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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 219

2023-01-29 10:49:31Publish Time: 275 views
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Chapter 219: Not Convinced!

Unquestionably, the younger generations of the Hunting Tiger Tribe, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Ancient Spirit Village would always have some dispute.

Everything was in the elders' acceptable range to allow the youngsters to have some comparison and compete with one another.

However, they had also heard about the situation yesterday. After lecturing the people, they had actually robbed everything from the group of people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

That was the first time that had ever happened. No one had ever done it before.

"The Ancient Spirit Village must give me an explanation today, or else my Hunting Tiger Tribe will not be done with you guys!"

Elder Hu Yan came with an overbearing momentum. Naturally, he would not let go of the matter. If he could not get this pride back, how would he have the face to go back.

"Elder Hu Yan, this is a misunderstanding."

In the Ancient Spirit Village, although some of the elders found yesterday to be relieving of their anger, they also felt to be in the wrong. Therefore they eased up their tone.

"What misunderstanding? Hurting people and robbing them. This act is too despicable!" Elder Hu Yan was absolutely unforgiving.

"The kids had lost in the fight while the grandfather actually runs here. Hu Yan, you really make me think too highly of you."

All of a sudden, such a faint voice traveled out as it resounded throughout the village.

"Cheng Ya......"

After hearing that, Hu Yan's complexion turned dark with flashing eyes. The expression that was swollen with rage instantly appeared a little deflated.

"Get lost, the matter between the small juniors, will naturally be solved among them, yet you are still unaware of humiliation and run out here. Don't you find it disgraceful or do you want me to send you back?!" Within the faint voice, there was an added clear majestic.


Hu Yan's eyes trembled while glancing inside the Ancient Spirit Village. His face seemed to be very wary.


In the end, Hu Yan's expression was very unsightly as he waved his hand to leave. He had come here rapidly while leaving quickly too.


"The Yao Luo Mountain is remarkably huge. Even enormous than combining the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe together. That is the place with the most beasts inside here. Reportedly, inside the Yao Luo Mountain, there are also powerful beasts in the Demonic Emperor Realm. But fortunately, as long as we do not go in deep, the cultivation of the beasts will not be too high."

Sitting on the back of the flying beast, Su Yi learned about some of the situations on the Yao Luo Mountain.

The distance from the Ancient Spirit Village and the Yao Luo Mountain was not close. Even by a flying beast, they would still need a day to arrive.

And this time, except for Su Yi and Su Tian Que, a total of ten people were dispatched from the Ancient Spirit Village.

There were Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu, Shangguan Ye with six other young men and women that Su Yi had seen yesterday.

Shangguan Zhang Hong's injuries were too severe, so he was not here.

Similarly, Shangguan Ming Hou's injuries had seemingly not fully recovered, so he was also not here. Instead, the comeliness little girl called Shangguan Xiu from yesterday was here.

"Everyone recuperate and preserve your energy. When we reached Yao Luo Mountain, it will almost be night time and will be very dangerous!" Shangguan Xi Wei warned everyone.

Although everyone was a little excited and looking forward to it, they were not careless as they started to close their eyes and recuperate. Reaching the Yao Luo Mountain at night was unquestionably even more dangerous than during the day.

"Inside here, how big is it?"

Su Yi did not close his eyes and recuperated. He was very curious and asked Shangguan Xi Wei.

Such a place that was isolated from the world with a large area, yet for some unknown reason, nobody had ever found out about it.

"There are many places here that even we have no idea." Shangguan Xi Wei shook her head.

"Have you guys never thought of going out?"

Su Yu knew that the Ancient Spirit Village had the ancestor's instructions that nobody could go out, but if, it was him, it would be a difficult thing to do so.

It was also uncertain why would the Ancient Spirit Village, Hunting Tiger Tribe, and the Mighty Bear Tribe have such a similar ancestor's instructions.

Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes stared into space as she hesitated and replied Su Yi: "I had once accidentally heard the conversation between my grandma and the elders that our ancestors seem to be hiding against a powerful enemy. We must always hide here or else once we go out, we will invite a fatal disaster."

Su Yi's eyes moved. If, this was true, then the enemy of the Ancient Spirit Village, Mighty Bear Tribe, and the Hunting Tiger Tribe would be very mighty.

From the circumstances of the Ancient Spirit Village and the rest, their ancestors would unmistakenly be frighteningly powerful.

And yet the person that could force them to hide and escape, the strength of it could be presumed.

"Wait until the competition has finished and the village had agreed to the conditions that I have mentioned. After that, I will escort you out." Shangguan Xi Wei thought that Su Yi wanted to leave while the glimmer in her eyes became somewhat dimmed.

Su Yi did not say anything but slightly smiled as he was unsure of what to say.

It was not that Su Yi wanted to leave this village, but in contrast, he really did not want to go if he could.

Although he had come to the village for not long, what he had felt from them in these two days was incomparably warm.

The village was honest and kind. The benevolent from the seniors, the smiling faces of the children, entirely everything had move Su Yi's heart, giving him an impulse to stay here.

However, Su Yi knew it very clearly. It was unknown how his grandfather's injuries were doing, and there were still some debts that he had not yet settled.


Elder Hu Yan had returned to the Hunting Tiger Tribe. Within many of the anticipation eyes from the people of the tribe, his expression appeared ugly and exhibiting gloominess.

"This debt cannot be settled just like this. My Hunting Tiger Tribe definitely cannot be a coward!"

Dusk, inside the Hunting Tiger Tribe, many youngsters had gathered together with enraged faces.

"Hu Du, Brother Hu Mo, and Brother Hu Yue are not his opponent while we also cannot deal with him. What else can we do?"

Youngsters surrounded around a young man about 15-16 years old and questioned as they appeared helpless. Hu Mo and Hu Yue were already not their opponents, so what could they do with their cultivations?

"Humph, the Ancient Spirit Village is too shameless. Do they truly think that there are no more ways to deal with them?!"

The young man called Hu Du revealed a cold smile at the corner of his mouth while appearing very confident as he said: "Counting the time, there should be people from the Ancient Spirit Village going to the Yao Luo Mountain."

"But Hu Du, we are not their opponents!"

A young man was worried. So what if they knew that the people from the Ancient Spirit Village was going to the Yao Luo Mountain? Not considering the outsider, Yi Su, they also could not defeat some of the people from the Ancient Spirit Village.

Hu Mo and Hu Yue were severely injured while Brother Hu Chi was in secluded cultivation, preparing for the battle in several days later. There was already nobody else to lead them in the fight against the people from the Ancient Spirit Village.

"Third Grandpa had also suffered a loss today. This debt, must be settled. Even if we are not their opponents, can it be that there are no other ways?"

Hu Du seemingly had something planned and appeared very confident as he said: "Those with guts shall follow me to the Yao Luo Mountain. I promise this time I will make those fellows from the Ancient Spirit Village to suffer twice the amount!"

"Okay, I will go!"

"I will go too!"

After hesitating for a moment, the youngsters glanced at each other before people started to raise their hands.

If they could really deal with the people from the Ancient Spirit Village, then their position in the tribe would be different.


"Brother Xiong Lie, it had been confirmed. The brat called Yi Su had indeed gone to the Yao Luo Mountain!"

Inside the Mighty Bear Tribe, a young man reported back to Xiong Lie. He had confirmed the news that the young man called Yi Su, had now gone to the Yao Luo Mountain.

"Good. The debt, must be settled!"

Xiong Lie clenched his fists tightly as his anger was still unresolved.