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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 98

2022-06-14 04:05:14Publish Time: 1,057 views
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Chapter 98: Ye Li's Allure

Ye Li was the cutest and most popular girl in the small town.

Tonight, she wore white western style clothes with hem laces and two carefully combed beautiful golden long pigtails on her head. In addition to this, she also wore a red bowknot hairband on her head, which was presented to her by Yun Xi in the past.

Now, she was holding a teddy bear in her arms. Her temperament was as elegant as a little princess, and her appearance was like a beautiful fallen angel. If she stood inside a shop front window, no one would know she was not a delicate doll.

Her legs were slim and her white stockings were silhouetted against her snow-white skin. After she realized Yun Xi's gazing, her face burned with embarrassment. Her skin was as smooth as silk fabric and as tender as baby's skin. Her chest was still undeveloped and flat like a scrub board, couldn't even be compared to a pair of poached eggs.

"Papa!" In the past, Ye Li always acted as Yun Xi's daughter in the game "Playing House". She had gotten used to calling Yun Xi that. However, Yun Xi had grown up. He felt pretty embarrassed to hear that name.

"Ye Li, you've grown up," Yun Xi said with emotion and stroked her smooth, gold pigtails. In his memory, she was still the little girl who always ran after him whilst holding her little teddy bear in her arms. Now, she had gradually become a cute girl.

Although she was only nine years old, no one would doubt she would become a wonderful lady in the future.

"Papa, hug me!" Ye Li raised her little teddy bear, acting like a spoilt child.

"En." Yun Xi had watched her grow up from childhood. He naturally hugged Ye Li in his arms and patted her back.

Ye Li's smell was as sweet as cream. She was like a gentle kitten, acting very cute and docile in Yun Xi's arms.

"Ye Li, I’m going to leave this town," Yun Xi gazed at Ye Li’s big eyes and lightly told her the news.

"Together with Hua Huo, Papa?"

“Why? Why did everyone know this?! Had somebody posted it on every board in the world?!” Yun Xi complained in his heart. He had to accept the truth that every one of his childhood sweethearts had known that he would go to Sword Palace with Hua Huo.

"Well... yes. We will leave town together. It will be for a very long time. Ye Li, will you feel lonely?" Amongst all his childhood sweethearts, Ye Li was the person Yun Xi cherished most. Compared to Milei and El'phyllis, Ye Li was too young. She would be very sad to hear he had to leave.

As the youngest playmate, Ye Li was very dependent on him. Therefore, Yun Xi purposely chose her as the last person to tell her he was leaving. He had prepared to comfort her the whole night.

"Papa, I'm not good enough for you? Is Hua Huo really that good?"

As Yun Xi had expected, Ye Li pouted. Her expression looked as if she had been robbed her most beloved treasure.

"No. Ye Li is my most favourite girl. However, this isn't something I can make a decision about." Yun Xi sighed. In his past plan, he had once thought to wait for Ye Li for another nine years and then marry her after that. He had spent his childhood with Ye Li. During that time, he unconsciously started to like her. He was very sure that nine years later, she would become a glamorous beauty. However, there was no more time for him to see her grow.

He was going to leave and a few years later, Ye Li would be married to someone else. As Yun Xi thought of that, he suddenly had a heartache.

"No! Papa is Ye Li's papa! I won't give you to anybody!" Ye Li was angry. She severely bit on Yun Xi's lips.

Where did everyone learn it?!

Yun Xi didn’t want to make her cry, so he had to reluctantly accept her kiss. Her lips were as soft as two petals, giving him a totally different feeling from Milei's kiss and El'phyllis's kiss. Her mouth was soft and small, only about half the size of Yun Xi's mouth. In that case, Yun Xi's mouth could easily cover her mouth.

Her cute, small tongue was tender and smooth. She contracted her pupils, her breath rasping in her heaving chest. They had a soul kiss, which was totally inappropriate for Ye Li's age. Yun Xi saw Ye Li's face burning with embarrassment, he then realized that he unintentionally used the kissing skill he learned from Mei'er.

"Papa's smell... comfortable..." Ye Li had almost lost her consciousness. She leaned on Yun Xi's chest with her heart pounding heavily.

Yun Xi lowered his head and gazed at Ye Li. Today, she seemed to be more beautiful than usual. Her delicate face made her look like an exquisite doll. On her young face, her eyes were as deep as the sea, but also as clear as a pair of crystals. However, that didn't hide the grief in her heart.

She wore a pair of white silk stockings on her slender legs, which were partly hidden and partly visible under the lower part of her princess dress. Accidentally, a gust of wind raised her dress and coincidentally exposed her white underwear.

Her skin smelled like delicious cream, continuously luring Yun Xi to commit a crime. Ye Li was like a cute angel today, showing Yun Xi her most innocent and cute side without reservation. Her cute, young face was gazing at Yun Xi with pain, supplication, and lure.

After that, Ye Li gave Yun Xi her second kiss. With tears in her eyes, she moved her face close to Yun Xi. Her small tongue slowly opened Yun Xi's mouth with sweet milky aroma. Yun Xi felt that her tongue was as nimble as a naughty kitten. Uncontrollably and impulsively, he responded to her enthusiasm.

"Papa... choose Ye Li... please… I'm willing to do that very comfortable thing with papa..." At this moment, Ye Li was an angel, but also a demon. She was luring Yun Xi to tread his foot onto a forbidden path.

Yun Xi suddenly realized that amongst all his childhood sweethearts, Ye Li was the most dangerous one. Because she was still a child, she hadn't learned the moral rules; because she was too innocent, she could easily do things which his other childhood sweethearts wouldn't do.

Ye Li was like a naughty succubus, luring him to descent into hell. Yun Xi believed that any virtuous people would be hard pressed to refuse her temptation.

"No! We can't!... Where did you learn this?!" Fortunately, Yun Xi pulled himself back before he really descended into hell. His Ye Li was his little princess and his little princess couldn’t be so ero!

"Well, I learned it from a book named 'The Shameless Demon and His One-thousand Daughters'. The book told me that the most blissful thing to be a daughter is to do that very comfortable thing with her father," Ye Li opened her eyes wide, gazing at Yun Xi with innocence.