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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 119

2023-01-29 09:24:19Publish Time: 373 views
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Chapter 119: Protection of the Beasts

The attacking cultivator was surprised. A Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade cultivator could actually manage to dodge one of his attacks. This kid was indeed strange. His hand which acted like a claw was manipulated to turn into a fist, the movements of his feet changed as he slammed his fist towards Su Yi’s back.

It was already pure luck for Su Yi to dodge the first attack, and also partly due to the opponent's carelessness. Now, even if he used the "Hundred Transformations Step", he would not be able to dodge it. After all, he was only a Yuan Soul Realm Seventh Grade, the difference between them was way too large.

“Overlord’s Fist!” Su Yi quickly turned around. He could only try his best to counter the attack and once again Yuan Qi surged out from his fists.

“Bang!” “Huhuk!” The two fists collided, sending out a thunderous sound of an explosion with violent winds rippling out like a tornado through the surroundings. Blood spewed out from Su Yi’s mouth and his body was also blown back, crashing heavily onto the ground, sending broken rocks scattered across the air.

Su Yi could no longer fight back against a High-Grade Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator. The difference was not only a few grades, but it was also two whole realms. The Yuan Soul Realm to the Yuan Spirit Realm was a two entire realm’s difference.

Su Yi spat out blood, his internal organs seemed to have been hit by thunder, his blood was surging, and his Yuan Qi had received such a strong blow that it was currently in chaos. He had been severely injured. If it was not for his enemy trying to capture him alive, he would probably be dead by now.

But even so, Su Yi still found it as a struggle to even get up on his feet.

“Howl!” The Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape sensed Su Yi’s predicament and roared in rage, releasing all their strength, their savagery fully unleashed. But both of them were occupied by two Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators each and could not leave.

The Snow Jade Ape used its huge body and physical defense. purposely taking multiple blows and became injured, trying to save Su Yi, yet it was forcefully halted again.

The leading High-Grade Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator saw Su Yi's body collapse and did not delay any more. His achievement was so close at hand, it was a time of fortune for him. If he was rewarded by the School Master according to their achievements, he would be able to get so many benefits.

“Kid, just surrender!” Shouting, the man lunged forward, baring his hands. Golden sharp Yuan Qi shot out from his hand like five columns of light, forming a large glowing Yuan Qi claw. Its aura fierce as it descended upon Su Yi, trying to capture him.

The terrifying aura seemed to have affected the surroundings as Su Yi’s body which was already struggling to get up once again collapsed onto the ground, unable to resist.

“Will I meet my end here? No, this is not the ending I want!” Su Yi bellowed in his heart, resisting with all his might. Veins bulged out on his face, adding a hint of ferociousness to his appearance.

“I cannot meet my end here! I want to fight! I want to continue fighting!” Furiously shouting within his heart, Su Yi was unwilling to be resigned to this fate. His grandfather was still injured, the whereabouts of his mother and father were unknown, he still had not entrusted Wan Er to anyone and he had not stepped onto Sacred Mountain, how could he meet his end like this?

He was unwilling, unyielding!

“Boom!” Then suddenly, the unwillingness and determination within his heart seemed to awaken something. The mysterious sphere of light in his mind was affected and suddenly started to quiver as more light radiated from it.

But now, the claw had already reached him. Sharp as ever and with heavy pressure. A Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator, moreover, in the High Grades, how could a Yuan Soul Realm cultivator be able to resist?

“Swoosh!” At this crucial moment, a huge golden light seemed to have fallen from the sky and like a swift gigantic golden lightning bolt, with unthinkable speed, it rammed into the incoming golden claw from the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator.

“Rumble…” Under the impact of the collision, rocks flew in every direction and the golden light fluctuated and moved like waves, a terrifying force blew outwards.

“Pat, pat…" Due to the huge impact, the High-Grade Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator from Black Fiend School staggered backward around 10 steps before he stabilized himself. His face full of shock.

“Demonic Spirit Realm Fourth Grade!” When he stopped himself, he could not stop himself from speaking. His eyes fell upon the strong beast which had just appeared. He only saw a huge gigantic golden python in front of him. His hair stood on his end, the golden scales which covered its entire body seemed to radiate golden light, its eyes cold and the red flickering tongue did not comfort people at all.

"Golden Python, how could it be so strong!" The man recognized that the beast was a Golden Python. But him, a Yuan Spirit Realm Sixth Grade had taken quite the loss against this Demonic Realm Fourth Grade Golden Python. According to logic, a beast like the Golden Python should never have this kind of strength. Furthermore, he had killed several Golden Pythons before within the Forest of Demons and hence was even more familiar with Golden Pythons. The Golden Python in front of him seemed to be far stronger and more special than any Golden Python he had killed before, regardless of whether it was its aura or the pressure it was emitting.

“Rumble…” A light flickered in Su Yi’s eyes, from the depths of his eyes emerged a crimson red color, looking like burning embers.

At this moment, a ferocious aura suddenly erupted from Su Yi like an unrivaled beast waking up from its deep slumber.

“I will take care of this Golden Python, the rest of you, hurry up and capture that kid! Hurry!” Feeling the aura from Su Yi, the expression of the High-Grade Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator changed. That aura made him feel uneasy. He dared not be careless. He could not allow this kid to escape once again, or else, the School will not let him off.

“Boom!” The fight must be finished swiftly. Finishing his orders, the cultivator had taken a giant black hammer off his back. It was glowing, Yuan Qi drifted off it and it slammed right at the Golden Python.

“Hiss!” In one swift movement, its coiled up giant body sprung into the air, its ferocious aura fully unleashed, its red mouth wide open as it intercepted the cultivator in front of it in the blink of an eye.

“Swoosh! Swoosh!” The remaining four Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators did not dare be conceited. They had all sensed how strange was Su Yi now. He had been injured to the point where he could not get up, yet in an instant, a wave of terrifying aura had exploded from his body as if something was about to awaken. They must make use of this opportunity and capture him quickly, or else if something really happens, none of them would escape the heavy punishment.

There were claw markings, fist techniques, and weapons from all four directions, north, south, east, and west heading towards Su Yi.

Su Yi’s aura was still growing stronger. Not only did his face look savage, the veins on his face were bulging out one by one as well, but it seemed that he still needed a little bit more time. The aura was still in the awakening process.