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The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 117

2023-01-29 09:24:00Publish Time: 408 views
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Chapter 117: Surrounded

“Boom! Boom!”

Two thunderous explosions shook the air and the strong cultivator was sent shooting across the ground several meters back. His face was slightly dark.

The Flaming Beast Eagle was flapping its wide wings, sending rocks and sand flying off the ground.

“Tyrant Dragon Whirlwind Slash!”

At the same moment , Su Yi drew his saber and intercepting one of the disciples heading towards him. The sound of clashing weapons resonated in the surroundings.


Several disciples charged at Su Yi, but they were smashed dead by the Snow Jade Ape before they could even get close to him.

“You beast!”

One of the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator’s expression changed greatly. His Yuan Spirit Realm First Grade aura surged, as fast as lightning with a long pike in his hand, he blocked the Snow Jade Ape.


Su Yi blasted a disciple away and made use of the impact, Yuan Qi spiraled under his feet and he jumped onto the back of the Flaming Beast Eagle without any hesitation.


The Flaming Beast Eagle screeched and took off into the sky, rushing through the dense trees.

“Snow Ape, retreat now!”

Su Yi ordered. There were just too many disciples from Black Fiend School and they were even at the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, he did not want to get entangled in this mess one bit.

This commotion would only serve to attract more strong cultivators of Black Fiend School.

“Where do you think you are going?!”

Seeing the Flaming Beast Eagle flying off, the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator which had been beaten black and blue by the Flaming Beast Eagle shouted. A cold light flashed in his eyes and with a flash of light under his feet, he jumped off the ground and into the air.


In that instance, with a flash of light under his feet a strong aura surged, then a figure of a bird around 3 meters long appeared under his feet. Its talons bared and its eyes burning with a blazing fire, just as if it was a real beast.

The man waved his sleeve and chased after the Flaming Beast Eagle on the bird.

Yuan Qi Materialization, this was the sign of a Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator.

Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators could materialize beasts using Yuan Qi and fly. Su Yi had seen this before back at the City of Man. A Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator from Sacred Mountain had used it before and filled many people with envy and admiration.

But this was just the materialization of a beast using Yuan Qi, its speed could not be compared to the real Flaming Beast Eagle.

The other Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator was still held up by the Snow Jade Ape. When he wanted to take off by materializing a beast, he was sent flying with a punch from the ape.

“Kid, you cannot escape!” The Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator on the figure of a bird hollered, but the speed of his materialization was far too different compared to the Flaming Beast Eagle.

“Boom…” “Boom…” “Brat, escaping is impossible!” But at this time, from the tree beneath, nearly ten auras shot to the sky, causing a tremor within the forest and one by one, numerous Yuan Qi beasts could be seen flying in the sky. There was a person riding each of them, their auras menacing, and every person was from Black Fiend School.

“Screech!” The Flaming Beast Eagle cried out, its aura erupting fiercely, wanting to charge past the people in front of it.

“Go down!” Someone in front hollered and a strong Yuan Qi light column was shot out.

“Rumble…” At the same time, several figures in the surroundings lunged forth and several attacks headed towards the Flaming Beast Eagle.

“Fire Bird, watch out!” The attacks were too quick, and they were all targeting the Flaming Beast Eagle, Su Yi could not interfere at all. These attacks were all by Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators, even if Su Yi could interfere, he would not be able to withstand their attacks .

The Flaming Beast Eagle screeched, its feathers started to glow like a blazing fire, its aura surged until its peak as it dodged two attacks from the front, but the several attacks coming from other directions still managed to hit it.

"Boom! Boom!" The several attacks landed, their impacts making loud sounds of explosions. The huge body of the Flaming Beast Eagle started to waver, it’s feathers drifted in the wind and in the end, it dropped towards the ground.

“Rumble…” The Flaming Beast Eagle crashed into a valley formed by the mountains, shattered rocks flew everywhere, and blood spewed out from its mouth.

Su Yi also tumbled off the back of the Flaming Beast Eagle, falling onto the ground.

“Fire Bird…” Su Yi got up looking worriedly at the Flaming Beast Eagle. During these days, he had already developed feelings for the Flaming Beast Eagle and the Snow Jade Ape. If not for them offering their protection, he would not have been able to deal with the troubles from the adventurer party.

“Screech!” The Flaming Beast Eagle stretched its wings, its body bloodied and bruised . It screeched and looked at Su Yi, signaling him to run.

“Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!” Roughly ten figures descended, the figures of beasts under their feet disappeared as they surrounded Su Yi and the Flaming Beast Eagle.

“Kid, run if you can now!” The Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator which could not catch up to Su Yi just now sneered, his eyes brimming with bloodlust.

Su Yi stood beside the Flaming Beast Eagle and looked at the figures surrounding him. Along with the initial Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator, there were a total of nine Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators surrounding him and several of them had very strong auras, most likely above Yuan Spirit Realm Third Grade or Fourth Grade. If not, they would not be able to do anything to the Flaming Beast Eagle.

Su Yi knew that though the Flaming Beast Eagle had only broken through to the Demonic Spirit Realm for a short period of time, but if two Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators were to fight head-on, they will not be able to do anything about a Demonic Spirit Realm beast.

“Kid, it is you who killed my younger brother! Now that you have ended up in my hands today, I want you to suffer a fate worse than death!” A middle-aged man in grey clothes stepped out, bloodlust flowing from his eyes. He was Tao Tiancheng. He was leading a small group of adventurers nearby searching for Su Yi when he detected the commotion in the area and raised his head to see the Flaming Beast Eagle and hence, he rushed forth.

“So, those are the people from the adventurer party. It should be Tao Tiancheng!” Su Yi’s eyes fell upon Tao Tiancheng. He did not have the insignia of Black Fiend School on him, but he had the aura of the Yuan Spirit Realm, from the information he had gotten from the adventurer he had held captive, Su Yi guessed this person should be the leader of the adventurer party, Tao Tiancheng.

“Roar!” There was a loud roar and the Snow Jade Ape could be seen charging towards them from a distance. It had detected the commotion here and did not continue to fight the Yuan Spirit Realm cultivators.

“Beast!” Seeing the Snow Jade Ape charging towards them, the face of a Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator fell and he sent a fist flying its way. Yuan Qi surged and the black colored earth attribute Yuan Qi howled, emanating a heavy pressure.

The Snow Jade Ape roared in rage, its body glowed and punched straight at the incoming cultivator.

“Boom!” The collision was like thunder, rough winds rippled outwards, sending dust into the air like a hurricane.

"Pat, pat…" The Yuan Spirit Realm cultivator which attacked staggered and was blown backward ten-plus steps before he managed to stop and stabilize himself. His face had an expression of being stunned. His cultivation level was Yuan Xuan Realm Second Grade and this Snow Jade Ape was only Demonic Spirit Realm First Grade, yet he was actually blown back. People say that the Snow Jade Ape naturally had great strength, and sure enough, the sayings were true.