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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 169

2023-01-29 10:43:00Publish Time: 364 views
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Chapter 169: Money Came From Risk!


Simultaneously when the scorching heat energy surged and swept through, Cheng Jian had also taken action. The Xuan Qi beneath his feet was like swirling clouds as his figure appeared to transform into lightning, instantly traversing before the Blazing Heavenly Dragon's body and rapidly shot out the long spear.


Before the long spear, scorching hot flames swept through like a fire dragon was breathing flame as the frightening scorching heat energy burnt the empty sky.

Facing such a strike, the fearsome eyes of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon sank as scorching hot smoke spread out from its nostrils. After a low and deep explosive snort, its gigantic tail directly swept out.

Although the body of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon was massive, its speed was incomparably agile as it directly rammed into the long spear.

"Dang dang......"

The long spear and the gigantic tail of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon clashed. Flares from the furling scales on the gigantic tail of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon splashed, ringing with a clear and crisp sound of metal in mid-air.

The long spear swiped past, leaving only a faint greyish-white trace on the scales of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

The trace only remained for an instant before completely disappearing.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon did not seem to fear Cheng Jian's attack as its ferocious head continued to hang tall, its tongue flicking from its blood-dripping mouth while a scorching flame was instantly spat out from it.

The scorching flame made Cheng Jian’s expression to turn dark.


His brows slightly frowned as Cheng Jian shook his sleeves. A surging Yuan Qi energy transformed into a handprint shot out like a hurricane making the scorching flame to dissipate directly.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon seemingly did not mind when it saw that its attack had no impact.

Its gigantic tail swiped out while its eyes became wide. The furling scales on the tail were like countless sharp knives, letting out a 'wu wu' sound as it pierced through the empty sky, swiping towards Cheng Jian.

Cheng Jian wanted to retreat, but it was too late. Looking at the Blazing Heavenly Dragon’s attack, a fire element Yuan Qi was condensed into a light shield before Cheng Jian, blocking in front of him.


The gigantic tail swung onto the light shield made of fire element Yuan Qi, creating numerous tiny cracks on the light shield that rang with a 'ka ka' sound. Afterward, the shield turned into a sprinkle of flames.

"Fiery Dance Of The Raging Dragon!"

A loud cry sounded from Cheng Jian's mouth. The long spear in his hand appeared dazzling as if it had been awakened and erupted with a gruesome scorching hot aura.

Looking from a distance, the strike, was like an awakening fire dragon, bringing along an immense momentum as it struck towards the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.


The Blazing Heavenly Dragon furiously roared. Its body released rolling waves of fire as its aura was monstrous.

Up in the sky, following along the exchange between the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and Cheng Jian, the strong cultivators from the Raging Dragon Mercenary Alliance and numerous Ice-Cold Wild Wolves had once again started to fight.

"Rumble rumble......"

A fierce battle that was equally matched!

Naturally, the most vigorous battle was between Cheng Jian and the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon's body was massive, but its speed was incomparably fast.

Even though it had just broken through to the Demonic Emperor Realm not long ago, its attacks were overwhelmingly mighty and frantic!

Although Cheng Jian seemingly kept retreating as though he did not have the upper hand.

However, after all, he had been in the Yuan Emperor Realm for a period of time. His aura was stable, and even though he did not seem to have the upper hand, he was also not at a disadvantage.

Glancing at the on-going fierce battles with continuous thunderous roars of the beasts and monstrous auras, Su Yi was secretly tongue-tied.

Especially the fierce battle between Cheng Jian and the Blazing Heavenly Dragon. Just based on the ripples of energy that swept over, it was enough to make cultivators from the Yuan True Realm unable to endure them!

"This is troublesome. The strength of both sides, are equally matched, so it is impossible to know who will succeed within a short time. Even if the winner is unveiled, if both sides do not have a hidden card, then both will suffer!" Mo Yue stared at the battle in the sky as she said to Su Yi after sizing it up thoroughly.

"Impossible to know who will succeed within a short time......"

Su Yi glanced at the battle. Both sides, appeared to be equally matched. A glint flashed in his eyes as though he had settled on something, but it was tough to decide.

"What are you thinking?" Noticing Su Yi's look, Mo Yue questioned.

"Money comes with risk. Taking a gamble!"

Su Yi abruptly lifted his head as a glow could be seen within his eyes as though he had decided on something. Glancing at Mo Yue, he asked: "Are you interested in going on a walk inside the old nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon? If we are in luck, there might even be rewards."

"What, you want to go to the old nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon now?!"

Listening to Su Yi's words, Mo Yue was undeniably stunned.

The Blazing Heavenly Dragon was right in front of them, and there were still many Ice-Cold Wild Wolves around the area. Wasn't this seeking for death?

"There must be no more beasts inside the old nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon at this moment. The brave will get much more than the cowards."

Su Yi sniggered as his gaze moved.

He no longer wanted the demonic core of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon.

However, it was reported that the Blazing Heavenly Dragon loved to collect treasures, and naturally, it would have hidden them inside its nest.

Presently, it was hard to tell who would win from the big battle between the Blazing Heavenly Dragon and Cheng Jian. Su Yi wondered that if they could sneak into the nest and everything could go smoothly, it would actually be the safest option. Money came from risk!

The moment his words landed, Su Yi's figure creeped out while completely hiding his presence, heading towards the mountain peak where the nest of the Blazing Heavenly Dragon was.

"The guts of this fellow is surely big. Interesting!"

Mo Yue stared blankly at him. Later, her eyes fleeted with light shining in them. A smile hung on her lips as she was no longer doubtful. Deep within her eyes, slyness had incited.



The surrounding ongoing battle shook the heaven and rocked the earth as a gruesome scorching heat filled the empty sky.

At the bottom, were rather bone-chilling frost auras.

In this region, roars of beasts rang out like thunder and explosion sounds kept continuously blasting.

The ground moved, and the mountains shook while the raging wind energy swept all around.

Su Yi carefully hid within the shrubs of the forest and the cracks of the rocks while heading towards the entrance of the cave on the peak of the mountain.

Mo Yue followed behind Su Yi. Her presence was hidden flawlessly without showing any indications.

Just like this, the two small figures had arrived at the peak of the mountain without anyone noticing.

The closer they went to the entrance of the cave, the colder the temperature got.

The surrounding was a barren land while the ground and the rocks, were covered with ice that was difficult to melt.

Su Yi did not dare to use his Yuan Qi. Most likely, once a tiny presence was revealed, the Blazing Heavenly Dragon that was fighting fiercely would instantly notice him.

Fortunately, Su Yi's physical body was no trivial matter. His five fingers were like a knife as it would leave faint traces on the rock-hard ice so that he would not slip while slowly climbing up.

Initially, it was difficult for Mo Yue to proceed as her hands and legs would often slip. After glancing at Su Yi's actions, her eyes secretly moved as she blindly copied his movements and followed closely after him.

The fierce battle from afar was peerlessly intense!

But no one had thought that there were two tiny figures sneaking into the cave.

"We have come in......" Pulling onto a half-broken ice cone, Su Yi finally climbed into the cave.

"Hu hu......"

His eyebrows were full of frosty fog hanging on it. The icy aura was no trivial matter, but Su Yi did not dare to initiate his Xuan Qi to defend against the cold.

Without Xuan Qi in his body to get rid of the icy aura, at the moment, Su Yi was also shivering from the cold.