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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 85

2022-06-14 04:03:30Publish Time: 1,100 views
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Chapter 85: Their Seeds

No, you're wrong. In fact, Xiao Cao's talent was much better than Hua Yue’s. Yun Xi shook his head as Childe Yun He laughed. At this moment, the two girls' seeds had appeared in his body. At the moment Xiao Cao's sword was shattered, a seed had appeared in her body. If Xiao Cao's sword had been tougher, the battle wouldn't have ended so fast. In that case, the final result would still be uncertain.

Now, Yun Xi absorbed the two newborn seeds into his body through the invisible threads between the two girls and himself. Yun Xi himself also didn't expect that he would obtain the two girls' seeds in such a short period of time. He couldn't see any traces of any new seeds being born in the other thirty-five girls' bodies.

Xiao Cao and Hua Yue both were just at the 2nd rank, therefore the rank of their seeds weren't high. As a person who had higher power, their seeds didn't have any secrets in Yun Xi's eyes.

Hua Yue's seed:

Holy Crossed Sword (proficient): This is a knight's sword skill from the Western White Gold Rose Family. It was beloved amongst knights and people with evil intentions were unable to learn it. It was a pre-skill of a high-level sword skill: Holy Spirit Crossed Sword.

White Gold Rose Bloodline (partly awakened): a high-level bloodline from the Western White Gold Rose Family. It can help the owner become a natural knight and offers a noticeable increase in the owner's strength and holy power.

As a 2nd ranked seed, it was pretty excellent. It was even better than the 3rd ranked monster green hippo's seed. Besides, it was the first low-level seed Yun Xi had seen that contained the bloodline from another god domain.

However, although Xiao Cao was defeated due to a bad quality sword, her seed had more amazing properties.

Xiao Cao's seed:

Mortal's Sword (perfect): The person who held this sword had practiced the mortal's sword skill to the limit. In that case, the person was able to learn any high-level sword skills two times faster than ordinary people.

Mind's Eye (incomplete): A kind of insight learning from practice and exercise. It could help the owner analyse the environment and catch the tiniest opportunity to reverse the situation.

Combat Intuition (partly awakened): This ability could help the owner analyse the battle trend and respond to it in advance. At any time, the owner of this ability could use 100% strength.

Persevering Heart: The grass-like girl had a persevering heart. It could help her open the door to a higher rank.

This was too powerful. After seeing the properties of Xiao Cao's seed, Yun Xi exclaimed in his heart. She was like a grass seed, sleeping under the ground to get through the chilly winter. As long as spring came, she would break through the endless darkness and bloom in splendor.

Xiao Cao's seed was just at the 1st rank, however, Yun Xi had seen endless possibilities from it. Amongst all the girls Yun Xi had seen, Xiao Cao’s talent was only slightly inferior to Hua Huo. Undoubtedly, as long as she could keep growing, she would have the chance to reach the hero rank or an even higher rank.

Although it was just a 1st ranked seed, but after obtaining it, Yun Xi felt that the barrier which stopped him reaching the 3rd rank was breaking. This was Xiao Cao's talent, a mortal’s super power. Now, she was still an ordinary 1st ranked female swordsman, but Yun Xi believed that someday, she would become a legend. Of course, Hua Yue wasn't inferior to Xiao Cao. She was also excellent. However, compared to Xiao Cao's amazing talent, she still needed to improve herself.

Maybe their competition would continue for a pretty long time. Hua Yue's bloodline and sword skill were better than Xiao Cao’s. Xiao Cao had a higher learning ability, comprehension, and willpower. They were "Grass" and "White Gold Rose". The two nicknames were really suited to them.

"I lost..." Xiao Cao's eyes were inflamed. She collected the fragments of her broken sword sadly. For the first time in her life, she was defeated in such a momentous occasion and tasted the bitter taste of failure. If her weapon had been tougher... If she could see through Hua Yue's moves earlier….

However, there wasn't any "if" existing in the world. She had been defeated. That was the truth. Moreover, her opponent hadn't used any tricks but defeated her through a fair battle. She shouldn't make her weapon as the excuse. "Fairness" wasn't a word existing on the real battlefield.

"Don't get discouraged. I know you haven't dug out your true power," As the winner, Hua Yue gracefully stretched out her hand to Xiao Cao.

"Next time, you should use a better weapon."

"En," Xiao Cao nodded. She carefully collected the fragments of her broken steel sword and walked off the stage together with Hua Yue.

"Great! You did well!"

"Xiao Cao, how did you do that? Hua Yue's attack... even if it was I facing that attack, I didn't think that I could dodge it, but you parried it!"

"What a pity! If you had a better weapon, you wouldn't lose so fast!"

"I would have lent you my sword if I had foreseen this result!"

The female swordsmen laughed and greeted their return. Everyone sighed for Xiao Cao's failure. Compared to the battle between Mei and Childe Si Nian, and the battle between Mei and Childe San Quan, they could clearly understand and learn from the battle between Xiao Cao and Hua Yue. Everyone had learnt a lot from their battle. Some of them had almost seen the road leading to the 2nd rank.

"Sorry, I lost. I couldn't beat her," Xiao Cao said with a sad look as she nervously walked to Yun Xi. She had also been defeated in the past, but this time, she felt extremely unwilling.

"Xiao Cao, only a person who has tasted the pain of failure can understand the value of victory." Maybe no person in the world had experienced more deaths and failures than Yun Xi. Due to the stars' yandere love, he was slaughtered by the green hippo in the newbie trial, and in the formal trial, the stone soldier army had killed him again and again. At that time, he had almost started to doubt the meaning of his life. Therefore, he understood Xiao Cao's feeling. "Failure is the mother of success. It's not a terrible thing to be defeated. As long as you're still alive, you will have the chance to win."

"En," Xiao Cao lowered her head. After a while, she grasped the fragments of her sword in her hand, flashing a bright smile at Yun Xi.

Of course, she wouldn't be unable to get up after this failure. She was Xiao Cao, a strand of little grass, and grass could grow in any terrible environment. Hua Yue was strong. For now, I couldn't find a way to defeat her. In that case, I should train myself harder. This is the reason why I participated in the Sword Palace's entrance test. Isn't it?

Xiao Cao made a decision in her heart.

Looking at Xiao Cao's smiling face, Yun Xi suddenly blushed. The thread between them was quietly dyed with a different color.


"Arrrghhhh!" Hua Huo stared at Xiao Cao and Yun Xi. A terrible feeling was accumulating in her heart.

Is it my imagination? It must be my imagination! Yun Xi, why are you exchanging love glances with that girl named Xiao Cao? You're my great sword maid!