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Chapter 231: Meeting Enemies

However, they had already spun around the Yao Luo Mountain for several days. Other than encountering some dangers, even the traces of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, were never seen.

"Count that brat lucky. Let's prepare to go back."

Hu Du felt very gloomy as this trip, had been wasted. He could only find another chance next time.


"Bang bang......"


A beast roared while intense fighting sounds rang out with big commotions.

Su Yi's figure appeared on top of a big faraway rock as he glanced down the valley.

At the moment, a total of over ten zhang giant flying beast with wings spread was fighting with a lizard beast.

Both the cultivation of the flying beast and the lizard were around the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade from their auras.

The claws of the flying beast were swift and sharp. Its body emitted a glow as the feathers on its body shone. Every time it dived down, it was incomparably fast and wherever its sharp claws went passed it would shatter the large rocks.

The lizard beast was unable to fly, yet it was very nimble. Its defense was remarkably powerful as its body, was covered with a thick armor-like meat scales that emitted black radiance. It was obviously an Earth element beast with a big long tail that was also incomparably sharp and emanated a chilling light. Under a defensive stance, the flying beast totally could not find any chance.

"Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture."

Su Yi knew that the flying beast is a Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture, but he did not recognize the lizard beast.

That was also normal as there were too many beasts in this world. There were many of them that were mutated and mixed beasts, so it was impossible for someone to say that they knew every single type of beasts in the world.

However, for a strong cultivator, it was easy to grasp the level of the bloodline of the beast.


A crisped cry transmitted over. At the top of the valley, on one side of the cliff, there was a cave with a nest.

Two small Hunting Wind Demonic Vultures were staring concernedly at the intense battle between the lizard beast and the adult Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture.

"That little lizard is having thoughts about the two small Hunting Wind Demonic Vultures. But, it did not expect that it will be, caught by the big Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture." Su Tian Que said with its head raised.

"That lizard is very smart. Most probably, that Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture also could not do anything to it."

Su Yi's eyes moved as he judged the far away intense battle between the lizard beast and the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture. Although the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture was a flying beast which held many advantages.

But, that lizard was very smart while its defense was flawless.

After a long time, once the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture became tired, it would then be at a disadvantage.

"That little lizard most likely want to swallow that big Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture even more now to gain the benefits." Su Tian Que spoke.

"Let's go down. Maybe we can negotiate with that Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture."

All of a sudden, Su Yi slightly smiled as after walking down the mountain for half a day, he could not find any flying beast that he could attack while at the moment, he found this Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture to be suitable.

"Bang bang bang......"

The eyes of the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture were sharp as it kept diving down and blasting out swift attacks, but the once and again attack returned without accomplishing anything while the effects were minuscule.

The lizard, was focused on defending flawlessly. It totally had no idea on how to deal with the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture while its consumption kept getting more and more.

"Hiss hiss......"

The scarlet tongue of the lizard beast flicked while emitting a bloody aura. It could feel that the aura on the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture was getting weaker and weaker as its fierce expression secretly revealed joy.

"Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture, how about I help you to kill this lizard while you give me a lift?!"

Suddenly, at this intense stalemate battle, a voice came over.

Both the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture and the lizard beast that were fighting intensely immediately glanced over to the voice while their expressions secretly changed, locking onto a human-shaped figure with frightening light flashing on their fearsome eyes.

Looking at that human-shaped figure that still had a featherless meat chicken on its side, both the eyes of the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture and the lizard beast were secretly surprised.

At a high ground of a cliff, two small Hunting Wind Demonic Vultures glanced at the figure that abruptly appeared. Their tiny misty eyes turned with full of curiosity.


"Hiss hiss......"

The Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture cried while the tongue of the lizard beast flicked, letting out a 'wu wu' sound from its throat and vigilantly stared at Su Yi.

For the beasts, humans were always their common enemy.

Su Yi stepped out. When his words landed, he slowly walked towards the lizard beast without paying any attention to the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture and said: "If you leave right now, I will let you live otherwise you shall die!"

As it watched Su Yi, such a human young man arrogantly walked over, the fearsome eyes of the lizard beast emitted a chilled light as that dark black figure abruptly directly swept out and pounced towards Su Yi with speed akin to lightning.

Its scarlet tongue spat out like lightning while its bloody aura spread which could make people retched.

"Foul beast!"

Su Yi abruptly lifted his head with Yuan Qi sweeping out from his feet as he went forward without retreating. A wind separating sound rang out from his body, sweeping out like a chain of afterimages. After his cultivation had skyrocketed, when initiating the Hundred Transformation Steps, his speed had also similarly skyrocketed.

With the Hundred Transformation Steps, he could cover a lot of ground in one step while his speed increased hugely. With never-ending changes, true or fake, fake or true, there was nothing to ponder over.

At the moment, Su Yi was at Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade while the lizard beast was only at the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade.

Su Yi's body seemingly dragged out a chain of afterimages, appearing before the right side of the lizard beast's skull like lightning as he shook his arm, and clenched his fists tightly.

At the same time, a whiff of overbearing and mighty aura suddenly exploded simultaneously from Su Yi's body as a fist directly blasted out while faintly bringing along with wind and thunder, heavily landed onto the skull of the lizard beast.

This scene made the lizard beast and the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture that were circling in mid-air to seemingly felt something at the same time as their gaze changed exceedingly while their bodies unknowingly shivered.


A deep and low explosion sound rang out like thunder while a trace of enormous power directly blasted the gigantic figure of the lizard beast away. It heavily flipped around before ramming onto a cliff not far away. The cliff that got hit rumbled as rocks collapsed and rolled down.

Then, the lizard beast in the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade fell down and rolled off as its skull was directly blasted open before it could even shriek.

Circulating the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, the Yuan Qi in his body flowed through his broad meridians like flowing surging water, letting out rumbling sounds.

Su Yi had only used less than half of his strength in that fist as he wanted to test his current battle strength.

The result made Su Yi very satisfied while the corner of his mouth curled up in a slight smile.

This type of powerful feeling, was incomparable, as it gave an indescribable comforting sensation to his entire body.

"I have already settled your opponent for you. You only have to give me a ride. Otherwise, its ending will be your ending. Your choice!"

Su Yi lifted his head while glancing and saying to the Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture flying at a low altitude.

"I am willing!"

The Hunting Wind Demonic Vulture looked at Su Yi before landing its large body before him. It kept both of its wings and prone on the ground. Inside its sharp and fearsome eyes, its gaze became respectful and shocked.

Su Yi kept the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and revealed a smile on his face. The Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique did not have that much of an effect to a strong beast in the Demonic Void Realm but, for those beasts in the Demonic Xuan Realm or Demonic Spirit Realm, its effect was remarkably tremendous, enough to frighten them.

"Swish swish!"

A wind separating sound transmitted over which even though it was not loud, the noise traveled into Su Yi's ears as there were many people.

Afterward, Su Yi followed the sound and glanced over. He then saw twenty over figures coming over along with several beasts.