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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 202

2023-01-29 10:47:18Publish Time: 339 views
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Chapter 202: An Honest Village

"We won! Let's head back to the village!"

"Everyone will be very excited."

A group of people encircled around Shangguan Xi Wei and the rest while chatting massively. Even the elders of the Ancient Spirit Tribe had smiles on them.

"Brother Yi Su, please don't be ill-at-ease."

Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu and the rest reached Su Yi's side and were very friendly.

The other young people from the Ancient Spirit Village kept curiously sized Su Yi up on the way back. All of them were curious towards a young man that had come from the outside.

Especially on the road, Shangguan Yan, Shangguan Yu and the rest kept telling them the stories of how Su Yi had saved them and defeated Xiong Lie while adding some exaggeration touches to it, causing those youngsters to be extremely astounded.

The elders from the Ancient Spirit Village accompanying them heard about it and secretly had a change of expression. Along the way, they kept hiddenly sized Su Yi up.

While Su Yi was chatting with Shangguan Yu and the rest, he was also secretly sizing up his surroundings.

This heaven of peace and happiness had an endless mountain range where the surrounding of it were lofty mountains with a grand ravine.

There were chains of groups of mountains with continuous giant peaks and towering verdant.

Occasionally, many spiritual birds and strange beasts could be seen leaping from the mountain forest.

Finally, when the sunset was illuminating while the night was approaching, a large ancient construction emerged at the front with a vintage vibe. It was an extensive village.

"They are back. Brother Chen Feng, Sister Xi Wei, and the rest are back!"

At the moment, at the village entrance with chains of huge rocks and a small square, it was squeezed full of crowded figures. Seeing the returning people, all of them were boiling with excitement.

Some kids with tender and delicate appearance while their faces were still chubby with baby fat, rushed forward to welcome them.

There were also youngsters that were younger than 20 years old that came rushing forward passionately and affectionately to welcome the people returning to the village.

"Haha, little brats, we are back!"

Shangguan Qing Ming laughed loudly and came forward, lifting a 3-4 years old boy and a girl with an apple hair and chubby face into his arm, while intentionally rubbing his face full of beard onto the faces of the two small little kids.

"Hehe, bad Uncle Qing Ming."

The boy and girl kept avoiding him as his beard prickled them, yet they were very affectionate with Shangguan Qing Ming.

"Did you guys goof off?"

"Have you guys train hard for your cultivation?"

Shangguan Xi Wei, Shangguan Yan and the rest also came forward happily, mixing together with those young people, but with the pride of an elder sister and brother.

Even Shangguan Chen Feng with a sharp and cold temperament was also presently bending his body down to hug a little girl into his arm with a face full of adoration.

"Oh my, is this a Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard?!"

"And Cold Jade Demonic Eagle!"

Everyone's attention subsequently fell onto the bodies of the eye-catching Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard and the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle.

With such two enormous beasts, it would be impossible to avoid people's attention.

"That's right it is the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard and the Cold Jade Demonic Eagle!"

Shangguan Xi Wei announced towards the shocked young men and women while her gaze gradually looked at Su Yi who was beside her and gave him a face of smiles as she nodded her head with a message.

Su Yi had been continually sizing up everything in secret. Was this the Ancient Spirit Village? From the mass of people at the entrance of the village, regardless of age and gender, all of them had exceptional auras.

The leading elders and middle-aged people at the front had bronzed skin and wore simple clothing, yet their eyes were shining with vitality while indistinctly their auras were extremely powerful.

"So many strong cultivators. What a terrifying village."

Su Yi's heart was secretly surging in big waves as he tried hard to bear with the shock.

It was definitely a terrifying village. Just by counting the number of auras at the Yuan Void Realm alone, Su Yi could secretly feel many of them.

"Qing Ming, how is it?"

After an elder at the village entrance saw the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, his gaze secretly shone as he asked Shangguan Qing Ming with an anxious expression.

"The first round, we won!"

Shangguan Qing Ming placed the two fellows down and nodded his head to the elder that had spoken.

"Won, we have won the first round!"

Hearing that, the entire people were boiling up as many secretly imposing and anxious heart finally let out a breath.

"We won the first round."

Many people revealed the expression of happiness as they looked very excited and happy.

"Xi Wei, my place is not big, so I'm afraid that I won't be able to give my good nephew, Yi Su, a place to stay. Your place seems suitable. Why not bring my good nephew, Yi Su, to your place to stay?" Shangguan Qing Ming suggested to Shangguan Xi Wei.

"No problem."

Shangguan Xi Wei glanced at Su Yi. An expression that was hard to detect by people flashed past her eyes without leaving any evidence.

"That's good. My good nephew, Yi Su, you will first follow Xi Wei to rest. Tomorrow I will let Shangguan Yan bring you to walk around the village." Shangguan Qing Ming said towards Su Yi while smiling.


Su Yi nodded his head. When he witnessed such a scene before his eyes, his heart felt touched. In this village that was, separated from the world, every one of them was honest, which caused the guard in his heart to be secretly a little relaxed.

Shangguan Xi Wei came forward and brought Su Yi into the village.

"Eh, who is he?"

"There is also a featherless chicken."

"Can this chicken be roasted and eaten?"


Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard followed behind while Su Tian Que who was on top of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, became the center of attention.

"Qing Ming, that is......."

Glancing at Su Yi, the elder who had spoken also felt very doubtful.

"I will tell you later. That is little brother Yi Su, the benefactor of my Ancient Spirit Village, an esteemed guest." Shangguan Qing Ming interrupted the elder's words.

The people at the entrance of the village all became even curious.

Su Yi did not find it strange. At such a village that separated from the world where no outsider had ever been before, it was natural for people to find it odd for an outsider like him that suddenly came in.

Following after Shangguan Xi Wei, Su Yi entered the village.

Even though this was only a village, Su Yi could feel that the village was huge with a large population.

Su Yi was very interested in this village with an air of antiquity. Many of the buildings had been, built with huge rocks.

There were also sky-high trees in the village like a large umbrella. Unexpectedly, there were also spirit birds and strange beast swaggering in the village.

"All these are raised and trained in the village. We are separated, from the outside world, so this might be a little different."

Shangguan Xi Wei could see through Su Yi's curiosity and continued: "You can stay in my house for the time being. I don't have a lot of family members as only my grandma, and I live here, therefore it will be a lot quieter."

"What about your parents?" Su Yi was a little surprised.


After hearing that, there was some fluctuation rising in Shangguan Xi Wei's eyes as though something in the depth of her heart, was stirred.

After a slight pause, Shangguan Xi Wei had the same expression with a smile on her face as she replied: "Before I was born, my father had left the village. After my mom gave birth to me, she had depression. No medications worked, and when I was two, she had left this world. Hence, in our house, only me and my grandma remained while we depend on each other."

After listening to Shangguan Xi Wei's words, Su Yi's heart for no reason was as though struck by electricity as it trembled.

His parents had also left him when he was small while his grandfather and him, depended on each other.


Su Yi stagnated as he glanced at Shangguan Xi Wei with full of earnestly.

The feeling of having no parents since young, Su Yi knew it all too well.

In comparison, Su Yi felt that he was a little more fortunate than Shangguan Xi Wei as his mother seemingly had no choice, but to leave.