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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 227

2023-01-29 11:14:51Publish Time: 396 views
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Chapter 227: Must Find Them!

"Yuan Xuan Realm Third Grade!"

When he felt the broke through, Su Yi suddenly opened both of his eyes. Although the surging power was still assaulting his body and was unbearably painful, it nevertheless could not stop his mouth from curling up into a smile.

He had broken through another grade this quickly at such a fast rate.

Also, at this moment, Su Yi's complexion once again abruptly changed while the smile from before instantly sunk.

"Not good......"

Su Yi bitterly laughed as his complexion changed color. There was still a massive amount of energy from the demonic core that was yet to be, refined but following with Su Yi's breakthrough, it indistinctly as though implicated the surrounding heaven and earth energy.

Following along with the surrounding heaven and earth energy flooding towards Su Yi, it spurred the energy of the demonic core inside his body while an unforeseen event abruptly occurred.

The unexpected arrival of the unforeseen event caused Su Yi to be stunned, yet he was not foreign to it.

Back then, when he first took the Spiritual Essence in the mysterious space, he had also met with such a situation.

The surrounding heaven and earth energy that got indistinctively implicated along with the unrefined energy inside his body directly flooded into the Qi Ocean of his Dantian as it instantly got compressed again and again.

Then a strange scene happened. When the energy of the demonic core flooded in along with the heaven and earth energy, it got speedily refined by the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and gushed into the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian like a flood.

Presently, everything was seemingly speeding up.

The insane surging energy of the demonic core got rapidly refined along with the indistinctive heaven and earth energy, turning into Yuan Qi while madly filling and flooding into Su Yi's Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian.

It was incomparably frenzied as though the fuse of the bomb got lighted.

The aura on Su Yi's body kept successively rising while inside the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian, it was as if a hurricane was sweeping through.

If all of this were to be seen by somebody, they would be incomparably shocked!


In a short time, the Whirlpool in his Dantian once again let out an explosion sound while the area of the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian kept getting wider with fluctuating frenzied Yuan Qi and turbulent energy.

That was not the end as the shocking scene was still on-going, unable to stop......



Another short moment, inside the Dantian Whirlpool, it once again gave out another two explosion sounds as the aura on Su Yi's body climbed onto a new step.

Everything was like the momentum of splitting the bamboo and the thunderclap......

"Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade!"

Su Yi was stunned as he clearly felt the over and over strengthening while the pleasant sensation was beyond comparison.

However, this type of feeling made Su Yi incomparably worried.


The indistinctive heaven and earth energy was still flooding in as if it was endless along with the energy of the demonic core inside Su Yi as they implicated one another and became frantic.

Yuan Qi was still sweepingly flooding into his Yuan Qi Whirlpool.

Massive amounts of Yuan Qi charged into the Yuan Qi Whirlpool while Su Yi continued to get stronger as the aura on his body was still continuing to increase at a terrifying speed.

Though this type of increasing gave Su Yi an incomparable feeling of satisfaction.

It had instead caused Su Yi to be absolutely worried!

Such continuous breakthroughs was definitely not a good thing.

The last time was also like this, and Su Yi had forcibly stopped it.

A towering skyscraper must be built up from the flat ground while everything must be, done gradually. If it continues like this, there would be more harm and no gains for him. What's more, it was when he was still working on his foundations.

"It cannot go on like this, and must be stopped!"

Su Yi gritted his teeth and roared in his heart. He forcefully controlled the Yuan Qi within his body and the energy of the demonic core with the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique circulating. He wanted to cut off the implication with himself and the energy from the outside while forcefully compressing the Yuan Qi that had charged into the Yuan Qi Whirlpool within his Dantian.

The process was very hard, as though he was torturing himself.

Trying to cut off everything and forcefully stop the breakthrough was like trying to make the flood flow back.

Nonetheless, Su Yi was still going to forcefully cut it as he could not keep breaking through like this.


Su Yi began to separate and cut off the surrounding heaven and earth energy forcefully. The increasing aura on his body was also compressed by force.

However, the pain was the most excruciating agony that Su Yi had ever suffered as if the inside of his body were being ripped and assaulted by many frightening energies at the same time while his physical body was about to explode at any time.

If, it wasn't for his physique that was way more robust than people, he would not be able to bear it.

At this moment if, a strong cultivator was here, the person would probably be very flabbergasted.

As a cultivator, it was near impossible for anybody when faced with breaking through, to resist the temptation that was beyond comparison.

Yet, Su Yi resisted it. No one could compare to that tenacious and determination!

After a long time, everything then became peaceful.

The heaven and earth energy got forcefully cut off by Su Yi while the energy from the demonic core inside his body, which he no longer refined it, was separated with force by Su Yi.


Such separation was much harder than the last time, while Su Yi had to pay a price as he directly spewed out a mouthful of blood.

He evidently had just broken through, yet at the moment, his complexion was pale.

But, he no longer continued to break through while the corner of his mouth curled up in a smile as he then began to close his eyes to meditate.


The sky entered the night with remaining radiance from the setting sun as it covered the endless enormous mountains.

Inside the dense forest, currently, there were around 20 young men and women gathering together.

The one leading was a boy around the age of 15-16 years old, which was riding on a giant ferocious tiger.

The ferocious tiger had a fierce momentum as its body shone while the light within its eyes was incomparably frightening!

"Hu Du, what do we do now? We have already searched for two days, yet we still cannot find the people from the Ancient Spirit Village. They haven't gone back, right?"

A youth asked the boy that was riding on the tiger.

They had come here to find the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, but they had already been on the Yao Luo Mountain for two days, yet there were still no signs of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village.

"They must still be here. Perhaps they are inside trying to kill some beasts with higher cultivation. We must not let them go this time. Continue to search!"

The boy called Hu Du yelled while the corner of his mouth lifted in a cold smile. He had finally made preparations to come to the Yao Luo Mountain, so how could he let them off that easily?


At night with the moon in the sky, spilling moonlight.

"Brother Xiong Lie, where are the people from the Ancient Spirit Village? How come we haven't seen anyone of them yet?"

Inside the mountain forest, a group of over 20 young men and women were gathering around the bonfire.

Behind these young men and women, presently, there were also many beasts mounts.

Amongst them, there was a fearsome huge bear with shining eyes, emitting a frightening and fierce aura.


The moonlight shrouded with a layer of haze.

Su Yi once again closed his eyes to meditate. A layer of light was enveloping his body, emitting strands of scorching heat aura.

There was still much energy of the demonic core that was unrefined.

He could feel that the leftover energy and the energy which was compressed, later sunk into his blood, flesh, bones, meridians, and his internal organs as though it had disappeared.

While for his cultivation, originally, Su Yi was about to step into the peak of Yuan Xuan Realm Sixth Grade and was going to continue to breakthrough. But it got forcefully cut off and separated.

And right now, Su Yi was still trying to compress the aura.

The time had gone by for a total of one night before everything had entirely calmed down, and the aura on his body had gradually become peaceful.