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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 139

2023-01-29 09:27:21Publish Time: 376 views
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Chapter 139: Grinding alone!

Rocky canyon.

A two feet tall and three feet long black wolf with thick canine teeth was staring menacingly at Su Yi as its mouth dripped with blood, emanating a bloody aura.


The big black wolf roared as its body shook, inexplicably fierce!

“Stay away, or I will take action!”

Su Yi studied the big black wolf. It was a Demonic Xuan Realm’s Fierce Serene Black Wolf.

A Demonic Xuan Realm First Grade beast for Su Yi was not a threat.

“You actually can understand the beast language!”

The Fierce Serene Black Wolf glanced at Su Yi with astonishment. The wolf was shocked that a strange human actually could understand its words.

“Go away.”

Su Yi opened his mouth. He had felt that ever since he cultivated the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, there was a bizarre influence that formlessly made him sensed that he had some relations with these beasts, causing him to feel much closer to them.

“So what if you can understand the beast language, as long as you are a human, you must die!”

The Fierce Serene Black Wolf deeply roared, its ferocious glare did not diminish as it watched Su Yi like it was facing a prey. Its footsteps were light as it prepared to launch an attack at any time to exterminate the prey.

“Since you seek death, then I shall fulfill your wish!”

Within Su Yi’s eyes, a cold light was flowing out.

Since this Fierce Serene Black Wolf wanted to fight, then the situation was different. Just well, he could use this opportunity to grind himself.


The Fierce Serene Black Wolf howled as it had finally found an opening. Its humongous body traveled fast as it launched forward.


The Fierce Serene Black Wolf passed by with aura surging like a violent whirlwind, as a black light was brooding brilliantly with a fearsome aura. The wolf was an Earth element beast.


Su Yi activated the Hundred Transformation Steps and turned his body to the side to avoid the attack when the Fierce Serene Black Wolf with a fearsome face launched towards him, attempting to kill him.

At the same time, Su Yi clenched his right fist as the Yuan Qi surged and directly punched towards the Fierce Serene Black Wolf.

Su Yi took action but, he did not initiate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and kept the aura, wanting to fight it directly head-on.


When the Fierce Serene Black Wolf missed its attack, the ferocious glow in its eyes grew even stronger as it deeply growled and raised its claws, directly slashing at Su Yi.

Su Yi’s eyes sank. The Fierce Serene Black Wolf had sharp claws but, Su Yi's fists were his own flesh and blood, not befitted for the match. He unclenched his fist and bent his legs in a squatting position. Using the Hundred Transformation Steps, his body was abruptly underneath the Fierce Serene Black Wolf’s belly, as a fist was instantly exploded out.


The Fierce Serene Black Wolf had never imagined that a human's speed could be this fast as it could not avoid the fist in time. A rush of black aura was abruptly condensed on its belly as a deep growled spread out from there.

From Su Yi's fist, a tremendous force was frenzy penetrated outward. Under the strong force, the Fierce Serene Black Wolf was almost flipped over. The Fierce Serene Black Wolf quickly staggered backward to forcibly stabilized its body.


The Fierce Serene Black Wolf gave a hurtful wailed as it was unable to bear with the pain from its belly.

“It certainly has a thick coat and flesh.”

Su Yi’s expression was calm. The defense of the Fierce Serene Black Wolf was stronger than what he had anticipated.

Having a strong defense was also one of the traits of an Earth element beast.

Similar to an Earth element cultivator, their defense was stronger compared to the others.

Amongst the defense cultivation techniques and martial arts techniques, the majority of them were of the Earth element.

Different types of Yuan Qi’s element had their unique traits.

Like Earth element cultivators, they were outstanding for their defense.

For Gold element cultivators, they were known for their sharpness.

For Wind element cultivators, their speeds were superior compared to others.

As for the rarely seen Thunder element cultivators, they were known for their mighty and destructive attack powers, which were very strong.


The Fierce Serene Black Wolf continued to launch its attacks which were getting fiercer each time.

But after a short while, the Fierce Serene Black Wolf laid on the ground as its body was bleeding. It was killed, by Su Yi’s fist that was smashed directly onto its head.

“The fifty-eighth one!”

Su Yi had already calmed down as he glanced at the Fierce Serene Black Wolf lying on the ground.

In these five days, this had already been the fifty-eighth beasts that Su Yi had killed.

Inside the Grand Beast Canyon, there were indeed beasts everywhere. The strongest one Su Yi ever met, was a Demonic Xuan Realm Fourth Grade beast. He had to use all of his strength to be able to kill it.

Additionally, the most beasts that Su Yi had ever met in these five days were thirteen Fiery Beast Rats. Although there were many of them, fortunately, their cultivation was not that high. But they had many weird antics that Su Yi had to risk his life to order to blast them into pieces.

In these five days, Su Yi did not initiate the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique when dealing with the beasts to avoid influencing them.

Now that he had reached the bottleneck of the Yuan Soul Realm Eighth Grade, Su Yi needed to grind himself to quickly reach a breakthrough to the Yuan Soul Realm Ninth Grade and then charge into the Yuan Xuan Realm.

Moreover, he had entered the Grand Beast Canyon to mostly to grind himself.

Within these few days, Su Yi had also noticed many different groups of people. There were both men and women.

Only, he had observed them from far away and retreated.

Because those who had dared to enter the Grand Beast Canyon, their cultivation must not be weak.

Furthermore, because of the matter about the Blood Spiritual Ginseng, many people should have known about it and came here for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng.

Su Yi knew that with his current cultivation, it was still not enough.

Although Su Yi wanted the Blood Spiritual Ginseng too for his grandfather, with the situation at hand, it was better if he didn't go and join in the fun.

In the vast canyon, at a sharp cliff.


After a deep roar that deafened the ears, dozens of beasts stood tall as all of their eyes were fiercely staring at the twenty over people in the small valley.

There were dozens of ferocious beasts.

There was a giant python coiled up on the ground and a fierce beast that was stepping on a huge rock.

In mid-air, there were also several ferocious birds flapping their wings as they revolved around the area while glaring like a tiger eyeing its prey, surrounding the valley.

Within these twenty-over people, there were both men and women.

There were several men and women in their 30s leading the group, but the majority of the group was teenagers wearing charismatic clothing, that was exceptional. Their ages were around the same at around 16-17 years old.

If at the moment Su Yi was here, he would recognize several of the faces.

It was precisely Bi Ling, Yi Yun, Guo Wei, Zhuo Da and the rest from the Taihang Sect.

Only, at this moment, these teenagers’ complexions were grave, and their expressions were nervous.

These teenagers all clutched their weapons tightly and formed a close circle together.

Yi Yun’s flora dress was tainted lightly with blood, and her beautiful black hair was now messy. However, on that nervous expression, her pair of beautiful eyes were still gleaming with light and color.

Bi Ling stood close to Yi Yun, the eyes on her oval face were alert. She had a touching artistic air as the aura on her body was fluctuating.

“Deacon, when will the elder be here? With so many beasts, we are unable to contend against them.”

“There are too many beasts, what should we do now?”

Many teenagers were getting uneasy. Most of the beasts were in the Demonic Spirit Realm while the two who were in charge seemed to be at the Demonic True Realm.

“The elder has already been notified. Every one of you must act accordingly. The elder should be reaching here soon.”

A lady in her 30s said. Under the tight dress, it wrapped around a curvy body. Although she could not consider as glamorous, she had a clean and delicate face.

At present, the lady had also secretly become serious. Even though she said reassuring words to these disciples, in reality, she was even more aware that if the elder was to arrive late, all of them would be fraught with grim possibilities.