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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 215

2023-01-29 10:49:00Publish Time: 348 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 215: One Move!

"Come on!"

At this instant, facing Hu Yue's fist, Su Yi did not retreat but advance. Without dodging and making way, his black hair danced on his head while unknowingly, there was a whiff of majestic and overbearing emitted out as his arm shook while a palm was directly shot out.


Everything happened very rapidly and adding on that Hu Yue had strike while he was in a rage, a fist, and a palm instantly collided. A deep and low energy explosion sound spontaneously reverberated out.

When the fist and palm touched, a glow overflowed everywhere with the same fire element Yuan Qi madly surging and rapidly storming out.

"Ka ka......"

The surrounding ground was also trembling as cracks began to spread on the ground.

Facing against a speed akin to lightning and Hu Yue's incomparably strong all-out attack, the men and women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe revealed smiles, waiting for that brat to be blown away.

Only, the following was beyond the expectation of the people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe.

They did not see that Su Yi got blown away, only that the touch of the fist and palm in the field was together at a stalemate.

All of the gazes suddenly moved and landed to the place where the fist and palm touched.

They could only see that before Su Yi's palm, it had fiercely resisted Hu Yue's fist.

However, from what they could see with their naked eyes, the glow before Su Yi's palm started to dim as it was swallowed by the scorching fire glow on Hu Yue's fist.

"Hahahaha, it turns out that you only have this little might. Then it is all over!"

He Yue laughed. All of a sudden, the Yuan Qi in his body, was circulated to the extreme as the scorching hot fire element Yuan Qi stormily surged out and finally formed a Yuan Qi shield on the surface of his body.

Simultaneously on Hu Yue's fist, a whiff of frightening aura surged without any stagnation as though a blinding fiery light was blooming on his fist while a frantic force shot out towards Su Yi's palm print.

"Fire Shadow Fist, Fire Shadows with No Trail!"

After a deep roared, Hu Yue exploded out with his full force. A whiff of scorching hot fierceness erupted out powerfully while the raging power on his fist was like a series of fire shadows with a momentum akin to toppling the mountains and overturning the seas as it charged towards Su Yi.

"That is Brother Hu Yue's ultimate skill. That fellow is seeking for humiliation!"

Looking at Hu Yue's momentum, the young men and young women from the Hunting Tiger Tribe cheered.

Alternatively, the young men and young women from the Ancient Spirit Village were secretly shocked. Hu Yue indeed deserved to be called an outstanding person in the younger generation of the Hunting Tiger Tribe as the strength he displayed was enough to prove it.

Waves of scorching hot fire shadows charged over, magnifying in Su Yi's eyes. That whiff of frightening burning aura had already pounced over.

"So powerful!"

Su Yi secretly praised. This Hu Yue indeed was more exceptional than others.

This sort of offensive battle force, could most likely be compared to a cultivator in the Yuan Xuan Realm Fifth Grade.

However, with just this sort of battle power and offense, was still not enough to make Su Yi want to retreat.

Su Yi had also contended head-on and defeated an opponent that was much stronger than Hu Yue before.

For example, was the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard.

Su Yi's palm slightly trembled. Even though the glow looked as though it had shrunk back and was swallowed, in actual fact, a red light was condensing.

"Very strong, but I had already said before. You alone are not my opponent!"

When the words landed, the corner of Su Yi's mouth curved up in a confident smile as his palm retracted back and then abruptly shook.

All of a sudden, fire element Yuan Qi was surging as though there was a naked flame emitted before Su Yi's palm print.

The scorching heat aura caused the surrounding air to seemingly burnt up, making people's skin to sting and hairs to stand!

In an instant, Hu Yue's pupils in his eyes abruptly shrank as though he had felt something.

"Hu Yue careful!"

At the same time, Hu Mo, who was shocked, seemed to sense something as his complexion drastically changed. A touch of surprise flashed past his face as his figure abruptly swiftly pounced out.

The chubby figure of Hu Mo was abnormally fast like a fat tiger hunting down its prey.

But it had appeared to be a little slow. When Su Yi's palm retracted and shook, the corner of his mouth raised in a faint smile as he softly muttered: "Explode!"


An explosion sound blasted open from Su Yi's palm.

At this instant, Su Yi's palm appeared to contain a small volcano with a scorching hot aura that was shrinking and inflating as it blasted open like a bomb.


The explosion sound rang out like thunder akin to a small erupting volcano while scorching hot air current was like a tiny tornado wind storm sweeping all around.


When faced with such an unforeseen event, Hu Yue's fist was abruptly swallowed and then blasted open while his complexion instantly became white as paper. At the same time when his body was blown away, starting from his fist, the Yuan Qi shield on his body broke into pieces inch by inch while a mouthful of blood was also violently spewed out from his mouth.

"Hu Yue!"

With a loud cry, Hu Mo had already pounced forward with a turbulent black earth element Yuan Qi. The black fist shadows brought along with a thick and heavy continuous power as it emerged before Su Yi's body.

"Wu wu......"

Before the fist, the air continually had a 'wu wu' wind separating noise while an ear-piercing bursting sound formed a resonance of the air as though the space was shaking.

"Come on!"

Feeling the fierceness of Hu Mo's fist, Su Yi seemingly had long been prepared for it as Yuan Qi surged forward in his body and his eyes also gushed out with a unique battle intent. His Yuan Qi element abruptly changed as a whiff of the same earth element Yuan Qi surged out while his aura suddenly rose explodingly.

"Seven Injuries Fist!"

A deep roar sounded while almost at the same time, Su Yi's right arm shook and a black Yuan Qi surged. The moment his fist retracted, it contained a mighty and heavy raging wind, booming towards his opponent's fist.


The two fists instantly collided while Yuan Qi clashed. Explosion sound of energy resounded out like frightening thunder.


The surrounding sand flew, and rocks rolled. The dust swept around while tiny cracks on the ground kept spreading as though a spiderweb was climbing out.

"Pu chi............"

Within the frightening raging wind along with the sound of spewing blood, a chubby figure was blown away from the raging wind, crashing heavily onto the ground.

The figure stuck close to the ground and rolled for several zhang before he banged into a large rock that finally stopped his body.

But that large rock received the impact and was almost split open.

All of the gazes followed where the figure had landed and looked over. When they saw who the person, that flew out was, the entire crowd were silent and shocked.

The person that got blown away was precisely Hu Mo.

At the moment, the vest on Hu Mo's body was mostly ripped into pieces by the raging wind while his body besmeared with blood and the corner of his mouth had a trace of blood.

The skin on Hu Mo's fist had already split open with blood dripping. It was evident that it was, tore by Su Yi's fist.

To be able to defeat Hu Mo in one move and also broke his fist into like that, what kind of frightening battle strength was this!

All of the people on the scene was exceptional in the younger generations. The meaning was easy to read and understand that everyone knew it clearly.

Hu Yue and Hu Mo the two brothers were arduously squirming their body as though they wanted to climb up but kept failing.

The people from the Hunting Tiger Tribe could not return to their senses after a long time that all of them had forgotten to carry them.

"Sha sha......"

All of the gazes on the scene, 'sha sha' landed onto Su Yi's body.

That young man with a skinny figure like the chain of the mountains did not move a single bit.

Initially, those from the Hunting Tiger Tribe that did not place him in their eyes, at the moment, felt a chilling sensation sipping out from the bottom of their heart.

No one had expected that the people ranked second and third in the younger generation of the Hunting Tiger Tribe would successively get humiliatingly defeated directly by someone.

One move, with only just one move, the two brothers were directly blown off!