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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 171

2023-01-29 10:43:16Publish Time: 355 views
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Chapter 171: The Real Motive Of Mo Yue!

Su Yi found it strange. Every single one of this pile of oddly shaped items was exceptional as they were treasures for refining tools.

Fiery Diamond Stone, Blue Dark Iron and the horn of the Frantic One-Horned Demonic Cow, all of them were absolute treasures for refining tools with a value worth several chains of cities.

Although, the pile of Yuan Stones was only One Star Yuan Stones.

Su Yi estimated that in the pile of Yuan Stones, there must be at least several hundreds of thousands of it.

Also, in the pile of weapons, there must be at least several hundreds of them.

All of these weapons were not normal weapons as they were treasures that had reached the Yuan Weapon level.

The most common weapons that all cultivators used were called normal weapons, that were cast, with stainless steel.

And in this world, there were weapons beyond the normal weapons that were produced by powerful Tool Refiners.

The levels of the weapons, were classified as Yuan Weapon, Xuan Weapon, Spirit Weapon, Dao Tool, Magical Tool, and then the Sacred Tool.

Reportedly there used to be Godly Tool in this world however no one had witnessed it before.

It was stated that even the legendary Seventh Ranked Tool Refiner, was unable to cast Godly Tools and even a Sacred Tool was also hard to cast.

Moreover, a Seventh Ranked Tool Refiner was the same as a Seventh Ranked Alchemist, which only existed in the legends.

The materials to make Sacred Tools, only existed in the legends too.

Xuan Weapons that had been produced by Tool Refiners were on a completely different level than normal weapons.


Su Yi was still bewildered yet Mo Yue was already on the move. Without a single word, she opened her interspatial bag and quickly collected the materials for refining weapons.

Su Yi was dumbfounded as his eyes were dazed.

Looking at the actions of the girl, it must not be her first time doing this.

Immediately, Su Yi opened his interspatial bag as both of his hands moved together, collecting the weapons first and then rushing over to the piles of Yuan Stones. He must not let the girl gain the advantage.

"Quickly give me some interspatial bags. Speed is of importance now. After collecting these treasures, we must leave immediately!" Mo Yue said to Su Yi. She only had one interspatial bag with her, which was the one that Su Yi had returned to her.

The space inside the interspatial bag was limited. Mo Yue was unlike Su Yi who had several interspatial bags with him.

"Let me do this kind of arduous work. How can I let a girl do it?" Su Yi responded without stopping his hands. He was pulling in piles of Yuan Stones into the interspatial bags. Naturally, he would not give Mo Yue any of his interspatial bags.

"Then, that is fine. Thank you for your hard work. I will go and see if there are any more treasures in other places!"

Mo Yue did not seem to mind as a glint secretly flashed past her eyes. She immediately moved aside as though she was genuinely searching for something.

Su Yi secretly felt that it was strange that this girl could actually be so at ease with him.

He instinctively sensed that something was wrong. Logically, although they were going to split 6:4, with that girl's nature and personality, she would be watchful of him.

Su Yi thought over it, but the movement of his hands did not stop as they continued to pull and stuff the Yuan Stones into his interspatial bags. His eyes were secretly observing Mo Yue.

Event before they entered the old nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, Su Yi could already feel that Mo Yue was not telling him the truth and that she must be hiding something from him.

She clearly knew that it was hopeless to get the demonic core and had come for the treasures.

However, right now, she did not appear to be interested in the treasures of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon. That had unconditionally aroused Su Yi's suspicion.

The cave was enormous with huge rocks everywhere looking like volcanic rocks, emitting an unparalleled scorching hot aura.

Mo Yue was carefully sizing up the surroundings as though she was searching for something.

Deep inside the cave, within a shallow pit, faint flames were radiating as though it had emerged from the depths of the ground.

On top of the shallow pit, presently, there was an oval-shaped egg around the size of a baby.

The egg was very unique as the entire egg was emitting a crimson radiance with a mysterious pattern all over it.

The egg was burning within the fire in the pit, yet it did not have any cracks. Instead, it was emitting a sparkling crimson radiance as if it was absorbing the flames.

"This is it, found it!"

When Mo Yue saw the oval-shaped egg, her face revealed excitement while she was about to hug the oval-shaped egg out.

"What is this?"

At this moment, Su Yi’s figure suddenly appeared as he blocked Mo Yue's path.

Every movement that Mo Yue made had been, secretly observed by Su Yi.

Therefore, as he watched Mo Yue’s expression, Su Yi could instantly guess that this item was her real motive.


Realizing that Su Yi had seen it, Mo Yue knew that she could no longer hide it as she responded: "The egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon."

"The egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon!"

Su Yi had already suspected it seeing that this was the old nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and the egg was emitting an extraordinary aura. It could only be the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

"This should be your real motive, right?!"

Glancing at Mo Yue, Su Yi frowned.

The egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon. If a young Blazing Heavenly Dragon could be bred from it, the price would be immeasurable.

"I was only trying my luck. To think that there would actually be one!" Mo Yue's beautiful big eyes were sizing up the egg in front of her with a little excitement. She did not expect that there would really be the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon here. She continued: "An egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, it is highly possible that it will breed a young Blazing Heavenly Dragon, but that Blazing Heavenly Dragon has already broken through to the Demonic Emperor Realm. I'm afraid that if we take its egg, even if it had to go through heaven and hell, it will still chase after us."

Mo Yue was a little wary. That Blazing Heavenly Dragon had, after all, broken through to the Demonic Emperor Realm, so its strength was no trivial matter. Taking its egg would undoubtedly anger the Blazing Heavenly Dragon to the extreme.

If they were, sought by the Blazing Heavenly Dragon which was in the Demonic Emperor Realm, there would be no escaping.

"Anyway, we are already here."

Su Yi spoke softly as his eyes tightly locked onto the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, secretly revealing a heated gaze. Since they had already snatched its treasures, once the Blazing Heavenly Dragon had found out, it would also not let them off.

All along, Su Yi had always dreamt of having an awe-inspiring beast as a mount.

The moment he saw the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon, his gaze briefly shone.

If he could have a beast like the Blazing Heavenly Dragon as his mount, how awe-inspiring would that be?

"Keep it!"

In for a penny, in for a pound. With one step, Su Yi's body immediately rushed forward as Yuan Qi permeated, scattering the flames on the ground while he grabbed the egg into his arms.

Su Yi had initially thought that the egg would be incomparably hot since it was burning within the flames and had made preparations with his Yuan Qi to protect his body.

However, when the egg landed into his arms, Su Yi was surprised.

The egg was crimson with light overflowing from it, yet its temperature was as chilling as the cloud while no heat, could be felt from it.

Mo Yue’s expression changed. She was still a little hesitant, but that fellow had unexpectedly directly taken the egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

Mo Yue's complexion abruptly turned dark as she secretly gritted her teeth, and urgently said to Su Yi: "Let's go quickly, we have to leave this place immediately!"

Su Yi nodded his head. The egg of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and the treasures were already in his hands. They had to leave immediately, the sooner, the better.

Or else once the Blazing Heavenly Dragon had come back, there would be no escaping.