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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 141

2023-01-29 09:27:35Publish Time: 403 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 141: News About The Blood Spiritual Ginseng

The Elder in front of them was the youngest Inner Elder that the Taihang Sect ever had in a thousand years, with unfathomable cultivation. Rumor had it that he had already stepped into the Yuan Emperor Realm.

Even in the entire continent consisting of One Mountain, Two Religious Sects, Three Sects, and Four Schools, Bi Zhang Qian was a very famous existence due to the fact that when he was young, he was already able to move around unhindered, bringing fame for his generation of outstanding people with his peerless talent and grace!

"Those who are injured quickly heal yourselves!"

Bi Zhang Qian glanced at the disciples in the area as he secretly frowned. There were several that were severely wounded and many more; that had suffered light injuries. Even the few that did not get injured were panting and in a miserable condition.

"Elder Bi, why are there beasts from the Demonic True Realm when we have just entered the Grand Beast Canyon for a few days?" The young man that was heavily wounded asked. According to the information they had gathered, although the Grand Beast Canyon was the passageway to the Demon Woods, usually only deep within the Demon Woods would there be powerful beasts in the Demonic True Realm.

But now they were only at the outer range of the Grand Beast Canyon, yet they had met with such powerful beasts in the Demonic True Realm.

"All of this should be related to the Demon Emperor!" Bi Zhang Qian stated as he slightly arched his eyebrow while the treasure sword in his hand had disappeared.

"Demon Emperor!" The disciples from the Taihang Sect uncontrollably trembled after hearing these two words.

The Demonic Emperor Realm was just too strong. At this moment, only Elder Bi who was in front of them would be able to contend against them, whereas, they would not even have the capability to stand against the ripples created from their fight.

"The Blood Spiritual Ginseng has appeared in the Grand Beast Canyon so the nearest Demon Emperor should have felt it as they also wish to acquire the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. That's why there are so many beasts appearing in the Grand Beast Canyon." Bi Zhang Qian's gaze had also become grave, with the identity of the Taihang Sect, obtaining a Yellow Grade elixir was not difficult.

But this time he required the Blood Spiritual Ginseng for something. Furthermore, it was a Blood Spiritual Ginseng that had intelligence, so, he had to obtain it no matter what.

However, there were now beasts in the Demonic Emperor Realm who had also felt it.

Moreover, there were other strong cultivators in the Grand Beast Canyon searching for the whereabouts of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. It seemed like it would not be an easy task to obtain the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

"Second Uncle, if this is the case, then is the news about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng true?" Bi Ling asked. Her Second Uncle had entered the Grand Beast Canyon several days in advance so he must have verified the news about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng. Speaking of which, Bi Ling couldn't help but think of that strange young man who seemed to be interested in the Blood Spiritual Ginseng too. He wouldn't be at the Grand Beast Canyon now, right? Zhou Da, Guo Yan and the rest were still boiling with anger at him.

"The news about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng should be real, and it has already stepped into the Demonic Void Realm. It has gone into hiding as it knew that many powerful cultivators are looking for it." Bi Zhang Qian responded.

"Elder, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng seems to be good at hiding. Wanting to find it should be tough." A strong cultivator in the Taihang Sect asked. A Spiritual Herb like the Blood Spiritual Ginseng was born to be good at hiding, thus trying to find it would not be a simple task.

"That is not entirely true." Bi Zhang Qian slightly smiled and responded: "According to the information that is being spread around, although the Blood Spiritual Ginseng had broken through to the Demonic Void Realm, when it was trying to break through, it had revealed its location and got interrupted before it could undergo the tribulation. Counting the time, if the Blood Spiritual Ginseng does not undergo the tribulation in these few days, its cultivation will directly fall back, and when it wants to break through again, it will be even more difficult." Bi Zhang Qian paused for a moment as his expression changed slightly. He lightly sighed and said: "So, no matter what, within these few days, the Blood Spiritual Ginseng will once again undergo the tribulation. At that time, there will be a fierce battle between all the powerful cultivators." Moments later, at the towering peak of the mountain with clouds floating around its surrounding, the disciples from the Taihang Sect each took an elixir and started to recover on the spot while meditating.

Those young and powerful cultivators who were leading the Taihang Sect, had injuries that were even more severed. After consuming the elixir, they sat cross-legged as they circulated the power within their bodies. A light surged from their bodies as it filled the air with a terrifying presence.

Bi Zhang Qian was in charge of the protection of these batch of disciples. This time he had received information of the Blood Spiritual Ginseng so, he had come to the Grand Beast Canyon. Coincidentally, there was also a batch of personal disciples that needed to go out for training and the responsibility to ensure that no accidents would occur had been handed over to him, this was also the reason why the Taihang Sect could exist for so long.

Several years later, these young and tender disciples would grow up to become Taihang Sect's core power.

"Second Uncle, do we still have to continue to enter deeper into the Grand Beast Canyon?" Bi Ling had reached the side of Bi Zhang Qian and asked. She was not in a rush for healing as her injuries were not that serious.

Based on the cultivation of the beasts they had faced today, if they were to travel any farther, they might encounter even more powerful beasts.

Bi Zhang Qian chuckled. He had always doted on this niece from young. He passed an elixir to Bi Ling as he told her at the same time: "We will wait around here for a few days." "Thank you, Second Uncle." Bi Ling did not stand on ceremony as she grinned. Ever since she was young, she had been closer to her second uncle than to her biological father.

"Go heal and recover yourself. When the Blood Spiritual Ginseng appears, at that time, all of you must stay as far away as possible. With your cultivation, there's simply nothing for you to do." Bi Zhang Qian stared ahead with brooding eyes as he said: "The Blood Spiritual Ginseng might be too scared to go inside the Demon Woods. There is a possibility that it might just be around these areas."


Inside a chaotic forest, a sky-high tree had broke. A two feet tall ferocious bear had fallen onto the ground, the thick skin and meat on its body were dripping blood as its body was full of marks from a saber, that was deep enough to see its bones.

"Two hundred and eighth!" Su Yi kept his saber. In a total of ten days inside the Grand Beast Canyon, he had already exterminated 208 beasts.

But within these ten days, Su Yi did not venture too deep into the Grand Beast Canyon as the cultivation of the beasts inside were getting higher and higher. Su Yi had even met a few Demonic Spirit Realm beasts.

Facing with Demonic Spirit Realm beasts, Su Yi did not even have the slightest possibility to win. He could only initiate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique to frighten them off.

Su Yi had finally understood why those mercenary groups and adventurer teams did not dare to venture casually into the Grand Beast Canyon. If it wasn't because of the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique that seemed to have the effect of frightening the beasts, he would not be able to persist for so long inside the Grand Beast Canyon as well.

In these ten days, during the day, Su Yi would train himself by cultivating the Three Sabres of the Raging Dragon, Seven Injuries Fist and the rest, and occasionally trained his arm strength with the broken heavy sword.

Of course, he had not forgotten to cultivate the Heavens Taming Incantation as with such an identity of a Soul Tamer, Su Yi had always treated it very seriously.

It was only that within the Forest of Demons, the identity of a Soul Tamer was not particularly suitable to use. Su Yi knew what he lacked the most was still the most fundamental of grinding.

During the night, Su Yi would search for places to hide and cultivate in the mysterious space.

Then, during the day, Su Yi will once again start a slaughtering fest where he often had to risk his life whenever he met with a Demonic Xuan Realm Third or Fourth Grade beast.