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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 12

2023-01-29 08:14:58Publish Time: 470 views
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Chapter 12: I Promised to Give You a Chance

“Su Yi, you are acting so boldly, are you treating all of the High Elders as if we are not here?!” The Ninth High Elder hollered out, his face already flushed bright red.

With his eyes wide open, seeing his own daughter being kicked till she cried out in anguish while he was helpless and he did not know what the jinx poisoned him with. It actually made him unable to gather any strength. He was even more worried that his cultivation has been crippled. One could guess what would happen to him in the future if such thing happens.

“Ninth High Elder, it is better for you to save your strength. If the poison reaches your heart and something dreadful happens to you, that would be a pity.”

Su Yi turned his head. He looked at the Ninth High Elder and said, “This matter of you being unable to educate your daughter how to behave, after grandfather comes out from Closed Door Cultivation, I would tell him personally. At that time, it would be better if you take responsibility for your own actions with grandfather.”

Hearing Su Yi’s words, the Ninth Elder was afraid to speak out of fear that may have a terrible side effect, but he felt aggrieved in his heart. His eyes staring hard at Su Yi, his face twitching non-stop.

If looks could kill, the Ninth Elder’s stare would have killed Su Yi ten times over.

“Su Yi, what in the world did you poison us with?! Your actions are extremely arrogant and lawless!”

“Su Yi, how dare you, you are way too insolent!”

Beside the Ninth High Elder, the looks of the few High Elders were the same. They could not wish for more than to wipe Su Yi off the face of the planet immediately, but more so their looks were that full of fear.

They were the same as the Ninth High Elder. Their bodies now were like jelly, unable to muster any strength at all.

The elders further away were unaffected and had already risen up to check on the paralyzed people. Their faces were stern and angry.

“It’s just a little toy. With your cultivation levels, after another hour you will all recover,” Su Yi’s eyes swept over the bunch of High Elder and elders, but his heart was bleeding. What he had just used was a very good stuff. It was prepared for him to use when he needed to run for his life and he only had a very limited amount on him.

Because he knew that Su Jiao was not weak and with the Ninth High Elder also present, Su Yi was clear that if he really started using his hands, it would be very hard to fight against Su Jiao and especially against the Ninth High Elder.

Hence, Su Jiao had to use this little toy which he had gotten after much hardship in the Forest of Demons.

This little toy could be scattered with the wind without any presence, allowing Su Jiao and the Ninth High Elder to be affected.

Su Yi originally only wanted to deal with Su Jiao and the Ninth High Elder. As for the few around them, they were just innocents caught in the crossfire.

But thinking that he could help Wan Er get back at them using this little toy, it was definitely worth it.

Only after hearing Su Yi’s words did the originally panicking High Elders and elders let out a breath of doubt.

Su Jing Ting gazed at Su Yi. His face regained his calmness and said, “Su Yi, since you have already come back, today is the day we are selecting some candidates to participate in the Sacred Mountain’s selection test tomorrow. If you are interested, then go onto the stage and spar.”

“Sacred Mountain.”

Su Yi’s eyes twitched. Liu Ruoxi, that little brat had already long gone to the Sacred Mountain.

Pondering slightly, Su Yi was in a slight daze as if he was thinking hard about something. He then lifted his head, looked at Su Jing Ting and said, “Forget about the sparring. Sorry to trouble Uncle but please help me reserve a spot. The Sacred Mountain’s selection test tomorrow, I will participate in it.”

Once his voice landed, Su Yi turned and returned to Wan Er that was still slightly struggling to make sense all that had just happened, pulling that slightly shaking petite hand, he said, “Let’s go back.”

Wan Er woke up from her daze. It seems like she was a bit frightened from what Su Yi had done.

It was her first time seeing the Young Master so mad. This time, the proud lion did not raise his claws but instead, he bared his fangs.

And all of this was for her.

Gazing at the youth standing in front of her, another type of emotion appeared in Wan Er’s crystal clear eyes. She reached out her hand and grabbed tightly onto the firm palm. Nodded her head, her eyes full of happiness.

At this moment, Wan Er felt that she was the most blessed girl in the world.

And at this instant, seeing Su Yi’s attitude, everyone was a bit stunned.

The spots to go for the Sacred Mountain’s selection test, when did it become something which one could say to reserve one of it and it could be reserved?

The spots for the selection test were all limited.

Only those who had the most potential could have the chance to pass the selection test of Sacred Mountain. This had to do directly with the Su Family’s future. No carelessness could be afforded here.

If not, the Acting Head of the House and the High Elders would not be here at this Demonstration Ground.

“Su Yi, this matter must be treated seriously. If you want a spot, you must fight for it. No one can be an exception!”

Su Jing Ting opened his mouth. Looking at the Su Yi who was walking away, his voice slightly lower than usual.

Su Yi stopped his footsteps. He looked at Su Jing Ting and smiled lightly. He said, “Uncle, I don’t think there is a need for me to spar. After all, among the same generation as me, there is no one who could be my opponent. Just be rest assured and reserve a spot for me.”

“Humph! What a joke. Such an arrogant tone. Other than tricking others, what other skills do you have?!”

“You really are shameless. A jinx who only knows how to make trouble dares to says that no one could be his opponent!”

“If not for the Old Master, whose opponent can he even be?!”

“How could a spot be left for him to waste. This must not happen!”

With Su Yi’s words, the entire ground was instantly spurred into a huge commotion.

Talking about Su Yi beating Su Jiao, everyone was shocked. That was just being surprised.

They were also watching the matter unfold happily. After all, there were also people who were not cool with Su Jiao over the past few years.

But now Su Yi wanted a spot, that had encroached onto the benefits of many people present.

Presently, there were many people from the Su Family who had brought along their disciples to fight for a spot.

There were already very few openings from the start. If one opening was given to Su Yi to waste, that would intrude upon everyone’s benefits.

Everywhere in the Demonstration Ground was in a frenzy. Many hostile gazes fell upon Su Yi.

“Arrogance, insolence, he is becoming more and more out of hand!”

“The Su Family having such a descendant, it really is a sin!”

“He doesn’t even mature and still acts like a spoiled child, sigh.”

On top of the seats, there were many elders of the Su Family who were shaking their heads, full of rage and frustration.

Su Yi stood there quietly. He treated the surrounding discussions as if they were not there. He smiled bitterly to himself in his heart.

“It looks like cousin Su Yi is very confident about his own ability. Then prove it to everyone that you have the ability to gain a spot!”

Behind Su Jing Ting, the silent Su Wei finally spoke as he walked out slowly.

As he talked, there was a faint shimmer of light from Yuan Qi under Su Wei’s feet. He touched the surface once and his body flew many feet into the air. He walked a few steps in mid-air as if he was a swallow in the wind and finally landed gently in the center of the stage.


This scene instantly made quite a few people in the surroundings clap and call out in praise. Some Su Family’s girls brightened up their eyes and felt enchanted in their hearts when they looked at him.

The Su Family was blessed!

Some elders were nodding their heads in recognition and praise. Luckily the Su Family does not only have Su Yi that jinx, but also has Su Wei such a prodigy. He is the future of the Su Family.

Hearing the conversations around him and feeling the gazes from his surroundings, there was a slight grin on Su Wei’s face. He looked at Su Yi from a distance, but that disdain in his eyes was not masked at all. He said, “You have the courage to come here today, that has already surprised me. I hope that you also have the courage to come up here. Come, cousin Su Yi!”

“Big Brother Su Wei cannot stand that brat any longer and will finally take action!”

“Big Brother Su Wei has already stepped into the Yuan Soul Realm. I am afraid that Su Yi would not dare to step onto the stage!”

The eyes of many people suddenly changed. Some elders and High Elders also paid a lot of attention on this spar.

No one stopped this fight. It was like they wanted to take this opportunity to have Su Wei teach Su Yi a lesson that he shall never forget.

Su Jing Ting did not speak a word. He only watched quietly from the side.

“I have forgotten.”

Su Yi stopped in his tracks. He lifted his head and looked at Su Wei who was on the stage. The corners of his mouth curved up to form a slight smile.

Wan Er was looking at Su Wei, but she was worried that Su Yi would agree to step onto the stage. Her delicate hand held onto Su Yi’s hand tight, and her eyes slowly looked down, strands of light flashed in her eyes.

She had heard that Su Wei was the strongest among the younger generations of the Su Family. In the entire city, he was also positioned among the strongest in his generation. She hoped that Su Yi could reject his challenge.

Feeling that little hand gripping on even harder, Su Yi looked at Wan Er and smiled gently as if to have Wan Er calm down and have a peace of mind.

Letting go of Wan Er’s hand, Su Yi slowly walked towards the Demonstration Ground. He looked at Su Wei and said, “I had forgotten. On the day that I returned, you said that you were gonna cripple me today. I promised you then that I would give you the chance.”

Seeing Su Yi’s actions, the entire place became even more confused and surprised, did Su Yi really dared to fight with Su Wei?

Hearing Su Yi’s words, the faces of the disciples present changed even more.

The crowd was not surprised that Su Wei wanted to cripple Su Yi, that was not at all weird.

What they were surprised at was that Su Yi knew that Su Wei wanted to cripple him today, yet he still dared to go up onto the stage. That was what surprised everyone the most.

In the middle of the crowd, Su Yi walked arrogantly through the crowd and made his way straight onto the stage. Under the surprised gazes of everyone, he stood upright directly in front of Su Wei. He stared at Su Wei, the corners of his mouth curved up even further. He said, “The chance is right here front of you, take it!”

Seeing Su Yi promising so simply, Su Wei was also slightly confused himself.