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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 189

2023-01-29 10:45:38Publish Time: 324 views
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Chapter 189: Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard

Four figures, three boys and a girl.

The three young men had an appearance of around 16-17 years old.

The young girl was older, but she did not look like she had reached 20 years old.

The four of them stood together and relied on each other. The auras on their bodies surged as their hairs were disheveled and looked messy.

"Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard. Why is this leopard cub so strong?!"

A young man spoke with a pale complexion while panting. A glowing treasure sword was held in his hand as he stared at the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard before him with an incomparably imposing expression.

"To think that inside this Grand Beast Canyon, there is actually a Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard!"

The second young man clenched his weapon tightly, which was also a three-feet long treasure sword with a sharp aura. His expression was imposing.

The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard was a child of the demons with a bloodline that was far above any ordinary beast.

An ordinary beast had to reach the Demonic Void Realm to be qualified as a member of the demons.

However, for the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, ever since it was born, it was already a child of the demons.

That was because, its bloodline had destined that as long as it could grow up successfully, it would be sufficient for it to step into the Demonic Void Realm and above.

"Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade. As long as we can subdue this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, we will win for sure!"

The third young man had an imposing expression, but there was scorching heat in his gaze. If they could subdue this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, they shall be able to win.

"Be careful a Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard is difficult to deal with!" The young girl called Xi Wei spoke with a pale complexion as she knitted her brows.

A human cultivator with the same cultivation level as a beast would already be hard to win against it.

Furthermore, she was only at the Yuan Xuan Realm Fourth Grade, while the beast was at the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade as well as a child of the demons which was much stronger than a regular beast.

Glancing at the leopard cub of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard before her, Shangguan Xi Wei clearly knew in her heart that even if she had reached the Yuan Xuan Realm Fifth Grade, most likely she would still be unable to do anything to this Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard.

However, the most important thing right now was not the problem of whether to subdue it or not, as it was too late for them to escape.

The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard had already targeted them.

The leopard cub of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard, stared at the four figures before it with fierce eyes glowing like the bright moon. On the dark black knife-like scales was a profound radiance.

At this moment, the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard was also thinking that the guts of these humans were actually quite big for having thoughts about it.


The leopard cub deeply roared as its body pounced forward without delaying any longer. With a fearsome aura on its entire body, its sharp claws reached out as its blood-dripping mouth opened wide.


Although the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard was still small as it was only a cub, its momentum was already incomparably strong.

The moment it pounced forward, it swept the surrounding crushed rocks with a surging immense violent wind. A glow surged, causing the people to be terrified and trembling!

Fortunately, although these young men and the girl looked miserable, they did have some capabilities.

The four youngsters seemed to have frequently fought with beasts as their reactions were quick. They once again fought seriously with the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard while the fear in their hearts, on the contrary, had become lesser.

"You guys, be careful!"

Shangguan Xi Wei had the mightiest strength, so she charged forward first. She tightly clenched the two crescent moon sabers in each of her hands. The curved saber had a very long arc and an enchanting style while emitting a glow, yet the light on the edge of the saber was emanating a cold air.


The curved saber swept out, leaving a trace on the empty air.

There were fluctuations of Xuan Qi on Shangguan Xi Wei's feet as the beautiful figure flew swiftly like a frightened swan goose, bringing along a clean and neat bearing of grandeur and heroism at the same time. On the saber technique of the martial techniques she was casting, there was a sharp saber glow with Yuan Qi whistling, converging together onto the edge of the saber.

The edge of the saber swept out like a monstrous wave, slashing towards the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard.

The saber was very powerful as the edge poured down with an incomparable sharpness as though it could eliminate everything.

"This is Sister Xi Wei's ultimate technique 'Sharp Golden Ring Chopping Slaughter'......"

A young man secretly spoke. That was the ultimate technique and the hidden card of Shangguan Xi Wei. The consumption was remarkably large that usually, she would not readily cast it. However, its power was very mighty, having the potential to fight against an opponent with a higher cultivation level than her.

"Clang clang!"

The edge of the saber swept out as it directly clashed with the glowing claws of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard.

Immediately, energy burst out from the frightening aura clashing against the metal. The glow of the saber tattered as though a small hurricane was dispersing.

The complexion of the three young men changed instantly. Facing such a battle, they had no choice but to retreat. If they were to be hit by the waves, they would not be able to bear it.


Within the dispersing hurricane-like energy, a furious deep roar resounded as though the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard had suffered a hidden loss.


Large sharp claws enveloped in a black glow with a shocking aura, dropped down like a big mountain with an unknown fierce yet machismo momentum that made people tremble.


The sharp claws ruthlessly collided with the curved saber, making the edge of the saber be swept away as the enormous power collapsed.


A mouthful of fresh blood spewed out from Shangguan Xi Wei's mouth as the saber in her right hand directly dropped and fell. Her body staggered as her complexion became even paler.


The claws of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard landed, and it opened its broad blood-dripping mouth with a dark black glow in its mouth like black lightning as it spurted out towards Shuangguan Xi Wei.

Shuangguan Xi Wei’s face lost all color as her Yuan Qi spilled out, forming a Yuan Qi light shield around her body.

At the same time, she condensed a hand seal as the curved saber in her left hand emanated a golden light and spread, as though it had formed countless saber lights that blocked before her.


The black glow spurted out and clashed. Everything happened as fast as lightning. Momentarily, an explosive thunder sound rung out from the golden saber light as a whiff of frightening and violent power swept out and charged.


Under such a massive power, Shangguan Xi Wei's body once again shook as the saber light was tattered and fresh blood had once again spewed out from her mouth.


This time, the delicate body of Shangguan Xi Wei flew away and crashed heavily onto the ground.

The three young men were shocked as their expressions changed exceedingly.

The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard seemed to be finally serious, as its real strength was actually this scary.


The Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard had the upper hand and was unforgiving as it stepped onto the curved saber that Shangguan Xi Wei had dropped and deeply roared. Its eyes revealed a fearsome light as its stance looked as though it was going to pounce.

"Risk it, let's go all out!"

The three young men gritted their teeth as three whiffs of auras exploded out. There was already no way to retreat.

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh......"

Three brilliant sword lights with three different Yuan Qi elements emanated and converged together into a sword net.

That was a simple form of a combined attack.

The three young men had only just stepped into the cultivation of Yuan Xuan Realm First Grade.

With this kind of talent for the outside world, it was definitely not weak.

At this instant, when they joined hands, it was even more powerful.

However, the three of them were facing a child of the demons, a leopard cub of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard with the cultivation of the Demonic Xuan Realm Fifth Grade. It totally did not even place the attack of the three young men in its eyes.


A disdainful deep 'humph' had sounded from the mouth of the Serene Void Brutal Heavenly Leopard as it lifted its thick and sturdy, sharp claws wrapped with knife-like scales. In the profound black glow emitted out, with powerful and sweeping powers, it clashed against the sword light.

"Dang dang dang dang dang......"

The clang of metal sounded crisp as the sword light energy swept out.

"Pu pu pu......"

The three young men spewed out blood from their mouths as the treasure swords in their hands were swept down while the three bodies also directly flown out.